Sunday, July 30, 2017

Birthday Dinner at Bread Street Kitchen

Happy birthday to me, I am officially another year older.
Being someone who is not into a big party, I always keep my celebration small or just spend it like any other days. This year, my birthday falls on Sunday and I get to spend it with my loved ones.

As usual, mummy prepared 2 red eggs for me. She always made that for me every year. Our family don't have the habit of buying cake for birthday, so it will be red eggs instead.

Bf came over to look for me in the afternoon with a gift. Receiving gifts always make me feel so happy, regardless of what is inside.

Here we were at Marina Bay Sands.
As time was still early for dinner, we went walking around. I was always being mesmerized by the landscape of Marina Bay, it was so beautiful.

Bf brought me to Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay to celebrate my birthday, a place picked by him. This birthday was a special one because it was the first time he celebrated it with me.

Bread Street Kitchen is a sophisticated casual dining restaurant with a vintage blends and comforting ambience. Their customer service is remarkable too, they will regularly check with customers on our needs and opinions on the food, making sure our needs are taken care of.

We got one of the best spots where we can enjoy our food and admiring the view of Marina Bay.

Upon seated, we were being served with the basket of bread. The bread tasted so nice when spread with butter.

We ordered appetizer for sharing. 
The sashimi was beautifully plated when served, so fresh and tender.

Bf had slow roasted Dingley Dell Pork Belly with spiced apple purée.
This portion may seem small for a main but it was actually quite filling.

I have roasted Black Cod with crushed potato. I love it very much,  the meat was very tender and the sauce drizzled was a great complement to the flavouring of the black cod., giving it a delicious taste.

We ordered chips for sharing too, we were drawn my the golden yellow fries when they served. We were actually very full and couldn't finish the fries.

Bf surprised me with a special dessert. I have cheesecake and ice cream with 'Happy Birthday' message.

Such little surprise made me feel special on my birthday, making it a memorable one.
So happy and blessed when people put in efforts to celebrate for me.

A simple birthday celebration is all I wish. 
Not a fan of big party because birthday just make me feel I am getting old.

Thanks bf for the sweet planning, making sure my day was a blissful one. Thanks for always being so supportive in whatever I do.
We left Bread Street Kitchen with a good dining experience, we will be back again. 

We were just in time for the ending of the light show.
our local light show is still the best light show that I ever watch as compared to those I watched at overseas.

I love this dress that comes with a zip behind, it hugged my figure nicely and flattered at the right spot.

I enjoyed myself today. Thanks everyone for wishing me on Fb and whatsapp, I read and replied all of them.

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