Friday, March 24, 2017

Antoinette at Penhas Road

I made my first visit to Antoinette for dining. 

Antoinette is a Parisian p√Ętisserie cafe located at Penhas Road, nearest MRT station at Lavender. Antoinette is a cafe known for its French classic desserts and savouries.

Bf has made a reservation here for our date. So surprise that he made plan for our dinner as he rarely will propose a plan and we are always quite easy going with our dinner.
 I love it when he plans something sweet for our dating. ♥

Antoinette has a nice and quiet ambience that is suitable for a romantic dinner. I love the interior design of the cafe, it looked classy.

I wore a pink dress out that day.
I'm into colours nowaday, time to break away from the world of black and white. 

So glad the week is done.

Where is my food?
I'm hungry.....

Not feeling very hungry, I decided to go for their savoury crepe. It comes with a fluffy crust toppled with ham, egg, cheese and lots of veggie. I finished everything except the veggie, too much uncooked veggie.

Bf tried on their steak, portion is definitely small for him. 

Antoinette is a place you can consider coming for celebrating occasions. The cafe has great ambience and the food are not bad too. But be prepared to pay a bit higher than normal cafe price.

Thanks for bring me here to celebrate our advance monthiversary. Look forward to more celebration together.

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