Friday, September 8, 2017

Beauty Review: Eyebrow Embroidery at The Best Beauty Centre

Eyebrow embroidery is a service that I have been wanting to try because I want to have a nice pair of eyebrow but at the same time, I was afraid of going for it. I have never done an eyebrow embroidery before since my eyebrow still looked all right and I was afraid that I will be stuck with the eyebrow that I don't like for a long time.

I have received an invitation to try a complimentary services at The Best Beauty Centre and I decided to go for eyebrow embroidery.

A well defined pair of eyebrows is an important feature of our facial appearance. Time to make changes to my eyebrows.

I visited The Best Beauty Centre's outlet at Toa Payoh bus interchange.

The Best Beauty Centre offers a variety of specialist beauty treatments from a full range of eyebrow embroidery, face and body therapy treatments at affordable prices.

Here's  a photo of my eyebrow before the session, one of the arch was higher than the other side. My therapist, Lisa, then examined my eyebrow to see how she can enhanced it. I just let her work on it and decide the eyebrow shape that suits my facial shape.

First, Lisa adjusted my chair to sleep position, thereafter helped me to trim and shape my eyebrows. 

Lisa is very professional in getting the eyebrows that suit me, she always double check to make sure both eyebrows looked evenly and perfectly shaped. The embroidery will follow the shape drawn by the eyebrow pencil, so it is important to get the shape right first.

After getting the eyebrows shape, Lisa applied numbing cream on my eyebrows. This was to prepare for the adding the colour in the next step.

Eyebrow embroidery is not something permanent, the effect will last about 1-2 years. After which, you can change it into another shape that you want.

Let the numbing cream leave on for about 10 minutes to minimize the discomfort later on. 

Lisa then used an instrument to dip on the colour pigment and trace my eyebrow line to draw the hairline stroke by stroke, creating a natural looking eyebrows. During the process, I do experienced a slight discomfort but the pain was still bearable for me. Do let the therapist know if the pain is unbearable, they will put more numbing cream for you.

Here's my end result after 1 hour of hardwork. 
I have a pair of dark embroidered looking eyebrows that instantly become my most prominent facial feature. For the first week after the session, try to avoid using water on the eyebrows to allow the colours pigmentation to set in. After which, the scab will come off by itself and you will have a naturally looking pair of eyebrows. Try not to peel it out.

Thanks Lisa for the skillful service and giving my eyebrows a new look.

For a few days, I need to bear with this 蜡笔小新 dark pair of eyebrows. So is best if you try not to schedule any meetup during these few days.

My natural looking pair of eyebrows after the scab has fully came off. It looked so natural and gave a defined shape. 

For first time customer, you can enjoy all these trial at just $20.
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For more information, please visit

The Best Beauty Centre

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