Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Happenings in August - Ramen Champion + Platypus Kitchen

Wednesday 2/8/17

I met up with GF for dinner at Bugis+ where we have more catch up over the meal. We love such meet up because it allows us to have ample time for conversation, we always chat until we don't feel like parting.

As I have cravings for ramen, GF brought me to Ramen Champion for dinner. I guessed we were still early, we reached before 7pm. Crowds started to come in after 7pm and it was nearly full house.

Both of us ordered pork ramen from Buta God that comes with generous amount of sliced pork and runny egg. One mouthful could taste the goodness of the broth. Cravings satisfied.

Thanks GF for the birthday treat and always make an effort to organize a lunch or dinner date with me for my birthday every year, making me feel the birthday atmosphere all these years. The big sister I wish I had.

Friday 4/8/17

Today's lunch we traveled to Bugis, my second time here in a week. This time round, we went Platypus Kitchen that is tucked in the corner of Bugis.

Platypus Kitchen offers an extensive Asian-influenced flavors inspired menu and specialize in premium cast-iron grilled meats, gourmet rice & risotto bowls and ur unique signature pastas.

The lunch set comes with a beverage and choice of soup or salad. All of us opt for soup. 

My main course was Bacon Crumble Carbonara that was toppled with smoked egg creme and toasted bread crumbs. The pasta used was conchiglie. This set was priced at $11.90++.
A sumptuous meal to welcome the weekend.

Saturday 5/8/17

Spending my precious weekend with bf before we parted for 2 months. I can't imagine how I am going to pull through it, going back to the monotonous weekend. Bf came over to meet me early today, it was one of the rare occasion where we met up for lunch. 

We went to my place's hawker centre for lunch. We love the Hokkien Mee so much, the best Hokkien Mee we ever ate. First time trying on strawberry milkshake because avocado milkshake is out of stock. It tasted so nice and milky.

We also ordered dumpling soup for sharing.

After lunch, we went over to Marina Square as bf was looking for money changer to change his currency.

After settling the stuff, we went to Mei Heong Yuen Dessert to have Green Tea Snow Ice. A place to rest our feet while having some cold treat.

Not feeling satisfied with the dessert, we went to Chic-a-boo to have their cheese fries. The amount of cheese they toppled on the fries was pathetic though.

We passed by Esplanade and saw local policemen conducting live band performance. They brought us familiar National Day theme songs such as Home. This is part of the National Day celebration event going on.

Gonna miss him so much.

Monday 7/8/17

To clear the Monday Blues, we 'grab' our way to Millenia Walk for lunch. Today marked the first day of the start of 7 weeks separation. I need something to cheer me up. We went to our regular place for lunch at Kith Cafe.

My pasta comes with a glass of ice tea.
This is one of the rare occasion a drink is offered when we ordered a main course. But it only limit to this particular pasta ordered. Other main course is not applicable.

Stir fried chicken pasta.
Though the presentation may not look good, it tasted all right and I cleared it all.

Wednesday 9/8/17

This week is a short work week for everyone because it's National Day week. This National Day, I spent the entire day at home doing my assignment, blogging and watching live telecast of National Day Parade. So sad, this year didn't win the ballot. I always don't have luck for actual parade. Never in my life have I watch the actual parade live.

From my house, I could see the helicopters carrying the National Flag flew past.
After watching the parade ceremony, I went back to continue with my assignments. That's how I spent my National Day.

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