Saturday, March 24, 2018

Johor Bahru City Square: Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

It has been 2 months hiccups since I last traveled to Johor Bahru (JB), I shall resume back the routine since I was free today.

It was raining heavily when I left house. Despite that, we still carry on with our plan. I always love traveling in to JB if we have nothing to do on a Saturdate.

When we entered JB City Square, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles immediately caught our attention. The turtle legacy is back this school holiday for the fans of TMNT.

We went McDonald to try out their Blueberry McFlurry at RM4.95. It tasted delicious with blueberry  and oreo mix in the vanilla ice cream.

We went to basement 1 and settled with Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant for our dinner. Though we have it in Singapore too but the price paid was totally different. We paid double the price which is not worth it. That's why we decided to satisfy our cravings here.

Bf ordered a set meal that comes with soup of the day and a drink.

We topped up another RM3.50 to change the drink to this Mango Sago drink. We enjoyed their drinks very much. It is their drinks that attracted us to patronize. 

I have Jumbo Sausage and Fish Fillet Rice with Egg.
Not really to my liking and I won't order this again. 

We ordered a Cheese Baked Assorted Mushrooms.
The mushrooms were drenched in the creamy baked cheese and served sizzling hot. Eat it while hot before the creamy texture get to gelat.

Bf had Baked Rice.
The dinner price was reasonable with the amount of food we ate, the bill was RM66.60. 

We went to check out TMNT exhibitions and merchandises selling at The Atrium. Any TMNT's fans over here?

Spending the weekend in JB always made me happy because I get to eat my heart out and I love coming here for food and shopping. I will be back soon again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Product Review: Sonaki Shower Head Vitamin C Filter

After spending a long day outside, the first thing that I do when I reach home is to have a warm shower to wash away the toxins and ease our muscles. It also helps to clear my thoughts and de-sress.

I received something handy from Sonaki Singapore that will give me a quality "me time" when enjoying my shower.

Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Shower Head, a shower head with a Vitamin C filter that filters out chlorine in the tap water.

Little did I know that our tap water contains an average of 2.45 mg/l of chlorine while is equivalent to the amount of chlorine in swimming pools. Our skin can only absorbs 8 glasses of chlorinated water during each shower, over exposure to chlorine will cause hair and skin worries such as dandruff, frizzy hair, dry skin and hair fall.

Filter chlorine naturally with our VitaC Showeheads and feel the difference from the first shower and see noticeable changes to your hair and skin in just 4 weeks.

This makes me want to try out Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Shower Head because the chlorine-filters help to wash away hair and skin worries every shower. It filters out 99.9% of harmful chlorine. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin and use by babies.

I have gotten the Lotus Shower Head (S$69.90).
Sonaki showerhead has a elegant design and it is everything we need for a relaxing shower with the following benefits:

- Filters 99.9% chlorine and chloramines every shower 
- Soothes dry skin, frizzy hair and chronic eczema 
- Reduces hair fall and prevent hair damage 
- Suitable for babies and sensitive skin 
- Easy to install 
- Includes one filter

The Vitamin C filter is attached together with the shower head. The chlorine will be neutralized once the water flows through the filter, that's how chlorine-free showers take effect.

Vitamin C filter can last for a few months. If your filter is running out, you can purchase 3-piece refill pack at S$15 (S$5 each).

Installation of VitaC Showerhead is super easy and just take a minute, even I can install it myself without any help.

Step 1: Remove existing showerhead from hose just by turning it
Step 2: Connect the hose with VitaC Showerhead
Step 3: Turn on water to check the flow

The showerhead is designed to offer optimum water pressure without increasing our water bills. We can adjust the water flow to the pace we want, whether big or small, it is all within our control.

My only grid is that the showerhead is more bulky than our previous showerhead. Other than that, everything is good.

Although when I shower using VitaC Showerhead, I don't feel anything different from the showerhead I used previously, an invisible protection was actually cast upon me, protecting me from the harmful chlorine and giving me a smoother skin. Achieving smoother skin does not start from applying beauty products after shower, now it begins right from shower time.

