Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Golden Autumn Celebrations at Resorts World Sentosa

Though mid-autumn festival may be over, the season of autumn is still ongoing. 

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) has welcome autumn with the Golden Autumn Celebrations that was held at Waterfront until 12 November 2017.

A series of exciting cultural performances and entertainment, authentic Sichuan street delicacies and artisanal Chinese handicrafts direct from Chengdu are lined up for the guests.

Upon entering, we were welcomed by the gigantic 7-metre tall panda at China Fantasy zone. There will be lots of photograph moments awaiting the guests. We have fun taking all the photos throughout the journey.

I love how our different colour outfits contrast well together and shot a lively image. Thanks Tracy for the photo.

We were drawn to the stage because of the crowds gathered. We went over and witnessed the opening ceremony.

Exciting stage performance with talent from Sichuan was awaiting us after the ceremony. First up was the province's signature face mask-swapping show. The performer was quick in swapping the mask, it was too fast for our eyes to capture how they did it. It was quite an impressive performance.

Other than this, performances such as martial art skills from Shaolin Temple, long spouted Chinese teapot pouring, fire-breathing puppetry and etc were lined up for the guests.

Over at the China Fantasy Zone, the porcelain vases has was become the center of attention, this was the place that kept us occupied and busy capturing different shots.

The vase could possibly be the best installation among all the decorations in my opinion, especially the clear reflection of the vase from the pond. It portrayed a stunning visual treat.

Wearing a white dress out. The dress is versatile, I was able to wear it for work and outing with friends.

Luminous animals lighting up the pathway as we walked past.
How could we not stop by for photos.

With GF and Tracy, and our pet swan.
Cheers to our 6 years of friendship, glad to have the girls in my life. Never fail to have laughter everything the 3 of us met up.

We were given a panda plushie when we entered and our pandas found their mother panda.

Running 4 times every hour, there will be a 5 minutes spectacular 3D light show featuring the latest in projection mapping technology on a giant porcelain vase installation. The performance depicts the endearing classic tale of Moon goddess Chang'e and her beloved husband, Hou Yi.

God of Fortune welcoming us as we were about to entered Childhood Fantasy zone

Passing by the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs. The first thing we did was to check out our own zodiac sign and see if our zodiac animal look the best.
With the God of Fortune and Chinese zodiac sign, it made us feel that Chinese New Year is approaching. Indeed, another 4 more months to go.

Rabbit looked cute, that's my grandmother's zodiac sign.

GF and I hopped on to the LED swing that will keep changing its colour. Both of us love playing swing, immersing ourselves into this children's dream-like fantasy playground.

Tracy and I having a swing together too. 
We drew the crowds over to this LED swing and after which, everyone started to sit on the swing and took photo too.

Thanks Tracy for the photo and bringing us to the event.

We were thrilled by the true-to-life size dinosaur figures that were right in front of us. It was as though we were transported to jurassic park. Let's escape from here.

There was also larger-than-life dinosaur egg replicas. GF and I went into the egg and have a photo together. Thanks Tracy for the photo.

We crossed over to Silk Road Fantasy zone where brought us to the historical journey across China's crossroad for trading and cultural exchanges. 

The pair of 4-metres tall twin swan lanterns  caught everyone's eyes when we passed by. They symbolize the coming together of different cultures during this golden period.

Our pathway were brightened up with a stretch of lanterns above us, lighting up our way. They were so beautiful.

A stretched of panda bidding good bye to us as we walked to the end of the trail.
It was a cultural night immersing ourselves into the exhibition of the Chinese handicrafts. We enjoyed the trail and have fun taking photos.

I was awed by the night view of the red palace, the lighting was so eye catching and you definitely won't miss it. 

If you wish to check out Golden Autumn Celebrations, you can purchase the ticket at the following price:
Monday to Thursday: $15 for adult / $12 for children / $8 for senior citizen
Friday to Sunday: $18 for adult / $15 for children / $9 for senior citizen

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