Saturday, September 30, 2017

Kelvin and Peina's Wedding Lunch at Carlton Hotel Singapore

Today is the day where my cousin, Kelvin, walked down the aisle with Peina. 
Still remember 2 months back, I attended their solemnization ceremony where they exchanged their vows and signed on the marriage certificate.

The wedding banquet was held at Carlton Hotel Singapore Empress Ballroom.
It was a panic afternoon for me. I left home at slightly after 12pm and reached about 1pm. I was so scared that I was late because the invitation card stated to be seated by 12.30pm and the lunch started usually on time. Luckily, I found my parents still outside roaming which made me feel so relieved. Conclusion is wedding banquet for lunch will not start on time too.

Catching a breather and ease my breath before proceeding in to the ballroom.

Looking at their wedding photoshoot, all the photos are so gorgeously taken. They look so compatible with each other.

A bride is always the prettiest during her wedding day. Peina looked like a princess in her wedding gown when she walked out. It was as though they have walked out from a fairytales story.

First up was the cold dish combination which consists of prawn salad, Japanese baby octopus, smoked duck breast, mini spring roll and deep-fried silverfish.

While eating, we also watched video of the bride and groom growing up journey as well as the morning gate crash ceremony. I always enjoyed watching these videos, most of the videos I watched were very sentimental and I could feel their love for each other.

Second dish was braised shark's fin soup with dried seafood.
The seafood was simmered in the broth, allowing us to taste the sweet flavour of the seafood broth. We all love the shark's fin soup.

With KP.
Both of us went shopping previously and we bought the outfit that we were wearing now together. It was such a coincidence, we didn't mention we bought the clothes for the wedding.

Braised lingzhi mushroom with spinach. 
The lingzhi mushroom has a good consistency of chewy texture.

Hello Amber, what are you looking at?

The bride and groom had changed into their second gown and suit. They looked as good as ever. Peina's gown looked so beautiful and the colour suits her too.

The wedding toast ritual.
The family, brothers and sisters were invited up on stage to join the bride and groom for the yam seng.

After the toast, my cousin also read out his thank you speech.

Found Amber outside the ballroom and she was so fascinated with the balloon. Look how happy she is. The sight of a happy Amber just melt my heart.

My turn to have the balloon and a OOTD photo. I lost count of how many black dresses I have, black always turn out to be very elegant and never go out of trend.

Beautiful backdrop that I can't resist taking photo.

Black outfit suits me well, I'm always crazy with buying black outfits, they go well with any colour. I have all kinds of design of black outfit in my wardrobe.

Okay, enough of wandering. Time to bring the little one back to her mummy.
Lets go, Amber.

Crispy roasted chicken with cracker.

Went out for toilet break and met Aiden outside. He looked so cheeky.

I love the braised ee-fu noodles. They are so different from the one we get at zichar stall. The noodles were well coated with the braised gravy to give the aromatic taste.

Playing with the balloon that I got for Amber while KL was photobombing at the back.

Dessert was a special one, we have chilled green apple jelly with chrysanthemum.
The dessert might taste a bit sour at the first bite, but after a few mouthful, I started to get used to the taste and soon the bowl was emptied.

Now I passed the balloon to Krislyn and she liked it very much too. Baby Krislyn looked so cute. 

The wedding lunch has come to an end. 
Wish Kelvin and Peina a blessful marriage. The marriage journey begins.

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