Chlorine has a drying effect on hair and skin, damaging permed or color-treated hair. By filtering the shower water, it promotes better skin and hair due to reduced exposure to chlorine. My hair also feel soft and smooth after using Vic C Showerhead. Now I am one step closer to achieving healthy looking hair just by showering with softer and cleaner water. 

Thank you Sonaki Singapore for sending me the Shower Head Vitamin C Filter. The product is a great addition to my home.

Interested in purchasing?

Quote 'SHU20' to enjoy 20% discount on the website, valid from Mar 21st to Mar 28th.

To find out more, please visit

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happenings in March - Buffet at AquaMarine + i Light Marina Bay 2018

Tuesday 6/3/18

It's been a long time since I last went for buffet so it's time to reward ourselves with a sumptuous meal.

After consideration, we settled for Aquamarine @ Marina Mandarin Singapore, a place that offers the diversity of food from around the world. It was my first time coming here for buffet. Do keep a lookout for their 1 for 1 promotion if you are looking to dine at Aquamarine.

AquaMarine offers a buffet spread selection featuring Asian and international cuisines. Here were the selection I picked during my first round. 

Having some fruits and soup after the main course.

Moving on to dessert next. 
The focus of the dessert were definitely their cakes because for ice cream selection, they only have chocolate and vanilla.

Friday 9/3/18

Friday is always the day I look forward to. We began our weekend with dinner together at Chinatown. My initial plan was to have dinner at Tiong Shan Porridge Centre but it was packed with people and we needed to wait for quite awhile. Hence, we decided to change plan and went to Chinatown Complex Food Centre for dinner instead.

I ordered Wanton Mee at $3 from 116 Roasted Noodles.

Before heading home, we went to try McDonald new Chocolate Pie.
The chocolate pie boasts a molten milk chocolate filling within the crispy crust. We just want to try it before the stocks depleted.

Sunday 11/3/18

Since Mummy didn't cook dinner today, she suggested to go out for dinner together at Alexandra. We went out slightly later than our usual timing and the zi char place was fully packed. We have to wait for half an hour before food was served.

We ordered our regular dishes for 4 pax which includes Pork Rib, Prawn Paste Chicken and Kang Kong.

We have claypot beancurd too.
It was nice to eat out with family once in awhile too for family bonding and a break for Mummy in preparing dinner.

Friday 16/3/18

Busy period has began for me, I ended work today at 7pm. I met bf for dinner and we walked together to Marina Square for Chic-a-boo Fried Chicken, something that both of us have been craving for.

I have Crispy Fried Chicken with Curly Fries. 
I love their Curly Fries so much that I have both of my side dishes as Curly Fries. The Crispy Fried Chicken was very spicy on the other hand, I shall order one original and one crispy next time round.

Saturday 17/3/18

We were back to Marina Square again despite being here yesterday. The signature Balloon Exhibition was back again, I remembered we were here last year this period too.

This year was Fantasy Zoo theme with adorable balloon sculptures or different animals. The highlight was definitely the Giant Panda that was back facing me. It was made up of 10,000-balloon overlooking the Atrium.

After strolling around, we decided to have early dinner at Just Acia. 

We love coming here for their ice cream. Today's selection was Taro, Paddlepop and Cookie and Cream flavour. Taro ice cream is a must have whenever we come to Just Acia.

After the dinner, we slowly made our way to the outdoor for i Light Marina Bay 2018.

Combat Earth Hour with Panda. Coincidentally, I was in a same outfit colour as the panda.

We first passed by Art-Zoo Inflatable Park, the playland for children with larger-than-life animals, plants and mythical creatures.

i Light Marina Bay is a showcase of light art installations created by artists from Singapore and around the world. It was back this year with 22 enthralling light art installations designed with energy-saving lighting or environmentally-friendly materials.

We have reached Octopoda light installation featuring eight tentacle drums. Each lights up a unique colour lighting when audiences played the drums.

At Light Play installation which tells a story on encouraging relaxation through play by loosening up and get in touch with the child in them.

All the installations were really amazing. While admiring the art works, lets not forget about the message behind to encourage “Switch Off, Turn Up” Campaign.

It was a lovely night spent at  i Light Marina Bay. See you again next year.


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