Monday, October 2, 2017

Happenings in October - Sunday Outing + Kaneta Shoten + St Marc Cafe

Sunday 1/10/17

Hello October.
Every month there is something made me look forward to, it gives us energy to press on everyday.

Bf came to meet me early for our Sunday outing around 12pm. We usually don't meet up so early on Sunday, it would be around 4 plus to 5pm. So normally I will just laze at home and surf the net or do my school assignment (if any) while waiting for him. I was happy meeting up early because we have more time spend with each other.

We went over to Lot One to have my favourite fast food for lunch - Long John Silver. Their fries is the reason why I keep coming back for more. Each strand of fries stimulated my appetite, I cleared the whole box within 10 minutes.

After the lunch, we went over to bf's house for a rest before heading out near the evening time.

Gotcha, got caught taking photo.

I was wearing a matching outfit that comes in a set of shirt and short when I purchased from Bangkok at 150 baht. I love this outfit because I don't need to worry on what to match it with. Great to wear it out on a casual outing where we can look chic and comfortable. The outfit also made me look slim too.

Such a beautiful sight, how can I resist how to take photo of it?
Stunning view always capture my attention.

We then went over to Chinatown for dinner. It was the weekend before mid-autumn festival, there was a walk going on and MP, Lily Neo, was among the crowds for the walk too.

Dinner was at Chinatown Complex, one of the well known food centre for their delicious food.

I settled for the black carrot cake ($3) from Super Mummy stall. Every piece was well stir with the sauce and has soft texture, the carrot cake was savoury flavourful.

We also tried the fried oyster ($6), it tasted as good too.
Today was one of the rare Sunday we get to eat out.

Monday 2/10/17

We tried out a new dining place at Chinatown Point today. It was a newly opened ramen shop, Kaneta Shoten, a place that served authentic and modern Japanese style ramen.

Kaneta Shoten provides free hard-boiled egg. So I just peeled one and put in my ramen later.

I ordered Tonkotsu (Pork Bone) Ramen which has a thick broth made from boiling pork bones and collagen over heat for more than 20 hours, creating a hearty flavour. The broth was flavourful and I slurp all the way until I reached my last strand of ramen.

The pork was firm and the ramen was chewy. Together with the broth, they whole bowl was just perfect.

I met up with Linda after my work for dinner get together. Though my birthday has already past, Linda still make the effort to meet up with me to surprise me with dessert treat and present. I always feel happy receiving presents and treats. Due to our busy schedules, we always celebrate belated birthdays. Though it was 2 months late, we will always squeeze out time for each other to have dinner together, better late than never. 

We have a quick dinner at Long John Silver before proceeding for desserts.

Linda has brought me to St Marc Cafe for dessert, they are famous for their croissants which Linda enjoyed very much. We ordered a strawberry croissant. The croissant was simple and delicious, it has a crispy crust and flaky texture on the outer while the inner was soft and contained a buttery taste.

We ordered green tea snowy ice and ice cream, a cool treat to end off our Monday blues. The dessert was sweet, creamy and cooling.

Ready to dig in.

We chosen a corner seat at St Marc Cafe where we tucked ourselves comfortably in the cozy setting and lazed our night. 

Knowing each other for 6 years, we have not went overseas for once. So that night, we decided to plan a short weekend trip to JB during December. Can't wait for the trip.

Thanks for reading, that's all for today.

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