Sunday, December 10, 2017

Happenings in December - Tai Lei Loi Kei + Tiong Shan Porridge Centre

Tuesday 5/12/17

I have a girly dinner night with GF and Linda, the meetup was to celebrate Linda's belated birthday. It was a yearly affair to meet up during her birthday and a time for us to catch up with each other. We have our dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ HarbourFront Centre.

I have creamy spaghetti with pork chop.
All 3 of us ordered something similar, the common similarity is pork chop.

We treated Linda to the dinner and also to pass her the birthday gifts. It was a nice catching up session where we seated in the cafe till we were the last few customers remained. I enjoyed meetup like that where quality time is well spent.

Thursday 7/12/17

We met up for dinner at one of my regular hangout place, it was my second time here this week. Normally we will just went back to those few regular places for food, but today we decided to try something new.

We chanced upon this small eatery, Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記 at VivoCity B2, bringing us food from Macau. First was Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, now is Tai Lei Loi Kei, it makes us miss Hong Kong and miss going vacation. 

I ordered a set meal that comes with Ice Milk Tea.

I ordered Bouncy Noodles with Pork Chop.
It was simple and nice.

As it is a small eatery, seats are limited and you might be asked to share seats. It is exactly like the fast pace style in Hong Kong just less away the bad attitude of staff. There is no service charge as we made our own order at the counter and we paid $17.55 for our dinner.

Saturday 9/12/17

Lately we like to spend our weekend at home because we are running out of places to go, so normally we just laze at home and only step out of house during dinner time.

I brought bf to Tiong Shan Porridge Centre @ Chinatown for dinner, a place famous for their claypot dishes and Cantonese style porridge. I remembered when I was young, mummy would bring me here to eat the fish head claypot bee hoon whenever we came to Chinatown for shopping.

We ordered Sliced Fish Claypot Bee Hoon At $10, the portion was just nice for 2. 
The broth was infused with the flavours of the ingredients that make us couldn't sipping it. The bee hoon was thick and slippy. Still love the rich flavours of the broth.

Knowing that I never tried before Crocodile meat, bf ordered Gao Bao Crocodile claypot for me to try. Crocodile meat is not to my liking because the meat was super hard, it took a long while for me to finally chew it. Moreover it was expensive too, this dish alone costs us $22.

I ended my dinner with ice cream cone purchased from the roadside motorcycle uncle. This used to be my favourite ice cream when I was young. Whenever I heard the ringing bell from the motorcycle uncle, I was asked mummy to buy it for me. The ice cream was still as nice as ever.

Sunday 10/12/17

We went Rochor Road to run some errands, after which we went Bugis Village to shop around. I didn't manage to get anything because the price here is expensive than other countries. Now I only do shopping when in overseas.

We bought this grape drink at $1 to ease our thirst.

Bugis Junction embarked on an enchanted journey. The ballerina pirouetting atop a music box was placed at Bugis Atrium. It was pretty but the face of the ballerina looked scary.

Bf wanted to have this for dinner because he has never tried before. So we settled at Monster Curry for dinner.

I opt for Fried Shrimp Curry Rice.
Don't be scare by their big plate, the portion was just nice for one pax. The curry wasn't too spicy for us. The fried shrimps was crispy and tender.

Bf had Salmon Fried Omelette Curry Rice with an add on of onsen egg. The total bill added up to $31.80.

This marks the end of my weekend, Christmas is 2 weeks away. 
Long weekend is coming.

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