Monday, July 31, 2017

Beauty Review: One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic

My skin has been battling with acne and dullness for the longest time.

Living in an urban city, we are being exposed to internal and external factors that affect our skin such as stress, sleep, air pollution, uv ray, climate and etc. All these factors cause variety of skin issues, causing my skin to be sensitive and prone to acne.

Troubled by my skin concerns, I went to One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic to try out their services. 

One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic is located in the heart of Singapore right at Tanjong Pagar Road. It is 5 minutes walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station Exit A.

*Just an update, the clinic has now relocated to 1 Tras Link #02-01 Orchard Hotel with effect from 1 Jun 2018.*

Upon arriving, 2 of the staffs were standing at the door to keep a lookout for me in case I lost my way and greeted me by my name when I stepped in. I was wow'ed by their customer service.

One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic provides one-stop service, offering expert solutions for our skin issues by adopting their effective medical aesthetics treatments with minimal discomfort and downtime.

The first thing I did was facial double cleansing to remove any impurities on my skin.
After which, we proceeded for a photo-taking session. This is to capture the before and after effect to track the improvement.

I was being brought to the waiting area while waiting for my consultation appointment.

I have a consultation with Dr David Ng.
He accessed my skin condition and gave me prescription for oral pills (antibiotic) and product application.

Here's a photo of my skin before the treatment.
As you can see, I am being bothered by angry red spots and scarring of acne marks, there is also no radiance which make my appearance look dull. 

Besides the oral medicine, I have gotten 4 products from One Face Medical Aesthetics Clinic to battle my acne skin problems. I will share with you more about these products below.

Sequence of application is from left to right, starting from One Face BeautSpot Lotion, One Face BeautSpot Gel, One Face Lite Moisturiser and One Face BeautSpot-On.

Right after cleansing, first step is to apply One Face BeautSpot Lotion ($60, 50gm).

This BeautSpot Lotion is formulated to combat oily and clogged skin. It contains antiseptic properties to purify the skin and reduce signs of acne.

I applied the lotion twice a day.

BeautSpot Lotion is a watery texture lotion that does not leave sticky feeling on our skin. When applying, I avoided applying near the nose area because my skin is dry around the area. The lotion gives my skin a boost and helps to prep my skin for the next application.

After prepping my skin, the next application is One Face BeautSpot Gel ($90, 50gm).

This gel is also formulated with antiseptic ingredients to purify the skin and reduce signs of acne with inflammation.

I applied it twice daily around the affected skin area, not for the entire face.

The gel texture does not feel heavy on skin either. It is a translucent gel that absorbed fast when applied on skin. It replenished our skin with antiseptic to fight against acne with inflammation and reducing it in size.

Next step is to apply One Face Lite Moisturiser ($60, 50gm).

Lite Moisturiser is an oil-free moisturiser that provides adequate hydration and suppleness to our skin. 

To apply twice a day on our entire face.

The moisturiser has a gel watery texture that is also fast absorbed into our skin. It felt light weighted on skin.  It moisturised and hydrated our skin, leaving our skin feeling supplied and glow with radiance. 

My skin is lack of hydration that makes the appearance looks dull. Therefore, having a suitable mosituriser is very important to me for saying goodbye to dull looking skin and I'm glad I found One Face Lite Moisturiser.

Last step is to apply One Face BeautSpot-On ($65, 15gm).

 This is a targeted spot-on formulation for signs of inflamed acne or pimple.

This is to be applied on targeted area like the early stage of acne or pimple, preventing it from surfacing further. The big spot of acne or pimple is to apply the gel instead.
To apply twice a day.

The BeautSpot-On helped to stop the newly grown acne or pimple to grow further and prevent it from worsening the condition. Prevention is better than cure, we should try to stop these spots from surfacing any further. That's why I have been diligently applying them to improve my skin condition.

The left view of my face.

This is my progress after using the products and medication from One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic. I noticed that my skin has brightened up a little or no longer so dull looking. The acne skin also cleared up a little.

The right view of my skin. 

The big red spot has started to diminish and are kept under control. My skin also feel more hydrated and radiant. 

My family and friends have commented that my skin has cleared up, The products have helped to salvage my skin condition. 

For more information, please visit for more details.

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