Saturday, December 31, 2016

Johor Bahru Day 2: AEON Mall Tebrau + Siang Kee Seafood Restaurant

Happy New Year Eve, everyone.
Is everyone having a great time out there?

We woke up at 8 plus to freshen up ourselves and get ready to proceed for the free breakfast provided by the hotel. We have a great rest and the room was so cozy, till we don't feel like getting up.

Good morning, here's my fresh wake up look.
The aircon was so cold till I have to put on a cardigan all the time I was in hotel room.

We headed down to Palm Garden Cafe @ level 1 at 8.50am. Free breakfast was served from 6am to 10.30am.

Here's what I have for breakfast.
I love anything with eggs.

Picked some light bites from the buffet spread.
They have spring roll, siew mai, sausage and fried wanton.

Oat wheat.

The portion of breakfast was just nice for me. 
After breakfast, we went back to hotel to rest again. Today will be a relaxing day since our itinerary was just shopping at AEON Mall Tebrau City, so we just chill and take our time. No need for rushing today.

I love this stripe cardigan, it brings out a chic vibe to my outfit.
Enough of rest, ready to head out.

The swimming pool was located at level 11.
Can you spot it?

We went down to Palm Garden Cafe again to try their cake.
We walked past the cafe and was attracted by their cake, so we stopped by to try their cake.

It has been a relaxing afternoon, where we laze around, enjoying the atmosphere and cake. The tai tai life was great. 

In JB, you can really eat and shop all day with many places waiting for us to explore. A new fire just ignite in me, I found joy in travelling and exploring, trying out new eatery, visiting new places, learning of new fact or history and gain new experience.

I didn't much photos when we were at Aeon Mall Tebrau City since it was shopping.
Upon reaching, we explored around to select the place we wanted to try for lunch and we settled for Vivo American Pizza & Panini.

I tried on the Country Chicken Cutlet at RM22.90.
The deep fried boneless chicken was coated with seasoned batter mix. Yet another satisfying meal.
Coming to JB is really just eat and eat.

After I was done with shopping 2 hours later, we went down to J.CO Donuts & Coffee to chill out.
We ordered a J.Cool yogurt with 2 toppings for sharing.  

I got myself 2 tops during the shopping. Feel so happy, plus my loots from yesterday, I got a total of 5 new clothes. Just nice can wear it for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Feeling a little tired, we went back to hotel to have a short rest before heading out for dinner.

I'm really getting old, I got so tired easily.
I feel tired even when I didn't do much stuffs today.

We traveled down to Taman Sri Tebrau for our dinner at Siang Kee Seafood Restaurant. A very famous zichar stall that serves variety of seafood and Chinese cuisine. The stall can be found along the stretch in the hawker centre.

The stall attracted crowds during night time.

While waiting for food.

We ordered sugar cane drinks that come in small and big size.

Hot plate tofu.

I always love eating hot plate tofu, it contains 2 of my favourite - sizzling egg and egg tofu. The gravy added flavour to the dish, bringing out the flavour.

Kang kong.

Salted egg prawn.
After removing the shell, you can't really taste the salted egg. It just taste like normal prawn. I prefer those without the shells.

We have fish maw soup and cereal chicken.

We don't really fancy the cereal chicken, we only ate half of it.
But we like the soup very tasty and full of ingredients.

Address: 31 A, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Since the time was still early around 9pm, we decided to cross over to have a foot massage. It was a day full of good food and dessert, we have a great time so far.

We started off by washing our legs.

I wasn't enjoying the massage at all, the therapist used so much strength despite me telling him to be gentle. My legs were full of blue-black after that.

I will not come to this massage centre again.

We went back to hotel after the massage.
This was how I spent my new year eve. Hope everyone has a great new year eve.

Good night.

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