Friday, August 25, 2017

Food Review: Dai Lou Canto Restaurant Punggol Marina Country Club

Journey to the North to try out the newly opened Canto restaurant at Punggol Marina Country Club. It was my second visit to the country club and I love the ambience of this place because it offers a stunning view of the sea.

Dai Lou is a 90s Canto theme inspired Singapore restaurant bringing together zichar & fun drinking place. The atmosphere is perfect for guests to relax and have a good meal after spending the day in the bustling city. 

When I first heard of Dai Lou, I thought the name was very interesting. Dai Lou (大佬) means Big Brother in Cantonese. It makes me wonder what interesting dish name will Dai Lou has.

You can choose indoor or alfresco dining. 
We had the indoor dining.

Here are the food that we have tried:

Honey Milk Pork Cubes

The pork cubes were well marinated with honey milk, giving it a sweet and savoury taste that satisfied our taste buds. Every cube tasted so delicious and perfect. We asked around which is their favourite dish they have tried tonight and this dish was many of us favourite.

XO Crab Beehoon
$47 per crab

Wow, I love this XO crab beehoon the most. The XO soup was bursting with flavours with the generous ingredients in it plus the XO crab, it was definitely a hearty affair that give us a kick but not to the extreme of being drunk. 

Dai Lou's Money Bag - Salted Egg + Black Pepper Sauce

$0.60 each

Crab is definitely one of our favourite seafood dish, something we would order every time we go seafood restaurant. Though eating crab can get really messy, it will leave us finger licking good. I especially love it when we soaked the mantou in the gravy to absorb the goodness of salted egg and black pepper. I love the dominant flavour of the salted egg, it simply taste so delicious.

Knuckle Duster (Thai Style Pork Knuckles)

The Thai style pork knuckles carried a hot taste of chili and mild sweetness that catered to the taste buds of Singaporeans. The spicy level was no job, it gave a hot sensation after finishing the mouthful and you would want to reach for your drinks after that. For people who loves spicy food, this is the dish for you.

Thanks Dai Lou Canto Restaurant for hosting us for the dinner. Do pop by to Dai Lou to try out their food. 

For more information, please visit

Dai Lou Canto Restaurant
Marina Country Club, 11 Northshore Drive 
#01-0R Singapore
Operating hours: 12pm to 10.30pm

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Product Review: Filtech Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Hello guys, do you still remember my previous post on Product Review: Filtech Tap Water Filter?

Today I am back to review the other product I received from Filtech, Mitsu PWF 227 – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher.

As I grow older, I started to pay attention to water consumption. Though I always hear people says that Singapore's water is safe to drink from tap, I will never do that at home and will drink boiled water. Ever since I gotten Mitsu PWF 227 – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, I fall in love with it. Not only does it filter out all the bacteria and harmful substances in the water, it makes drink water so much convenient. I don't need to boil the water to have clean water consumption.

The Filter Pitcher uses premium grade polyethylene material which makes it lightweight and durable. It remains sturdy and firm when dropped as compared to other water pitchers which will break upon impact.

The Water Filter Pitcher is able to hold 2.5 liters capacity. Out of which, 1.3 liters of water are filtered at a rate of 0.75l / minute, making clean water conveniently available in the household.

Inserting the filter into the pitcher.
Lifespan of the filter is about 3 months.

All done and ready for use.

The lid comes with an instant refill hole that allows a convenient way of refilling water without the hassle of removing the whole cover. 

Water is being filtered and seeping through. It contains 3 step filtration.

Step 1:
Water is being purified and decontaminated through a softening process which removes heavy metal like copper and led. While removing these heavy metal, innocuous ions are replaced by potassium and sodium ions which are beneficial to our nervous system.

Step 2:
Activated carbon will remove chlorine and other sediments while at the same time clearing away bad odor and improving taste. It also removes contaminants and increases hydration.

Step 3:
Contaminants have been removed from the water and alkaline ionized water created. This water supplies active hydrogen ions and has low negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential which provides a powerful antioxidant potential.

The taste is a little different then the usual boiled water, it has a purified taste that makes me feel goods when drinking. The pitcher is very lightweight, not a problem for elderly to use it.

