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Hong Kong Day 1: Mong Kok + Tim Ho Wan

Traveling has become my latest hobby. It allows me to break away from work, school, other commitments, and appreciate living in the present moment. Entering a foreign city, adapting to their food and culture, admiring their scenery and shopping gives me a new experience and makes me want to explore the rest of world.

Before my new school term begins, we went for a vacation to break away from our work and the usual routine we did in Singapore. Our choice of destination is Hong Kong as both of us have not been to Hong Kong. We booked the tickets 2 months in advance.

Finally our vacation has come, we were brimming with excitement as we set off for our trip.

We arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 3 at about 5am. We always take the morning flight and reach airport in the wee morning.

I loved dressing in comfy whenever I take a flight so that my movement will not be restricted. 

We went Killiney Kopitiam for light breakfast after we were done with the check-in. I have kaya butter toast while bf had mee rebus and toast. The cost was $10.90.

It was also our first time taking Singapore Airline. We have a pleasant experience with the services provided by Singapore Airline. 

We didn't managed to get side by side seats initially when we first booked the air tickets as the seats were selling fast. But when we do our check-in, the staff took initiative to arrange side by side seats for us. This contributed a lot to my pleasant experience. We were also given a blanket and pillow at my seat so that we can sleep well in the plane.

Our flight duration to Hong Kong was 3 hours 45 minutes. We took off about 7.50pm. While I was on flight, I watched Zootopia from their in-flight entertainment.

Breakfast was served at 9am. 
I was looking forward to the breakfast served when the air stewardess was pushing the trolleys down every lane. 

We were feeling full after the breakfast and ready to snooze.

So happy that I got a window seat because I will never get tired of the sight outside the plane window. Yes, we were going to reach Hong Kong International Airport soon.

After clearing the custom at about 12.15pm, we went to purchase Airport Express Travel Pass at HKD250 each which covers 1 Airport Express single journey and 3 days of unlimited MTR. Our exchange rate was SGD1 : HKD5.60.

On board the Airport Express that will take us to Kowloon Station where the journey was about half an hour. The scenery of Hong Kong started to fascinate me.

I love this black top where the net added patterns to the t-shirt, bringing out a style. The design is versatile, it looks nice on its own or pair up with a jacket. You definitely will see me wearing it again.

While walking to the MTR from Kowloon Station, we chanced upon free shuttle bus services that could bring us to our hotel. Interval was about 30 minutes per trip. We decided to wait for the shuttle bus so that we don't need to walk from MTR to our hotel which was quite a journey away. Our hotel was at the last stop. 

We finally reached our hotel, Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong. Just nice it has passed 2pm and we were able to check-in immediately to our room. It was drizzling when we got down the bus.

Dorsett Mongkok is a 4 stars hotel. The room was very cozy and pleasant, just that the size of the room was a bit small. We understand that Hong Kong's hotel room size is usually quite small. 

Here was the room that we were staying for 7 nights. Many asked why we go for such a long trip to Hong Kong as people usually spent around 4-5 days here. We just want to relax ourselves and take things slow to appreciate the beauty of this city.

The toilet was just besides the bed and the size of the toilet was small too.

The view from our hotel room, we were staying at level 19. 

Our hotel is situated between Mongkok and Tai Kok Tsui. It was a distance away from MTR station, it was about 9 minutes walk away from Olympic MTR station and 15 minutes walk away from Mong Kok station.

Dorsett Mongkok provides free shuttle bus that will bring us to various places such as Langham Place, China HK City and Kowloon Airport Express Station. The shuttle bus is only available at hourly interval from 8am to 11pm daily.

Since it was still drizzling, we rested in our room for another half an hour before heading down to catch the 3pm shuttle bus.

Feeling cold in the hotel room, I put out my jacket to put on. I love this skull printed jacket because it looked eye-catching and the furry texture was enough to keep me warm.

Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong
88 Tai Kok Tsui Rd, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Olympic (9 minutes walk away) / Mong Kok (15 minutes walk away)

We arrived at the street of Mong Kok via the shuttle bus. There was a few places in Mong Kok that I want to explore. The first place we went was Argyle Centre which was just 10 minutes walk from the place we alight. 

Feeling hungry, we stopped by for lunch first before I began shopping. There was limited selection of places for a proper meal at Argyle Centre. After browsing through the restaurants at basement 1, we settled for Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles.

Taro bubble tea.
We miss drinking bubble tea, the taro bubble tea was nice and sweet.

I have Braised Pork Rice with egg and Popcorn Chicken for my first lunch in Hong Kong. Every bite left me feeling satisfied and craving for more. 

Bf had the signature Taiwanese Beef Noodles.

The lunch bill came up to HKD128 or S$22.90, the food here is still cheaper than our home country.

After the lunch, I began shopping. I didn't took any photo during shopping because I was busy looking around. Argyle Centre resembles Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok and Far East Plaza in Singapore. They are so many shops selling clothes, bags and shoes. The price here is about the same as those selling in Bugis Village. I got myself a top during the shopping.

We stopped by Bake & Grill - Snack Place to buy the flame cheese squid at HKD26. It was indeed very cheesy.

Argyle Centre
One Mong Kok Road Commercial Centre, 1 Mong Kok Rd, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Mongkok 

We went on to shop at Ladies Market next, it was about 6pm by the time we reached. With it has over 100 stalls selling clothing, accessories and souvenirs, I find that the price is not cheap, so I only got myself a top and a bag here.

Ladies Market
Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Nearest MTR: Mongkok exit E2

We rest our foot at Hui Lau Shan 许留山 for a drink and also to decide where to go for our next destination.

We ordered Mango Aloe Jelly drink at HKD34.
A refreshing drink to ease our thirst. The aloe jelly helps to neutralize the sourish of the mango.

I always love watching Hong Kong's cop show, we managed to see the police in action after walking out of Hui Lau Shan. I wondered what case were they handling.

We made our way by foot to Olympian City 2 because bf wanted to have Tim Ho Wan for dinner. The nearest Tim Ho Wan from us was the outlet at Olympian City 2 which was about half an hour walk away. Though it was a long journey, we used this chance to admire the surrounding of Hong Kong.

We finally reached Tim Ho Wan at 7.30pm, it was a really long walk. Nevertheless, we still managed to find the place. Luckily, the queue wasn't that long.

Let me share with you something, this is my first time at Tim Ho Wan. I saved my first time to try out the origin Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong. The queue in Singapore was always so long, hence I give it a miss.

Here's what we ordered for our dinner.
Visiting to Hong Kong will not be complete without trying out Tim Ho Wan.

Tim Ho Wan is best known for their BBQ pork buns. The most delicious part was definitely the crispy bun. Beneath the crispy outer was soft and juicy char siew. The other dishes were tasted delicious too. We have a yummy dinner to conclude our day. The dinner cost was HKD122 which we thought was pretty reasonable.

Tim Ho Wan 
Olympian City 2, 18 Hoi Ting Rd, West Kowloon, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Olympic exit D3

It started raining shortly after we finished our dinner so we walked around Olympian City while waiting for the rain to stop. We made our way to hotel by foot after the rain stopped. 

This sums up my day 1 in Hong Kong. We kept ourselves within proximity of our hotel area as there were so much things to explore. We will return back to Mong Kok for more shopping again.

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