Friday, January 20, 2017

Early Valentine Day 2017

Valentine Day came early for us.

We celebrated our first Valentine Day way ahead of everyone else, even before Chinese New Year approaches as bf will not around during Valentine Day. Even if he is around, we won't be celebrating on the actual day as all the restaurants will be packed with people and price is marked up. Furthermore, we will only be meeting during weekend.

Here we were at Mount Faber. As the time was still early, we explored around the areas and took some nice photos.

Thanks bf for the gift.
I love this dancing diamond necklace very much. The design is very elegant, showing two hearts interlocking as one. A perfect gift for Valentine Day and for your special girl. The sophisticated necklace matched well with my outfit that day and completed my overall look.

A celebration of love.
Here we are at the Garden of Happy Promises.

I wore one of my all-time favourite black dress, the design looked simple and classic which is something I like. It brings out a smart casual and chic look when paired with a classic handbag. 

Bf dressed up that day too, it is one of the rare occasion that he dressed up. I like it when he dressed up for our dates.

Bf brought me to Faber Bistro for our dinner. 
He has spent some times asking around and researching on the places to bring me for the dinner. I love it when he put in effort in doing the planning. 

We arrived just in time for the sunset.
I love watching sunrise and sunset.

Faber Bistro offers an outdoor dining along with an outdoor bar. It is a causal dining restaurant that offers a great view while consuming our food.

Admiring the view of the surrounding.

Cranberry juice.

The sunset view was beautiful, the sky was lighted up with many colours before darkness approached.

I have Faber Bistro Chicken which is one of the chef recommendation.
The grilled spring chicken was paired together with mash potato and salad.

Bf had beef for his main course.

We have our dinner from sunset to nightfall. A few tables away from us, a man went on his knee and proposed to his girlfriend, it was a success. Congrats to the couple.

Feeling full, we then have a stroll along Henderson Wave.

A simple celebration with quality time spent. Thanks for being there for me when I need you, showering me with love and letting me know that I could depend on you.

Happy Valentine Day ♥

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