If you are interesting in purchasing, Mitsu PWF 227 – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is retailing at S$44.90 now (usual price: S$64.90). Filter can be changed every 3 months retailing at S$19.90.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Steigen x Sample Store Event: Steigen Exalt+ Solar Laundry Drying

Washing clothes is one of the chores we do at home. After washing the clothes, we will dry our clothes. Many households in Singapore are still using the traditional method of line-drying or having ceiling mounted retractable hangers to dry our laundry.

With the growing trend of spaces constraint in Singapore homes, conventional laundry drying methods may no longer safe and efficient. This is applicable especially for households with elderly, they may not have the strength to carry heavy bamboo poles filled with laundry up and down the mounted ceiling. 
 With technology advances, high technology laundry system are often sought in today's modern households to resolve this issues. Steigen is able to provide innovative solutions to dispel indoor drying conundrums.

I was at  Steigen x Sample Store event held at Steigen Enterprise's office where we learned more about the laundry drying products that Steigen offers.

Steigen is founded in 2013 by a team of homeowners who were searching for the best innovative solutions for their homes. They wanted something that could help their mums in overcoming their shortcoming for laundry drying. With the help of latest technologies, Steigen shares with us their best products that can be integrated into Singapore's modern homes.

Watch the video here.

Steigen offers 4 types of laundry drying system:

Exalt Flexi
The basic model in the Exalt+ series that can accomplish the primary function of lifting and lowering our laundry with a remote control. It is suitable for places with sufficient sunlight and wind.

Exalt + UV
It uses germicidal lamps to prevent the replication process of microorganisms, thus disinfecting up to 99% of germs and bacteria. The 2 single-directional fans helps to speed up drying.

Exalt + Solar
It contains 2 solar tubes to simulate sun drying effect and 2 air circulators to increase drying speed, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of sun drying even in unpredictable weather. It operates with only 0.9 kWh of energy, making it more energy efficient and reducing the average drying time to 1 to 2 hours. When clothes are dried quickly, germs and bacteria have less chances to multiply; thus removing musty odours in clothes.

Exalt + Solar S
This is a similar and shorter built of the Solar model with same heating technology that is suitable for condominium and small laundry yards.

The Exalt automated laundry system line range from $799 - $999.

The Steigen’s Solar series are energy saving products.
 The unit is equipped with Solar functions and is powered with a lighting point. It dramatically reduces the energy consumption as compared to electric dryers and automatically shut off the Solar tubes and fans after 2 hours. 

The LED lamp can double up as the service yard lighting.

We have a little demonstration. All the series are battery-operated remote device for easy control.

Noted that many elderly with health concerns faced issues with lifting heavy laundry, Exalt automated laundry systems are able to resolve this issue. They can now raise or lower the rack to their preferred height with a click of the remote.

The systems can all lift up to 35 kg of clothes. Steigen incorporates German designed motor, reinforced hanger rods and upgraded circuit board.

Steigen’s signature Solar series have these 3 key features.

True Indoor Sun Drying
Steigen’s Solar series uses a unique air circulator design to ensure all clothes on the rack receives warmth of the Sun with the solar drying at a range of 34 to 35 degree celsius, equivalent to the temperature of the sun during noon hours.

Fabric Care
 The system is created to bring all the benefits of Sun drying at your convenience using Solar, drying our laundry in the most delicate way to bring out the natural fluffiness of our clothes. The only difference between Solar and the sun is that it contains no ultra-violet that may cause our clothes to fade. 

Steigen’s Solar series ensure wellness our family is taken care of by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and prevents musty odour.

What if I need to hang my bed sheets and the width of the bar is not enough to support?

Not to worry if this is your concern because the width of the bar can be extended to hang the heavy bed sheets. When not in use, we can adjust the width back. This helps to maximizes space for our home.

Steigen uses high quality stainless steel cable which is more durable.

Of all the models, I like Exalt + Solar unit the most. Everything about this unit is so amazing and stylish, especially the function of Solar tubes and air circulators that will auto turn off after 2 hours. We can go out the whole day without worry that the utility bill will cost a bomb. This is also their unique selling point.

