Friday, December 22, 2017

Happenings in December - Zi Char + Eighteen Chefs

Sunday 17/12/17

I was just back from my 2D1N trip to JB. There was no MRT operating for selected red line and green line on Sunday. So after I alighted at Kranji, I made my way down to my cousin's house for a dinner with my family and relatives.

Kai Pin bought some cute cat donuts from Gokuku Japanese Bakery @ Jurong Point.  
Inside was normal donut except that the exterior was coated with chocolate. Too cute to be eaten.

Hello Latte.
Latte is so adorable, I have a great time playing with him. Latte looked so cute with its furs long, the first time I met him, he just got his furs trimmed.

Putting Latte on my lap and watched show together while waiting for my family to come.

After my family came, we immediately went down to the coffeeshop for zi char dinner. We love the food here.

The first dish was Salted Egg Pork Ribs. The meat was chewy and not too hard, it was drizzled with the creamy salted egg sauce that was aromatic. 

Mummy love the fish soup here, it is a must order everything we come here. The pot of fish soup came with a generous portion of ingredients in it and the soup was flavoursome. You can ask for refill of the soup when finished.

The Prawn Paste Chicken was very crispy on the outer and tender in the inner. 

The bill added up to $98.50 for 7 pax. This weekend was a gastronomia feast for me, my tummy totally enjoyed it. December is indeed a feasting month.

Monday 18/12/17

Today was yet another feast. We went for an early dinner at Paradise Dynasty @ VivoCity. Last weekend, both of us went for our own trips with friends. Bf went to Penang while I went JB, so we met up today to spend time with each other.

I ordered La Mian with Spicy Pork Dumpling.
The La Mian was really spicy, I didn't manage to finish all as my stomach was burning. Do stand by a glass of water to ease the spiciness. 

We ordered too much dumpling until I felt I was dumpling overdosed, my bowl of La Mian also come with dumpling. I am going to stop having dumplings for a period of time. 

Our bill totaled up to $29.09.

Wednesday 20/12/17

Look! See who came over to our house today?

Robbie came over to our house today as my sis was having an appointment nearby and inconvenient to bring him along, so Robbie was deposited at our house under my mummy's care.

Thursday 21/12/17

Today's dinner was at Eighteen Chefs @ Bugis Junction, a place we haven't visit for quite awhile. It was always packed with people during dinner time, so be there early during peak hours to secure a seat.

I ordered Carbonara ($9.80), the price you see on the menu is the price you paid. Menu price is inclusive of GST and no service charge. Awesome.

Top up $3.50 to get a combo which comes with a drink and ice cream.
I love dining in places that are pocket friendly.

Friday 22/12/17

I attended a leather making workshop that taught us how to make either lanyard, coin porch or cardholder. I opt for cardholder as I already have the intention of purchasing one prior the workshop.

The tools required for our leather making workshop. We learnt how to draw lines, drill holes and stitch up the compartments of the cardholder. It was really a tedious process that took us 3 hours.

Tadah, the end product after 3 hours of hardwork, handmade by me.

Met up with GF after my workshop, we went lepak at Burger King for Fanta float and nuggets. We enjoyed catching up with each other over a meal. 

One more week to the end of 2017, time passed so fast.

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