Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sing Movie Review + Marché Mövenpick

December is the period where we all will be clearing our remaining leave before the new calendar year starts. Took half day leave today for a movie date at VivoCity. I want to watch the movie, Sing, and since I have a movie voucher from Golden Village, I decided to use this voucher for the movie before the voucher expires on 31 Dec.

We have our lunch at Seah Im food centre.
I always eat duck noodles when I come here. It is affordable and nice.

The big cup sugarcane drink.
I couldn't finish it alone by myself.

Since the timing was still early, we took a stroll by the sea.
I always love coming to Vivo because Sentosa is just a bridge away. We will always stroll to Sentosa when coming here and laze around.

Wanted to spend time with bf who just came back from his Taiwan trip.

Didn't expect to sit at the third row.
It's Wednesday afternoon and it's full house. I guessed school holiday is the reason.

This movie tells a story in the animal world where koala bear, Buster Moon, took over his father's theatre and the business has not been doing well. He decided to hold a singing competition at his theatre and got his assistant, Ms. Crawley, to print out the flyers for the competition with $1,000 as reward. Ms. Crawley has accidentally key the reward as $100,000 and printed the ads out and the flyers blew the whole town with lots of turnout for audition.

I love this movie, many familiar pop songs and amazing vocal from the trailer is what that attracted me to watch this movie.

I love this piggy duet, they are so funny with their version of "Shake It Off". It's hilarious and suitable for family to watch too. It has a meaningful storyline of believing in yourself and follow your dream, even if it means standing up alone. Family support is important in giving you the strength to pursue your dream.


After the movie, we went Marché Mövenpick for our dinner. 
This was my second time at Marche and my favourite was their rosti. I'm going to order it again.

I have rosti with sausage and sour cream. 
The rosti came with a tinge of crispy bite. Together with the sausage, every bite tasted flavoursome, leaving me wanting for more. I have this by myself and it was filling.

It was a great day out and I enjoyed myself very much.
Looking forward to the weekend.

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