If you are interested in purchasing Steigen products, you can enjoy a $50 off when check out the purchase from the website
Promo code: STEIGEN50

To find out more about Steigen products, please visit or visit their facebook at

Alternatively, you can also SMS/Call/Whatsapp to 8818 6588 or email to

Start your shopping now -

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Food Review: Barashi-Tei

Nestled in a centralised location at Middle Road is a traditional Japanese restaurant, Barashi-Tei. 
The restaurant is just 10 minutes walk away from Rochor and Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.

Barashi-Tei is known for their affordable and quality Japanese food served. 

Good news for the late night goers! 
Barashi-Tei is open till 2am from Monday to Saturday. So if you are around the area and looking for place to eat during late night, Barashi-Tei is a place you can consider coming to. 
If you are working around the area, you can drop by during lunch hour, Barashi-Tei offers lunch set ranging from the price $8.80 to $12.80.

The concept of the restaurant makes people feel at ease, a place that we can relax and continue chit chatting after meal.

I have a glass of hot Yuzu to go with the meal. It was a refreshing drink.

The first dish we have was Salmon Mentai Maki ($14.80).
I was taken aback by this dish, it gonna be the most flavoursome salmon mentai I ever had. It was full of fragrance upon the first bite. How I wish I could have the whole plate by myself. Salmon Mentai Maki is a must order.

Spicy Salmon Maki ($14.80) is yet another favourite of mine. Wrapped in the sushi was battered ebi tempura, I could feel the flavour exploding when I gobbled down the maki. Simply awesome. Their sushi is really of top notch, they tasted so delicious.

Wagyu Beef Don ($38.80) where the tender beef slices come with oozing soft cooked egg. We like it when the egg was burst and the egg yolk was spread together with the rice.

Ika Teriyaki ($16.80).
The grilled squid was toppled with teriyaki sauce that further enhanced the flavour, making the squid tasted yummy.

We were introduced to the 3 types of Chawanmushi available.

From top left to right: Uni Chawanmushi ($9.80), original Chawanmushi ($4.80) and Ikura Chawanmushi ($6.80).

I still prefer the original Chawanmushi out of the 3 selection as it has a lighter taste compared to the others. The Chawanmushi was soft and smooth, it literally melt in my mouth. We finished every bits of it.

Gyu Enoki Kushi ($3 per stick) for the beef lovers. A great combination of grilled mushroom and beef.

The Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab ($12.80) was very crunchy when bite. The batter fried soft shell crab was fried till perfection. I couldn't stop eating this too and it was wiped clean in a few minutes.

 Barashi-Tei is also known for their Chirashi Don ($26.80). We love the wide array of ingredient toppled on the rice bowl, especially the fresh sashimi and the salmon roe. Our mouth was instantly bursting into flavour with the salmon roe pop in it.

Another favourite of mine is definitely Foie Gras Sushi ($15.80 for 2 pieces). I am particular about the quality of the foie gras. I once ate a very awful foie gras and it totally ruined my impression of it. I decided to give foie gras sushi a try and I'm glad I make the right decision. The taste was heavenly delicious. It has a well balanced of savoury from the foie gras and sweetness from the teriyaki sauce. The foie gras was slightly charred but still taste flavourful.

We also tried Tamagoyaki ($5) and it was eggy good, recommended to eat it when served hot.

Last but not least, we ended our tasting with Gelato ($4.80 per scoop).

Here are the flavours available: 
Avocado, Black Sesame, Green Tea,  Mango, Yuzu and Pistachio.

Green tea  was my favourite. The first sip was a bit bitter but after a few sips, I started to taste the sweetness. The sweetness will come after the bitter. 

I have a great tasting session with the girls. Thanks Tracy for the group photo.
Every dish tasted so delicious, I definitely want to come back for the food again. 

Thanks for having us at  Barashi-Tei.

266 Middle Road, Elias Building 
Singapore 188991 

Opening hours: 
Monday - Saturday - 11am-3pm, 6pm-2am
Sunday - 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm


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