Friday, November 17, 2017

Happenings in November - Hong Kong Kim Gary + Paradise Dynasty

Tuesday 7/11/17

Feel the stress coming, exam is coming in exactly one week time and I am still not confident for the paper. Adding to my stress was also my work. My everyday routine is work, eat, study and sleep. Hence, lunch and dinner is the time where I seek refuge from all the stress bothering me.

Today's lunch was at one of our regular dining place, Astons. As my exams are coming, I tried to cut down on eating fried food to prevent myself from getting heaty. I ordered spaghetti for my lunch instead of my usual choice, chicken chop and onion rings.

When order spaghetti, it will come with a fixed side dish of mushroom soup and garlic bread, my all time favourite soup.

I ordered Salmon spaghetti. 
It comes with generous portion of salmon that were well soaked in the gravy. I love it very much.

Saturday 11/11/17

11 November is also known as Singles Day. I took a break from my revision and went Vivo City for dinner. Everywhere was so packed with people at Vivo because of Navy@Vivo going on. It was hard to find a place for dinner so we settled for Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant which has one of the shortest queue.

We ordered a cup of mango mosaic with pomelo drink for sharing at $6. 

I have seafood spaghetti with cream sauce. This dish was not to my liking, the taste started to get gelat after eating a few mouthful. 

Bf had baked rice.

We went back home at about 8 plus to continue my revision. Jiayou, 6 more days to the end of my exam.

Friday 17/11/17 

Hurray, I have finished my last paper and marked the start of my 2 months school holiday. I went back home after my paper ended at 12pm to rest before heading out to reward myself for a good meal.

We went Paradise Dynasty for a tea break at about 5pm. The outlet at Vivo City allows us to be treated to the beautiful sea view, too bad I wasn't sitting near the window.

We ordered 8 pieces mix flavour xiao long bao and 10 pieces original xiao long bao.
The best way to reward ourselves after hard work is to fill our tummy with delicious indulgence. 

Crispy spring roll.
A mixture of sauce and vegetables were wrapped in a thin crispy roll, suitable for all ages.

Lotus egg salted egg bun.

The meal left us feeling really full, now we have no room for dinner. We walked around the mall while digesting the food.

Christmas is just another month away, are you starting to feel the atmosphere with all the decor up?

Are you guys already planning on what to do for the festive season, the long weekend is coming.

I'm starting to love white top because it can easily match and mix with any colours. I am going to invest more in white and other colours rather than my favourite black. I have enough of black in my wardrobe.

We were not feeling hungry to have a full dinner so the 2 of us shared on crazy potato set meal at Long John Silver before heading home.

That's all for today, good night.

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