Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happenings in July - Equilibrium + Spider-Man Homecoming Movie

Tuesday 25/7/17

The first time that I want to eat when I came back from Hong Kong is Nasi Lemak burger before the seasonal sales ended.

Can't wait to sink my teeth on the Nasi Lemak burger set.
The burger consists of cornflakes-coated fried chicken thigh patty, spiced coconut marinade, fried egg, onions and cucumber slices, sandwiched between semolina buns. The fried chicken has a crispy exterior and tender interior. The criss cross fries was so addictive that I couldn't stopped eating. I felt super full after gobbling it and left no space for coconut pie. I have it for my tea break instead.

Friday 28/7/17

We grabbed car down to Capitol Piazza for lunch. Capitol Piazza is a place to visit for lunch, the place offers a stretch of restaurants that offers set lunch menu at below $15++.  We wanted to try the set lunch at Equilibrium (by Supply & Demand). Their set lunch is priced from $13.90++ onward.

We spotted Equilibrium.

Equilibrium is an Italian restaurant inspired by the flavours served in the bacaros of Venice, offering exceptional taste with ambience and affordability.

Every set comes with small bite of the day, petite antipasto of the day, cheese of the day and handmade bread.

For my main course, I picked Pollo Cremoso. The pasta was simmered in a rich creamy sauce with chicken and mushroom, toppled with shaved Parmesan. I always prefer creamy sauce than tomato based sauce. Creamy sauce tasted delicious, however after awhile, it can get very gelat.

Saturday 29/7/17

After parting with the girls, I met up with bf at Jurong Point to laze our day. Our initial plan was to travel to JB for dinner and movie. However, I ended my schedule late. So we changed our plan and meet at Jurong Point instead.

I have cravings for ice cream so we went McDonald to have my all-time favourite Oreo McFlurry. I will never get sick of the ice cream. I love the oreo bits.

We passed by Hong Kong Street, we missed Hong Kong so much. We were still in Hong Kong a week ago. Now we can only come to this Hong Kong Street in Jurong Point to reminisce the good times. 

I suggested to have dinner at Swensen because they are having 1 for 1 main course promotion. It was super worth it to have it during such promotion because 2 main course only cost us $20.

I have crispy cornflakes chicken for my main course. The tenderly and moist boneless chicken was generously coated in with crispy golden cornflakes that gave extra crunch in every bite. It was accompanied with fries and salad.

After the dinner, we proceeded for the movie.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) starts to navigate his identity as the latest super hero, Spider-Man. Eager to prove his ability to join the Avengers and under the mentor of Iron Man,Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.). And when the Vulture (Michael Keaton) emerges as a new villain, Peter's chance is here.

I was a bit disappointed with the movie, it was draggy and suspense is not enough. Not worth paying to watch.

End the post with the birthday gift I got from GF. Though I am getting older and birthday isn't really a big deal to us anymore. But receiving gifts from others will always make me happy because we cross the mind of the other person. Thanks for always preparing gifts for me every year without fail.

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