Sunday, January 29, 2017

CNY Day 2: Chinese Garden + The Manhattan FISH MARKET

CNY day 2 was quiet in the morning because the lion dance troupe no longer visit door by door to bai nian with us. It is a good thing too as we saved on our angbao money.

My plan for day 2 was to go bf's house to bai nian and spent time with him before he went off for his work trip. I decided to share this post since I have quite a number of photos taken and I want to document all my happenings down so that I have something to look back on.

It was almost 3pm when I arrived at his neighbourhood and we have our late lunch at a Muslim-indian eating place since most of the shops were closed for CNY.

I have a plain and egg prata. I preferred the egg prata, it was fluffy with the taste of egg nicely spread and dipped it in the curry sauce gave a delicious taste.

We have a drink to ease our thirst. I have the one at the right, ice horlick. Very milky and nice. 

Laze around at his house after the late lunch to wait for his daddy to come back. 

I presented him his Valentine Day's gift.
Hope you like it, it took me awhile to decide what to get for him.

Knowing he loves watch, I got him a Fossil watch as his gift.

We reached Chinese Garden at 6pm. 
It was packed with people, sitting on the grass and having their picnic. 

So nice to be back at Chinese Garden again, it seemed like almost 20 years ago since my last visit. Being back again brought back memories of my childhood. 

One of my memories of Chinese Garden is this 7-storey pagoda. I didn't managed to climb this the last time I was here because mummy told us scary stories that stopped us from climbing up.

I'm going to conquer this pagoda this time round. 

Here's my OOTD for CNY day 2.
Dress: Tomato from KSL JB
Shoe: Far East Plaza

I love this pink dress that comes with a stripe to act as a belt, creating a waistline. The dress made me look feminine and flare at the right spot. The multi layers at the bottom created a volume to the dress. I hardly do shopping in Singapore lately, all my clothes were bought during my overseas trip because they were more value for money.

Climbing up 7 storey at one shot and treated to the scenery ahead and many good spots for photo taking. It was worth climbing up.

Spending some time to admire the gorgeous view of Chinese Garden. This is probably one of the very few places in Singapore that preserves the scenery of an ancient place that we seen from the ancient period drama.
So glad to visit here again, I really forget how Chinese Garden looked like. 
Chinese Garden was especially crowded that day.

With love.
Thanks for coming into my life.

The incredible view of the picturesque lakeside with the shadow of the scenery cast in the lake. It was an unforgettable sight. 

CNY period is like the blossom of spring. The place was lifted up with liveliness.
I love visiting places with spectacular view, it just lightened up my mood.

Crossing the lover's bridge, 情人桥. 
Come here for a romantic stroll with your lover.

It was 7pm when we left Chinese Garden, we made our way to Jurong Point for our dinner. Since many places were closed for CNY, we decided to dine in at The Manhattan FISH MARKET which was opened on CNY.

Ice lemon tea to ease our thirst. Super thirsty.
Our feet feel tiring too.

We ordered salad for sharing.

I ordered this set that comes with fish n chips, chicken and rice. It was really nice but too much for a person to take. I could finish everything, I tried my best to clear all except rice. The fish was moist and the chicken was tasty.

Ended our dinner with a scoop of strawberry ice cream.
I was super super full by then.

After which, I went to bai nian again before going back home.
While on my way back, I was really sleepy, I guess the food coma took effect. So glad tomorrow is not a working day, I can sleep and wake up late the next day.

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