Saturday, November 26, 2016

Johor Bahru KSL City Mall: D' Shanghai Dim Sum + Imperial Reflexology

Finally the day is here, the day where I finished my exam. I finished my last paper yesterday at 6pm and I have 2 months of school holiday. No need to worry about assignment and school works over the next 2 months.

My weekend is back, a time for us to relax. I can now start to enjoy my weekend again. My ideal way of spending my Saturday will be a day to relax, have a hearty meal and enjoy the time doing my favourite pastimes to keep us gear up for the start of coming week.

The place I want to go after I finished my exam is Johor Bahru (JB), I want to go in for feasting and shopping. With exchange rate of S$1: RM$3.1, we can feast without worrying that the bill will become a bomb.

Wearing t-shirt in. 
I tried to dress simple each time I went to JB. Good thing to have my wardrobe stock up with a fair amount of t-shirts. They will come in handy one day.

I have been travelling to Malaysia a lot this year, so happy each time I visit.

My goodness, finally cleared JB custom after 3 hours. No idea why is it so crowded today, it took us 2 hours of waiting at JB custom. Not a wise idea to go in at 1pm. I don't want to go in at this timing again.

Even the taxi queue also so long.
There was a couple in front of us going to KSL, they asked if we were keen to share a taxi and we agreed on it. We looked like a family when standing together where the parents are bringing their 2 children out. 

The first thing we did when we reached KSL was to look for money changer, followed by hunting for food. I was so hungry because I skipped my lunch in the hope that we can reached JB early. 

Been craving for dim sum a long time, so I suggested to have late lunch cum early dinner at D'Shanghai Dim Sum.

D'Shanghai Dim Sum 
KSL L2-132

It is located right besides MBO cinema.

After 15 minutes of waiting, food were served.
Time for a feast.

I loved the mango prawn roll.  Not only was it well fried, I enjoyed the savoury of the prawn and juicy sweet mango combination.

Fried avocado rolls is a must ordered when come here. 
It was flavoursome with a tinge of sweetness from the avocado. The crispy exterior made every mouthful so crunchy.

Siew mai.

Liu sha bao. 
The bun was filled with custard salted egg that gave a savoury taste when eat with the bun. So filling and delicious. 

With my stomach filled, it's time for shopping spree. I managed to get 2 tops from one of the shops at RM50++

After shopping, we settled down for dessert at Bibingsu Korean Desserts & Snacks.

Bibingsu Korean Desserts & Snacks
KSL L1-102

I missed the Korean shaved ice dessert, so I wanted to try it at KSL.

Injeolmi bingsu at RM16.90.
A very generous portion, indeed a sweet treat. Coming to JB is always about feasting and eating our heart out.

Since the time was still early and we were done walking the mall, we decided to went for a foot massage and relax ourselves.

We have our foot massage done at Imperial Reflexology.

Imperial Reflexology

We opted for a 30 minutes foot massage which was at a reasonable price.

This was my first time doing purely just foot massage.
Doing foot reflexology is good for our health as it promotes blood circulation. 

I have an enjoyable day out with J, one thing I like going out with him is that he hardly take out his phone to surf the net. I like going out with friends like that because it is a form of respect by giving the person all the attention. That's what spending quality time with friends is all about.

Thanks for always cheering me up when I was feeling down and being encouraging whenever I meet setbacks.

The experience was great and I enjoyed it.
I was dozing off while the therapist was massaging my foot.

We then took a taxi back to City Square to buy some snacks before heading back to Singapore. The experience and spending in JB has compensated the hours of waiting at the custom. I would want to come back again.

JB, see you again soon.

P/S: Today is a day to be remembered. Thanks for not giving up even when I first rejected you and not saying yes for the second time.

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