Sunday, July 9, 2017

Product Review: SleepWiz Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask

Having sufficient hours of sleep is important to everyone because it plays an important role in improving our physical and mental health. When we are awake, our brain and body function non-stop. It is only during sleep time that our brain and body can take a rest, and recuperate.

Therefore, ensuring a quality and deep sleep is important. However, there are some nights where I just can't fall asleep no matter how I tossed and turned. The feeling of insomnia is so dreadful and it makes me feel tired the whole day.

I have received Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask for try out. This mask has unique features that creates a better sleeping environment for sleep deprived people like us.
Thanks SleepWiz for the mask.

SleepWiz is a startup that specializes in eye masks.

Let me share with you more about the features of Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask.

Ensure 100% darkness during sleep.

The fabrication of the silk eye mask contains tight DreamWeave technology that is impenetrable to light. This design block away all light that creeps in from the edges, giving us complete darkness when we sleep.

Even as we toss and turn during sleep, it won't be affected.

Soft, luxurious comfort texture resulting from 100% Natural Mulberry Silk.

Pure silk actually helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines on our skin by retaining its natural hydrating oils while allowing it to breathe. Being the thinnest cell, our eye areas are the most sensitive area, it is important to keep the weight light around our eye areas which Luxiere eye mask did it. Besides that, it promotes circulation and relaxing facial muscles for better sleep.

Adjustable Dual Straps for extra-secure.

The eye mask comes with a dual-strap design to keep the mask in place even as we toss around.  Adjustable for just the right amount of tension.

Everyone's head is of different size. With this adjustable straps, we can adjust to our optimum space that does not put high pressure on our temples. The straps are secure enough that hold the eye mask in place when we turned, it does not hinder our movement at all.

Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask allows me to have a good and deep sleep without knowing whether it is day or night. It allows my body to relax and slowly drift into the sleepy mode.

The eye mask also fit our face feature nicely that cover the edges well, prevent any light from creeping in. I have the light on and I totally don't feel it.

SleepWiz Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask is retailing at $14.90.

If you are interested in purchasing or find out more, please visit

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