Friday, April 14, 2017

Happenings in April - Disney Tsum Tsum + Manna Story + Yayoi

Saturday 1/4/17

Counting down, another week to go before my Bangkok trip. Looking forward to it. It was a very impromptu decision to visit Bangkok, we only decided it 2 weeks before the trip so the air ticket paid was a steep price. So my mission today is to change our currency and plan our itinerary.

While passing by Citylink Mall, we stopped over at Chateraise to purchase their cream puff. This was our first time trying.  We were taken aback by the quality of the cream puff, the puff was filled with combination of custard and fresh cream. The puff was so delicious, we feel like we were having ice cream. For the price of $1.90, I never expect such a good quality cream puff.

After we got our currency changed, we lazed around at Marina Square Kopitiam to plan our itinerary. There were plenty seats over there.

Time for dinner after everything settled, got our dinner from the Japanese stall at Kopitiam. Simple and delightful.

We then went over to Raffles City to locate the Tsum Tsum display. Each CapitaLand malls have different Tsum Tsum display, seeing the adorable Disney Tsum Tsum characters cheered me up.

With the adorable Disney Tsum Tsum characters and my favourite pooh bear was there.
How I wish I could bring all of them home.

Sunday 2/4/17

Headed down to Bugis to settle some stuffs for our trip.
Since I didn't have a full lunch earlier on, we went for some cakes before heading home. 

We went Fish & Co. at Bugis+ to laze around and have a piece of cake each to our own.

Red velvet cake.

The restaurant has a peaceful environment that makes it a great place for a relaxing chill out for a meal.

Found another Disney Tsum Tsum display at Bugis Junction.
Wearing a black shirt dress out, it gave a feel of smart casual. Too long to be consider a shirt and too short for a dress. I love the low cut boots very much, it is fashionable and comfortable. It is the pair of boots that could take me miles away.

With bf enjoying our weekend.

We went to tabao Nine Fresh Desserts home for sharing with the family.
We bought grass jelly special, pearly bean curd and summer ai yu jelly.

That marks the end of my weekend.

Hope you guys have a great weekend too.

Tuesday 11/4/17

Just came back from Bangkok yesterday evening and feeling so sian today. How I wish the holiday can be longer. No time to rest, have to earn back the money for the next trip.

Reward myself for a good lunch. We traveled down to Plaza Singapura for lunch at Manna Story.
With the trend of K-Wave flowing to Singapore, it brings many Korean food here too. Manna Story is the place to go to get our Korean food fix, they have a wide selection of authentic Korean dishes.

Come during lunch hour and you will be treated to the free side dishes.

I have the bowl of spicy pork for lunch. The bowl contained generous portion of pork which added flavour to the soup, which make it appetiting and aromatic. I enjoyed every bits of it, especially the pieces of pork.

A nice meal to keep me going and endure the week.

Thursday 13/4/17

This week is a short working week for everyone as tomorrow is Good Friday. Yay to the long weekend. Lunch has always been a lavish affair for our lunch kaki group. Today we went Liang Court for lunch.

We went to our frequently visit restaurant in Liang Court at Yayoi, a Japanese teishoku restaurant. Teishoku means all side dishes are served together in a set.

I have sliced pork in ginger sauce rice set.
The set comes with a soup, salad and tofu.

The sliced pork was blended with the ginger sauce and the flavour was well-mix, even the bean sprout was equally tasty too. Normally I don't eat bean sprout because I don't really like the taste. But this dish was exception, I finished everything. So nice.

Friday 14/4/17

Suffering from post Bangkok travel syndrome, we decided to relieve our experience in Bangkok by visiting Artbox Singapore. It was raining very heavily the entire afternoon, I was glad the rain has stopped so we dropped by to visit.

It was a horrible experience at the Artbox, I underestimated the madness of crowds that turned up.
I think the number of people that turned up is more than the number of people that visited Chinatown during CNY eve.

Practically we were being squeezed by people, there was no way you can stop to take a good look at the stalls available. I was fed up after 5 minutes of squeezing so we just left. There were elderly and children in the crowds, so worried for them. It's good to bring your family out for family bonding but not to Artbox, it is a hazard place.

I just wanna leave this place. We then went over to Marina Square to have some light bites at Beyond Pancakes. Though we were at Beyond Pancakes, we didn't order any pancake. Lol.

Having our favourite drink, avocado yogurt milkshake.

Double cheesy fries for sharing.
Straight cut potato fries baked twice with mozzarella and cheddar cheese served with chilli flakes.

I felt so shagged that night, need to eat supper to replenish my energy loss.

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