Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happenings in February - Beans & Cream + Chinese New Year 2018

Monday 5/2/18

Today we met up with GH for lunch at Plaza Singapura, we decided to pick on Nando's because it has been a long while since we last have that.

Nando's offered PERi-fect weekdays lunch promotion. I have grilled juicy chicken tenders in a special PERi-PERi and garlic sauce, served with Mediterranean Rice. The cost was $8.90++ with bottomless soft drink. 

Saturday 10/2/18

Today was a relaxing day for us where we just lazed around in an ice cream parlour for dessert in the afternoon and met up with friends at night for dinner.

Bf brought me to Beans & Cream to try out their waffle with ice cream. Beans & Cream is a neighbourhood ice cream parlour located near Bukit Gombak MRT station. It is located just below one of the housing estates and about 7 to 8 walking distance from MRT station. 

We have Waffle with Cookie & Cream Ice Cream at $6.50.
The waffle was delicious and crispy, it was a perfect dessert to have with a perfect combination of hot waffle and cold ice cream.

Beans & Cream is a cozy corner for a great get-together. The only downside is that there only have 3 tables in it, so there is a limited capacity that the parlour can take.

We went to Woodland to have Bak kut teh for dinner with the  4 musketeers gang. I can't remember the coffeeshop name but it was about 15-20 minutes walk from Woodland MRT station. It was a simple and great dinner gathering.

Thursday 15/2/18

Hooray, it's CNY week. It's a long weekend for most of us where we can have a rest for 3.5 days. Most of us are working or studying half day on Chinese New Year Eve.

This year, we are ushering the Year of the Dog, the eleventh of all zodiac animals. 
I was back home in the afternoon to prep for tonight's reunion dinner.

The yummy food prepared by mummy since afternoon. As the table can't fit the 15 of us (excluding 3 children), we split into 2 rounds for food and started my dinner at 5.30pm. CNY is the period for sumptuous feast. 

Amber looked so cute with her hair tie up. She was still crawling on the floor when she was here last year, now she could walk freely to where she want to go. Kids grow up so fast.

Hello Krislyn, she has started to warm up and mingle with people. She used to be afraid of strangers and only stayed by her parents' side.

I headed out with bf to Marina Square at about 9pm for CNY countdown. 

We went to McDonald for dessert and have my all-time favourite OReo McFlurry. Upon cravings satisfied, we slowly made our way to The Float for River Hongbao.

River Hongbao 2018 is an eleven-day extravaganza of lights, sights, and sounds happening at The Float @ Marina Bay). The highlights of the carnival includes fireworks, cultural performances, food street and interactive fringe activities. 

This year's theme showcased “An Endearing Home for One and All”, promoting  an endearing and inclusive society.

Happy Dog Year.
One of the main highlight is definitely the gigantic God of Fortune, towering at a height of 18m. Everyone wants a photo of the 财神爷. 

We then went to the food street to get ourselves some bites as I was feeling hungry. We got Japanese Salmon Pizza at $3.

We also got my favourite Twister Potato. This was so much better than the one I had in Taiwan.

The Japanese Pizza was really good, it a bit like egg omelette. Every bite was filled with eggy goodness. The sauce coated made it tasted even sweet and delicious. 

We reached the place on time and waited patiently for the firework.

As the clock strikes 12, the firework began to light up the sky. 
Happy Lunar New Year to everyone. 
It has been such a long time since I last stayed out late because the train has not been operating late on weekend anymore, forcing us to go home early on weekend.

Friday 16/2/18

Wake up to the first day of CNY.
Usually the guests will only start coming in the afternoon around 1pm, so we only the whole morning to ourselves and just laze around.

Here's what I have for breakfast, Chap Chye and some rice. We didn't have lunch because lunch will be spent eating all the CNY goodies and bak kwa.

Krislyn has transformed into a Princess 格格, she looked so cute with the hair accessory on.

Meet the new addition to our family, here's Mia. My aunt first grandchild.

Another new addition, Robbie. He looked so cute in the traditional costume. 
This year, there are 2 new additions to our family. Next CNY, there will be another 2 more joining. Our family tree are getting bigger with all the kids joining in. We have reached another stage of life where more of my cousins are becoming the parenting groups. 

Latte came over to bai nian too.
Everyone including bf miss this cutest dog.

Instead of our yearly steamboat affair, we changed it to buffet catering this year. Catering during festive is definitely pricey but at least mummy don't need to prepare the steamboat ingredients and clean up the kitchen. Having catering is a fuss free choice and everybody can eat at the same time.

Sunday 18/2/18

The third day of CNY was spent with my friends for a steamboat gathering at Ryden and Jasmine's place. We always make it a point to celebrate festive seasons together.

Being the first group to reach, bf and I went to help out with the preparation of food. We also got a bottle of red wine to go with the celebration.

Having baby Rena to myself, I managed to trick her into me carrying her. 

With all the guests arrived, it's time to dig in to the feast. 
I love gathering like this where we just keep chatting and chatting over the meal. It's not the food that matters, but the company that I am with.

We rested for nearly an hour before we start with our Lo Hei. We were too full for it.
While googling the prosperity phrases to say when pouring the ingredients, we chanced upon the cute Lo Hei display setting of a doggie. We decided to try creating our own too.

Oops, I think our end product looked quite fail. 

Change of idea, we covered up our mess with the golden crackers and sauces.
This was my 3rd Lo Hei and a must to have during CNY, it symbolizes good fortune at the start of the lunar new year.

Thanks Ryden for helping us with the group photo.
I felt so blessed to know these brunch of awesome friends. May 2018 be a smooth sailing and great year for us. Huat ah!

With evening approaching, it was time to bid good bye. Thanks Ryden and Jasmine for the great hospitality, it was a great gathering. Hope to see you guys soon again.

We went back home for yet another round of steamboat session.
Enough of steamboat for now.

Thursday 22/2/18

Today is the seventh day of lunar new year, it is also known as Renri, the day human beings were created. We went out for a sumptuous lunch at Crystal Jade @ Plaza Singapura to celebrate this occasion. 

My fourth Lo Hei of the year, this year will be blessed with lots of good fortune. Huat ah!!!!
We were the nosiest table in the restaurant and our table was a mess after the Lo Hei.

Some of the dim sum spread we have.
The cost added up to $30++ per pax.

This sums up my CNY celebration, it was a week of good food. Time to watch out for diet now.

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