Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happenings in January - Food and Outing

Monday 2/1/17

Post-holiday blues. 
I'm just back from my getaway trip to JB. Thankfully, we still have another day to rest before the start of work in 2017. 

Ended the last day of my rest day with dinner at Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao.

Ju Hao brings us authentic Northern Chinese fare served in a contemporary Chinese restaurant. This is my first time dining at Ju Hao. Lucky we were early, it get a bit packed during dinner time.

I have pork cutlet fried rice at $11.80++ that makes me feel full. 

With the fun and good food enjoyed over the long weekend, I felt recharged and ready to face work in the new year.

Passing bf his belated Christmas gift.
He has eyeing a nerf gun for a long time, so I got him one during this Christmas. Hope you like the gift.

The next public holiday will be Chinese New Year, we will be welcoming the year of Rooster. 20 over more days to go. 

Friday 6/1/17

Made my second visit back to Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe 美人鍋 at Chinatown Point.
I have a bowl of Bijin Men Shio ramen, the original flavour of collagen and also the best seller ramen at $16.80++.

It comes with the ramen and ingredients separated. 
We then add the ingredients we like into the broth. I just dump everything into the broth.

The end product.
I love the nourishing collagen soup broth that is good for our skin. The 4 ladies all love it.
I have been feeding myself with all the good food lately. We live to eat.

Saturday 7/1/17

Welcome the first weekend of 2017.
Finally weekend is here again, time to head out and enjoy the day.

Headed over to Bugis for some shopping.  I didn't purchase any item though, didn't see anything I fancy too. Ever since I have been travelling frequently to JB for shopping, I don't feel like buying stuffs from here as the price has started to increase for clothes selling at Bugis Village.

Stopped by at Churro 101 for my lunch cum tea break. I didn't want to have something full so Churro 101 is my choice.

Churro 101, It’s a place where everything is better than a boyfriend :D
Wow, that is their slogan.

I ordered the set that comes with Cinnamon churro and vanilla ice cream at a price of $6.20.
The original churro is toppled with Cinnamon Sugar, crispy on the outer and soft on the inner. It was served piping hot. I have an indulgence of hot and cold treat.

Laze around at Bugis while waiting for the appointment time to change phone. Bf was getting a new Oppo phone.

Done with the walking at Bugis, we then headed over to Marina Square for a walk and dinner.
Feeling kinda of bored and running out of ideas of where to spend our weekend.

Settled our dinner at Collin's again. 
This was my fourth visit to Collin's. I was first introduced to Collin's through a food tasting and I love their food that is price valuable.

I have carbonara. The portion is just nice for me, I finished every bite. Usually I will something here and there, won't be able to finish everything but there is an exception.

Subday 8/1/17

Sunday is another day out again.
I love how my weekend is packed with activities that keep me busy.

In my causal wear out to VivoCity for dessert and dinner.

We went to our new favourite dessert shop at Honeymoon Dessert.
Black pearl in vanilla sauce with blueberry ice cream. The vanilla sauce complements the blueberry ice cream, they tasted so delicious when consume together.

We always love forward to our dates and cherish the time spent together.

We have a walk around the outdoor area of VivoCity before heading for dinner.
We have our dinner at Seah Im Food Centre.

I have chicken chop at $6.80 from The Iron Plate, a full and satisfied meal to eat our weekend.

That's all for sharing today, I will be back to update more soon.
Good night.

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