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Steigen x Sample Store Event: Steigen Exalt+ Solar Laundry Drying

Washing clothes is one of the chores we do at home. After washing the clothes, we will dry our clothes. Many households in Singapore are still using the traditional method of line-drying or having ceiling mounted retractable hangers to dry our laundry.

With the growing trend of spaces constraint in Singapore homes, conventional laundry drying methods may no longer safe and efficient. This is applicable especially for households with elderly, they may not have the strength to carry heavy bamboo poles filled with laundry up and down the mounted ceiling. 
 With technology advances, high technology laundry system are often sought in today's modern households to resolve this issues. Steigen is able to provide innovative solutions to dispel indoor drying conundrums.

I was at  Steigen x Sample Store event held at Steigen Enterprise's office where we learned more about the laundry drying products that Steigen offers.

Steigen is founded in 2013 by a team of homeowners who were searching for the best innovative solutions for their homes. They wanted something that could help their mums in overcoming their shortcoming for laundry drying. With the help of latest technologies, Steigen shares with us their best products that can be integrated into Singapore's modern homes.

Watch the video here.

Steigen offers 4 types of laundry drying system:

Exalt Flexi
The basic model in the Exalt+ series that can accomplish the primary function of lifting and lowering our laundry with a remote control. It is suitable for places with sufficient sunlight and wind.

Exalt + UV
It uses germicidal lamps to prevent the replication process of microorganisms, thus disinfecting up to 99% of germs and bacteria. The 2 single-directional fans helps to speed up drying.

Exalt + Solar
It contains 2 solar tubes to simulate sun drying effect and 2 air circulators to increase drying speed, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of sun drying even in unpredictable weather. It operates with only 0.9 kWh of energy, making it more energy efficient and reducing the average drying time to 1 to 2 hours. When clothes are dried quickly, germs and bacteria have less chances to multiply; thus removing musty odours in clothes.

Exalt + Solar S
This is a similar and shorter built of the Solar model with same heating technology that is suitable for condominium and small laundry yards.

The Exalt automated laundry system line range from $799 - $999.

The Steigen’s Solar series are energy saving products.
 The unit is equipped with Solar functions and is powered with a lighting point. It dramatically reduces the energy consumption as compared to electric dryers and automatically shut off the Solar tubes and fans after 2 hours. 

The LED lamp can double up as the service yard lighting.

We have a little demonstration. All the series are battery-operated remote device for easy control.

Noted that many elderly with health concerns faced issues with lifting heavy laundry, Exalt automated laundry systems are able to resolve this issue. They can now raise or lower the rack to their preferred height with a click of the remote.

The systems can all lift up to 35 kg of clothes. Steigen incorporates German designed motor, reinforced hanger rods and upgraded circuit board.

Steigen’s signature Solar series have these 3 key features.

True Indoor Sun Drying
Steigen’s Solar series uses a unique air circulator design to ensure all clothes on the rack receives warmth of the Sun with the solar drying at a range of 34 to 35 degree celsius, equivalent to the temperature of the sun during noon hours.

Fabric Care
 The system is created to bring all the benefits of Sun drying at your convenience using Solar, drying our laundry in the most delicate way to bring out the natural fluffiness of our clothes. The only difference between Solar and the sun is that it contains no ultra-violet that may cause our clothes to fade. 

Steigen’s Solar series ensure wellness our family is taken care of by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and prevents musty odour.

What if I need to hang my bed sheets and the width of the bar is not enough to support?

Not to worry if this is your concern because the width of the bar can be extended to hang the heavy bed sheets. When not in use, we can adjust the width back. This helps to maximizes space for our home.

Steigen uses high quality stainless steel cable which is more durable.

Of all the models, I like Exalt + Solar unit the most. Everything about this unit is so amazing and stylish, especially the function of Solar tubes and air circulators that will auto turn off after 2 hours. We can go out the whole day without worry that the utility bill will cost a bomb. This is also their unique selling point.

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