Monday, April 10, 2017

Bangkok Day 4: Fuji Restaurant

Woke up to the last day of our trip.
Usually our days in Bangkok was packed with many activities, we woke up early every day, did a lot of walking and came back hotel in late night. So today, we just relaxed ourselves and take things slow.

We just want to snooze in bed and laze ourselves until checkout time. Since time was short and we don't have enough time to go anywhere to as we need to reach airport before 2pm.

Checking out exactly at 12pm.
The hotel has also helped us book a cab to the airport, so we hang around at the lobby.

I enjoyed myself during this trip. Thanks bf for being so supportive in whatever I do.

After about half an hour ride, we reached Don Mueang International Airport.
We have 2 hours 45 minutes to spare in airport before our flight time. The first thing we did was to grab our lunch, we were so hungry as we didn't have breakfast.

We have our lunch at Fuji Restaurant, we embarked on a feasting journey to spend the remaining baht to round up our trip in Bangkok before flying back.

Fuji Japanese Restaurants features a wide selection of tantalizing sensations and reasonably priced.

The Chawanmushi was very smooth and delicate. We like it very much.

I ordered a glass of coconut smoothie.
These 4 days I have lots of coconut drinks and ice cream, overdose and yet addicted. Everyday was greeted with coconut.

We ordered this sashimi boat, the sashimi was really fresh and delicious. It was also juicy with a hint of sweetness from the fresh sashimi.

Tako Yaki was delectable, we just kept popping them into our mouth. It was best to eat it in a mouthful, letting all the ingredients ooze in the mouth.

Chicken karaage with rice. 
I ordered this as my main course but I was already feel full from eating the other dishes we ordered, I tried not to eat too much rice so that I have capacity for other dishes.


Every dish tasted so good. The bill came up to 2000++ baht, money was all wiped out. The lunch was well spent given the amount of food we ate. We always over ordered our food, this is a bad habit we must take note of and avoid doing it. Even the table beside us were shock, staring at the amount of food we have.

After our lunch, we went to settle our check-in and was ready to fly back to Singapore.

These 4D3N passed so fast, a short and sweet trip filled with happy and bumpy memories. We look forward to our next getaway.

On board the plane, ready to take off.
Oh yes, I got window seat again. I can watch the plane take off and land.

Ready to go home.

I will never get tired of the view, I always spend my time looking out of the window and gazing at the fluffy clouds. I love sitting at window seat. We reached Singapore at about 7pm.

So glad that I have this getaway trip. Bangkok leave behind a beautiful memories, I will be coming back soon again. Probably next year or the year after.

Bye Bangkok.

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