Friday, June 23, 2017

Happenings in June - Mariners' Corner Restaurant + Father's Day Dinner

Tuesday 13/6/17

We went Aston again for the second time in the month of June, we love coming here for the western food because it tasted good and the price is quite valuable at $9.90.

Once I like something, I always ordered the same time. Char grilled chicken and onion rings had become like my fix selection. The only item changing was the other side dish. This time round, I opt for mashed potato. I like this combination and I foresee ordering this selection again.

We went to try the new Starbucks Frappuccino that was having 1 for 1 promotion - Matcha Earl Grey Jelly Frappuccino. Earl Grey tea is transformed into a delightful jelly layer that filled the bottom of the drink and finished with Matcha powder. The drink was very tasty and a rich indulgence.

Wednesday 14/6/17

We discovered a new dining place located at Cantonment Road that serve quality food at decent pricing. Best to come here during weekdays lunch hour because they have set lunch promotion.

Mariners' Corner Restaurant is a well-known hang out area and dining place for sailors. The restaurant has a very cozy setting with sailor theme that make it a perfect place for chill out. 

I ordered the lunch set at $11.90++ that consist of a soup, main course, drink and dessert of the day.

First up, we have soup of the day and garlic bread.
I love dipping the garlic bread into the soup to soak up the flavour of the soup. It tasted delicious eating it this way.

I have grilled dory fish as my main course. The fish stayed moist and retained its tenderness. I enjoyed every bite of it.

A cup of tea and cake to end off my meal.

I personally find that the food served here are pretty similar to the concept of Jack's Place. In term of valuable meal and portion size, Mariners' Corner Restaurant definitely stand ahead of Jack's Place. 

I always prefer tea over coffee. 
The taste of the tea was just nice with milk and sugar added. I liked to have a smell of the aromatic tea before drinking it.

Friday 16/6/17

Here comes Friday. 
Today was also GH's last day, we decided to go Liang Court for a sumptuous meal to celebrate for him. We went Tampopo for our lunch.

Upon seeing Nick ordered this, we followed the same. We ordered the top grade Black Pig Tonkatsu set where original price was about $31. Since it was Great Singapore Sale period, this set was having 50% discount. So we paid about $16++ for the top grade black pig.

The tonkatsu was fried until so crispy on the outside and succulent in the inner. This was so different from the usual tonakatsu I have. The meat was delectable, no wonder it was price as top grade.

In the night, GF, Tracy and Claressa met up for anti-drug abuse campaign 2017 Break In! Music Concert held at Suntec City Convention Centre. The concert was jointly organised by The National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) to promote a drug free Singapore, while creating opportunities for locals to showcase their talents and further their passion.

Local music artistes featured in the concert are Taufik Batisah, iNCH, Scarlet Avenue, THELIONCITYBOY and The Sam Willows. 

Sunday 18/6/17

Today was Father's Day, I decided to treat my family for a dinner and mummy suggested to go Choa Chu Kang for their zi char. She loves the fish soup there. To satisfy her cravings, we traveled to the west for Father's Day dinner. It was nearly 8pm when we reached and we waited awhile before food was served.

Some of the dishes we ate - prawn rolls and kang kong.

Mummy loved this fish soup. The soup was tasty with milk added, perfect for rainy day as it warmed our stomach up. We can ask for refill of the soup once we finished it.

The salted egg pork rib was succulent with the creaminess of the salted egg sauce, enhancing the fragrance and taste of the pork rib.

We were shocked by the portion of prawn paste chicken that Mummy has ordered. The deep fried chicken wings have a very crispy exterior and tender meat in it. Nothing to comment on the other dish because I am not a fan of broccoli.

The dinner bill was $123. The dinner was supposed to be on me where I treat the family for the meal, but dad went to foot the bill instead. Awww.

Since my cousin was staying just a few blocks away from the food court. We went to his house for a visit after the dinner. It was my first time to my cousin's new home and seeing Latte too.

Meet Latte, Pomeranian dog breed.
Latte looked so different now because it just got haircut. It still looked so cute and will come to you if you have treat treat for him.

Friday 23/6/17

Welcome our T.G.I.F with Tampopo @ Liang Court again. Now is the period to visit Tampopo because of the GSS promotion. This time round, I decided to go for their ramen.

I had black pig shabu ramen and I loved it so much. 
The broth was tasty with the chili powder added, every mouthful tasted savoury delicious. The bowl of ramen also come with generous amount of black pig shabu in it. 

This sums up my happening updates, stay tuned for more.

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