Sunday, December 3, 2017

Happenings in December - Christmas Decorations in Town

Saturday 2/12/17

We went Marina Square today because I wanna try the set meal at Chic-a-boo Fried Chicken. As time was early, we strolled around Marina Square to buffer our time.

Decorations for Christmas were already up, reminding us that festive season is around the corner. I need to start shopping for Christmas gift soon.

This year Christmas theme was Pororo.
There was a pop-up store selling Pororo merchandise at the atrium.

We went McDonald to have my favourite Oreo McFlurry, my all-time favourite ice cream. Cravings for ice cream satisfied.

Surrounded by the adorable penguins.

This was my second time to Chic-a-boo. 
The first time I was here, I only had cheese fries because I need to go home for dinner. So this time round, I wanted to try their set meal which was quite valuable.

We ordered the set meal that comes with a drink, muffin, 2 sides and 2 meat at $7.90. The fish was crispy on the outer and moist in the inner while the the chicken was juicy and the batter was crispy. The portion was more than enough for me with onion rings and curly fries added.

Sunday 3/12/17

It's been a long time since we last went to Orchard, since there was no particular place that we want to go, we took this opportunity to go Orchard Road. Upon reaching, we kind of regret our choice because we forgot that it was Sunday and the place was packed with........................

On board the Christmas theme train that was parked at the outdoor of Ion Orchard.

The largest Christmas tree that I saw was at Ion.
It was a walk-in Christmas tree but nothing much inside. We came out within a minute.

The million dollar question was always where to have our dinner. I came up with a few options and KFC was chosen. So coincidence, I met my bro there who was waiting for his food. In the end, we have dinner together. 

This sums up my weekend. 
How's your weekend?

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