Sunday, February 5, 2017

Happenings in February - Chinese New Year Continued

Friday 3/2/17

Happy birthday everyone. Today is the 7th day of the lunar calendar, the day where Nüwa created mankind. It is also known as renri, 人日. On renri, it is a traidition to lo hei, to toss for a good luck for the coming year ahead.

We bought the yusheng at Cold Storage at about $35.

Every yusheng ingredients has its own special meaning. As we pour the individual ingredient into the plate, we need to say the accompanying phrase out.
For example, the salmon will symbolize 年年有余. It means abundance and prosperity.
Gold crackers symbolizes great wealth, 遍地黄金.

Lo hei began.
We tossed and tossed for good luck in 2017 ahead. Huat ah!

Saturday 4/2/17

This weekend is a stay home weekend as I need to kickstart on my assignment. There are 2 TMA that I need to mug on. In the evening, my relatives came over to my house for steamboat session.

Opening up the abalone for steamboat later on.
Bf got for us the abalone from New Moon.

Here's our ingredients for steamboat for the 11 of us.
Chinese New Year (CNY) period is the only time we have steamboat at home. From 1st to 15th of CNY, we will have steamboat on every weekend to clear the stocks in our fridge.

Yong got this toy set for us to play.
We have to put the stick into the jar and the lucky one will have the doll jump out. The winner will get all the winning.

CNY is also the only period where we strike a quick earning by gambling. That's when having more wealth and prosperity in the year end begins.

Sunday 5/2/17

Today is yet another round of steamboat. Another group of relatives came to our house for dinner. Today there is 9 of us.

Ingredients were similar to the dinner last time. 
My family loves having dinner together with all our relatives. CNY is really a time where we have the chance to catch up together.

I also have the chance to catch up with my cousins, KP and Vivien.
Sharing with each other some of our updates and issues.

February is the period where I started to get busy. School has started and all the deadline for assignments are approaching. This cycle goes on and on again. 

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