Friday, September 22, 2017

Happenings in September - Saizeriya + Guardian x HASK Workshop

Sunday 3/9/17

It was an impromptu decision to meet up with my relatives for dinner. We asked each other out at 4 and met up at 5 plus. We went to Bendemeer area to try out their zi char.

Here were some of the dishes we ordered.
There were 11 of us including 2 children. When come to large group, we always love having zi char for dinner because we can get to order lots of food for sharing at reasonable pricing.

Little Amber was feeding her mum with food.

Playing with Aiden made me so happy.

Amber with great grandmother.
Wow, 4 generation having dinner together. We love having family dinner like that, the more the merrier.

Friday 8/9/17

Lunch date with GF and Jeremy. It's been a long while since the 3 of us last have lunch together. Initially I was just meeting Jeremy for lunch. Then GF contacted me half an hour before lunch time and ask to have lunch. So that's how the 3 of us come together for lunch. 

We have our lunch at Madam Yap's Cafe, an eatery that sell affordable local delights. Both GF and I have a bowl of mee soto.

Tuesday 12/9/17

Met up with GF for dinner at Saizeriya @ Chinatown Point. Once in awhile, we will meet up for dinner so that we have more time to catch up with each other compared to the short 1 hour lunch. 

I ordered my all time favourite carbonara at $5.90++.
We don't need expensive food to fill our stomach, just comfort food and a place to settle down where we can chat all night long.

We also ordered crispy chicken for sharing.
It was never a boring moment when we met up because we always have endless stuffs to chat about. We enjoyed the dinner date.

Wednesday 13/9/17

Today's lunch was at Tampopo @ Liang Court again. I tried on different selection every time I came here. 

All 4 of us tried on BP Tonkatsu Ramen.
The ramen tasted flavoursome with the right level of spiciness, not too spicy but enough for the flavour to kick in. The crispy tonkatsu added a crunch to the flavour too.

Thursday 14/9/17

Finally met up with Linda whom I haven't seen for a long time due to our busy schedule. We took the opportunity to meet up and catch up with one another.

Both of us were in black dress coincidentally. 
We shared with each other about our latest happenings and her overseas trip experience and upcoming trip.

We went to 1983 - A taste of Nanyang @ Marina Bay Sands.
We had charcoal chicken burger with fries. The burger was great and appetizing. 

Friday 15/9/17

I attended Guardian x HASK Workshop along with GF at Guardian Plus @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre. During the workshop, we learnt about using dry shampoos to freshen up our post-gym tresses; want to turn up the volume on those curls; or need to purify those bangs.

I went back home with a bottle of dry shampoo from Hask - Chia Seed Volumizing Dry Shampoo.
This dry shampoo is enriched with chia seed, it soaks up oil and odor, leaving hair with weightless volume. It is also infused with a floral tea scent.

I have never used before dry shampoo and I can't wait to try this.

Tuesday 19/9/17

Finally it was my meeting day with bf, I was super looking forward to the day. I kept glancing at my time and count down to the time I ended work. Every hour seemed to pass so slow that day. We managed to endure past this long period without meeting, dating days are coming. A little time apart makes us long for the reunion.

As bf has cravings for xiao long bao, we decided to went Din Tai Fung for dinner.

Both of us ordered fried rice with egg ($7.80++).
The fried rice used simple ingredients such as rice, eggs, and spring onions to create a taste of familiar comfort. Each mouthful allowed us to taste the natural fragrance of the eggs and spring onions.

Xiao long bao.
The minced pork was wrapped in a delicate dough skin, I loved the juicy meat filling and the broth that burst out when the skin was broken apart.

We spent the night catching up. How we wish the next day is a weekend so we don't need to part early.

Friday 22/9/17

Yes, weekend is coming, I met up with GF for lunch at OKG Express @ Chinatown Point, this place was found and recommended by GF. It was a small eatery that sell affordable meal in a relaxed, casual setting. 

I ordered the braised pork meat rice at $3.80.
I love dining here because of the affordable price and a casual place where we can chat after finishing our meal without being chased away. This will be a regular meetup place for our lunch time date.

That's all for sharing today, thanks for reading.

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