Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Happenings in March - Food Galore + i Light Marina Bay 2017

Friday 17/3/17

It's Friday, we always treat ourselves to a lavish meal and took a cab out to explore more areas. So this week, we went to Kith Cafe at Millenia Walk. Kith Cafe is a place we visited regularly too. My lunch kakis love their breakfast set, everytime we thought of having breakfast set, Kith Cafe will be the place we will go.

I have scrambled eggs with sourdough.
I always love eating scrambled eggs, taste good after adding pepper on top of the eggs.

Night class for Friday night has ended last week. So this week onwards, my Friday night is free. Met up with bf to have dinner together.

We have our dinner at Fish & Co @ Bugis plus.
I tried their Danish Fish & Chips that comes with oozing mozzarella cheese with a hint of chilli. The fish was topped with lemon butter sauce. The Fish & Chips really makes one feel full, I have difficulty clearing it all by myself.

Sunday 26/3/17

Headed out to my favourite hangout place, VivoCity to spend my late afternoon there. We always love to go VivoCity for food followed by a stroll outside. This is usually how I spend my weekend.

We went Honeymoon Dessert for cold treat. I love having ice-cream for dessert.

This weekend we have longer time spent together compared to usual Sunday. We cherished every moment spent together.

Monday 27/3/17

Venturing into hawker centre for dinner after work. 
I am definitely not someone who have to visit restaurants or cafes to have a good meal. I do not necessary have to go to these places to enjoy good food. Sometimes good food are hidden in hawker centres and you have to visit the hawker centre to try it.

I missed the avocado milkshake at Seah Im Food Centre. Finally satisfied my cravings for it.

We have Char Kway Teow for dinner. This is one of the best Char Kway Teow that I ever tried in Singapore. The texture of the kway teow was just right.

After the dinner, we took a stroll along Sentosa Broadwalk before heading home. It's good to have a walk after dinner to digest the food.

Saturday 25/3/17

The month long light art festival is coming to an end. We visited i Light Marina Bay on the last weekend of the festival. This is the fifth edition of the light art festival and also my first time visiting.

i Light Marina Bay showcased the light art created by artists from Singapore and around the world. The designs used energy-saving lighting or environmentally-friendly materials, it brings a message to encourage the public to adopt sustainable habits in our daily lives.

Getting ready to head out of house in the evening after the heavy rain.

The light installations were located around the Marina Bay waterfront that stretch from he Promontory @ Marina Bay, The Float @ Marina Bay and the Bayfront Event Space.

Immersing in the beautiful and colourful lighting.

The sea urchin inspired design.
This is one of the installations that you cannot missed.

The light arts looked so beautiful and illuminated the whole Marina Bay.

We have a good and long walk, helping us to burn down the calories. That's why I always love walking.

Horizontal interference.
Saw lots of this installations shared on facebook and instagram.
This was made using colourful cord construction, so simple yet spectacular.

Feeling slightly hungry, we headed over to GastroBeats to have some light bites. We decided to try the traditional Hungarian pastry served at Chimney.

Chimney cone with soft serve selling at $7.90.
The cinnamon cone was toppled with vanilla soft serve and chocolate syrup.

Ice cream is my soft spot, can't wait to sink my teeth into it.
The sweetness of the vanilla soft serve goes well with the cinnamon cone.

Super thirsty and our feet are tiring, we went for a chillout session at Orgo Bar & Restaurant. We ordered mojitos.

Orgo is located at the rooftop of Esplanade. 
We spent our night away at the rooftop bar, chilling with our drinks and admiring the city view.

Tuesday 28/3/17

March is a busy month for me at work. Just a few more days before coming to the end of March. Hang on there. To keep ourselves motivated, we went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (旺角茶餐厅) for our lunch to replenish our energy.

I have the fried nissin noodle with pork and egg.
Everything is good except that the pork tasted a little salty.

I met up with bf for dunner at Lau Pa Sat.
Bf suggested to go for a short overseas trip to relax and enjoy ourselves. We are planning to go Bangkok in 2 weeks time, so the meet up today was also to settle our booking of air tickets and hotel. A very impromptu decision to have a getaway trip and we got our air tickets at a very steep price. Try not to plan for a last minute trip because air ticket will be expensive.

We also ordered oyster omelette for sharing.

Can't wait for the Bangkok trip, 2 more weeks to go. 
Stay tuned for more sharing.

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