Thursday, August 31, 2017

Happenings in August - Cathy Doll Lip Perfume + Family Gathering + Hoshino Coffee

Previously I have gotten some products from Karmart event that I have attended, so today I will share with you a product I have received.

Cathy Doll Lip Perfume

I got the peach flavour. Peach Scent Lip Balm is suitable for irritated lips, it helps in calming the inflammation and uses Vitamin A to moisturize our lips. Not only that, it also makes them smell and taste just like heaven. The fruity fragrance makes my lips taste good too.

I love this lip balm as it created a glossy lips and gave a natural colour to my lips. It also glided easily when applied.

I used the eye mask to ease my eye fatigue, letting my eyes relax and enjoy being away from computer or phone.

Sunday 27/8/17

It was a last minute decision to visit Kheng Loon's house as some of my relatives have not visit my cousin's house to see baby Mia. So I went down to KL's house with my cousins. It was my second visit to KL's house.

Baby Mia was awoke and started fidgeting around, looking at the number of intruders that popped in her room.

Petra was feeling uncomfortable by the sight of so many unfamiliar faces in the house, Petra just hide at one corner and only started moving around when feel comfortable.

Gotcha! Aiden was afraid of Petra, he used the pillow to act as a shield to block the dog from sight. After that, Aiden started to lower his guard and dare to touch Petra.

KL also has a table tennis table for us to play table tennis. 
Watch the duo played table tennis. The next Feng Tianwei in the making.

Aiden also had a duet with his dad. He felt so happy when the ping pong ball touched his racket.

Amber was in the living room walking around while the adults were watching television. She always like to go close to the dog but the dog will move away from her, like playing catching.

We then went over to Allen's place for their zichar dinner. My family love the fish soup there. It was a sumptuous spread. 

After the dinner, some of us parted. Some of us went to Allen's house for a visit. 

And the reason there was to play with Latte. So hyper when seeing the dog snacks and will quickly come to you.

With the cutie, Latte was so cute and irresistible. He looked like a soft toy. He was very hyper and love running around.

Wednesday 30/8/17

Today's lunch was at our regular dine out place at Aston. I love dining here because the price that we see is the price we pay. No GST and service charge. Having always try chicken chop, I decided to go for something different today. I decided to try their spaghetti that comes with mushroom soup.

Mushroom soup with garlic bread.
The mushroom soup has a rich and yummy taste, I love dipping the bread into the soup to coat the bread with the soupy taste.

Chicken Napolitana.
Taste wise, so-so only.

Thursday 31/8/17

We took a grab down to Capitol Piazza for lunch. Today, we decided to try something new for lunch.

We went Hoshino Coffee for lunch. This was my first time trying out Hoshino Coffee, a Japanese-Western fusion style of cafe-restaurant. They serve coffee, food & desserts in comfortable and relaxing ambience for all ages.

I have Hoshino spaghetti with eggplant, bacon, shimeji and sausage. 
I love this a lot, especially when the egg yolk oozed out and the spaghetti was drenched very the yolk. It tasted delicious. I finished every bits of it.

This marked the end of my August happening, September is coming. 
Looking forward to the end of September.

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