Friday, March 10, 2017

Happenings in March - Jack's Place + Marina + The Populus Cafe

Friday 3/3/17

Every Friday, it is always a must to travel out for a sumptuous lunch to welcome our weekend. This week, we decided to visit Jack's Place @ Great World City. A familiar place for my lunch kakis as we cab there frequently for lunch. 

One reason why we like coming to Jack's Place is because they offer daily lunch set at $13.80++ which includes a main course, wholemeal Garlic Bread, Soup of the Day, Day’s Dessert & Coffee / Tea.

Soup of the Day.

I have teriyaki  chicken as my main course. The chicken was tender and moist.

I always opt for tea since I'm not a coffee person.

Cake to round up our meal.
The cake was nice but the size was rather small.

Sunday 5/3/17

Bf was finally back after being away for a month. He got me many goodies during his long trip away and brought them to my place yesterday.

A glimpse of the goodies I received, I love snacking.

Got myself prepared and ready to head out for early dinner.

We went Kopitiam @ Marina Square for dinner. 
I have fried ebi don while bf had prawn noodle, we also ordered a plate of salted egg chicken for sharing.

The fried ebi was crispy good that I gobbled up all at once.

Knowing that I like dishes with salted egg, bf ordered the salted egg chicken to try out. This chicken really tasted good but eating too much of this made me feel greasy.

Feeling satisfied after the meal.
We love spending time together even though it is just a short moment.

Over looking the city, finding a place that I could fit in. I'm still trying to search for this place that I truly belong. I'm starting to get tired.

Friday 10/3/17

Friday was here again, it was a long one for me because I have school until 10pm. Still, it didn't stopped me from enjoying my Friday.

Enjoying music while on a bus ride. 
Earpiece is a must carry item in my bag because whenever I am alone, I will take out the earpiece and listening to songs.

We took a cab down to The Populus Cafe for lunch located at 146 Neil Rd, which is near to Outram Part MRT station.

Populus is a gastro-cafe serving up contemporary progressive café nosh.

Placed your order at the counter and make your payment after you have decided on what to eat. The food will be served to you thereafter. With the ambience and surrounding, the price of the food here is on a steep side as compared to other cafes.

I ordered Roast Chicken Stew at $19++.
The roasted chicken leg was soaked in a light Thai inspired red curry and parmesan stew together with roasted chat potatoes, carrots, edamame beans, cherry tomatoes, lightly pickled cucumber, turkish bread and fresh lime.

The stew was rich in flavour and definitely not spicy at all. Do not scared by the colour of the stew. It was loaded with my ingredients in it. Surprisingly, I felt full after finishing the stew.

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