Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sunset view at Singapore Flyer

After 4 years, I was back on Singapore Flyer again. This is my fifth time on boarding Singapore Flyer.

Did anyone break my record?

This time round, I went around evening time to catch the sunset on Singapore Flyer. Tourist mode turned on.

It was 6 plus when we reached. We waste no time and head straight for Singapore Flyer.
The purpose why we were at Marina that day.

Black has been my favourite picks when comes to shopping for clothes. Close to half of my wardrobe are black clothing. Simply adore black.

Enclosed in the capsule, the moving experience began as Asia’s largest observation wheel took off. We were treated to a visual 360˚ feast of iconic and historical landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay and the entire Marina view.

I enjoyed the scenic view.
Though I have seen this sight a countless of time, it is a sight that I never get tired of.

Just in time for sunset when we reached the peak of Singapore Flyer. 
Our first time catching a sunset together. It was a breathtaking sight where the surrounding buildings were illuminated with light. The sky is lighted up with orange-red appearance that create a silhouette in the background.

The view was so stunning and enchanting. Taking time off to do such simple things together make me feel happy.

Because bf has never on board Singapore Flyer before, so I brought him here for his first flyer experience. Glad that he enjoyed the 30 minutes ride.

I love this piece of dress very much, it was comfortable to wear and look stylish. My only grip is that the dress was too short for my height, so I have to wear a short inside.

A bird’s eye view of the entire island city.
Singapore, my island home.

Our 30 minutes ride has come to an end. 
We then walked over to Marina Square to have our dinner at Collin's, a new concept restaurant that offers affordable and quality Western & European cuisine.

We ordered Avocado Shake which was too thick to our liking. I still prefer the one from fruit stall.

I have Chicken Baked Rice for dinner. 
It tasted nice and cheesy.
I love the food here, foresee myself to come back often.

That's all for update, got to go.
Good bye.

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