Sunday, May 14, 2017

Krislyn 1st Birthday Party + Mother's Day Dinner

Took a breather from my intensive study to attend Krislyn 1st Birthday Party at Changi Beach Club. We set off from home at about 11.30am and went to the Beach Club for lunch. The place was so hard to find, it took us awhile to locate the place. We reached the same time as Kai Pin's family.

Arriving at the chalet, the place has an awesome view of the pool and sea. Time to have a short break, enjoy the present moment and leave the stress behind. 

Hello, how do I look in hairband?
The hairband was actually one of the props placed on the table for photo taking.

The birthday party just nice fall on Mother's Day, it called for gathering with the family and relatives to catch up on the latest happenings as well as have fun with the little ones.

My nephew, Aiden. Time passed so fast, he is already 3 years old.

He looked so happy after receiving the sweets. 
So good to be young and carefree.

Lunch was buffet catering. Here's my pick for lunch.

Little Amber. She always love playing with spoon.
She is everybody's favourite little girl. So cute and irresistible. 

Exploring the room.

Shall occupy this room for the time being and use the room for my revision.
The bed was too comfortable that made me feel like sleeping instead of studying.

Happy 1st birthday to little Krislyn, may you grow up healthy and happy.

The gloomy sky explained why nobody was in the pool. There was a slight drizzle, everybody went back to the chalet to seek shelter.

3 hours later, I decided to take a break from my study and visit the poolside to look for my nephew and niece who went swimming.

Right behind the pool, we have a view of the sea. The view was spectacular that got me linger for a long moment. The sun has lightened up the entire blue sky. Too bad, there was fencing that stopped me for going further in to the beach.

The kids love playing in the pool and very reluctant to get up. We needed to get them up and prepare them for Mother's Day dinner later on.

A photo with Amber after her shower. She is so adorable.
Took care of her while her mum was bathing Aiden.

Time to proceed for dinner, we slowly made our way up to level 2 to try out the Chinese restaurant located in Changi Beach Club. 

My uncle has booked the dinner reservation at Goldenbeach Seafood Restaurant earlier on after confirming the number of pax staying for dinner.

The restaurant is located amidst the tranquility of Changi Beach with the beach and Pulau Ubin as backdrop. The diners were treated to a captivating view of the breathing scenery where the sky meets the sea.

Sunset view is something I never get tired of. I have seen before many spectacular sunset, every sunset creates a different memory and story. The view was just so awesome.

Hello birthday girl.

We poured some water inside his bowl and Aiden has lots of fun playing with it.

Time to dig in. 
Sweet & Sour Pork.

Delicious dinner spread.

Stewed ee-fu noodle.

Thanks uncle for the dinner treat. Family gathering is something our family values a lot in, we always try to visit each other whenever possible.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers.

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