Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Food Review: Siamese Cat Café

It's been a long while since I last met my friends for a meal due to my work and study commitments. I'm glad that this busy period is going to end soon. We have a great dinner tasting session at Siamese Cat Café @ Novena Square(Velocity) where we tried some of our favourite Thai food and chill over the meal.

Siamese Cat is a Thai cafe that brings us Thai ethnicity to Singapore. Looking at their menu already make me drooling, they serve a variety of Thai food ranging from milk tea and drinks to Thai noodles, to toasts and desserts.

Siamese Cat is situated at the spot where the former Tuk Tuk Cha is.

With the change from Tuk Tuk Cha to Siamese Cat, it brings the dining experience to higher level, offering an extensive food menu which makes Siamese Cat a great place for lunch or dinner venue.

It's been a long time since I last hang out with the girls. 
Thanks GF for calling us along and Meryl for the photo.

We were totally spoilt for choices when it comes to drink selection. Siamese Cat has a 1 page menu of drinks that we can choose from.
Here's our choice of drinks from left to right: Jessie and Cookie both had Yuzu Soda ($4), Meryl opt for the all time favourite Thai Milk Tea ($2.80) while I had Avocado Coco ($5.50).

I love Avocado Coco drink so much, it was sweet and tasty. Drinking it makes me feel happy with the sweetness spread into my body.

The first dish up was Butterfly Pea Glass Noodles ($6.80). We ordered this because it looked so visually perfect with its outstanding blue-purplish noodle. The plate just looked so photo-worthy with different colours added. The glass noodles have a smooth bite.

We opt for a soup based dish, Northern Tom Yum Noodles ($9.80). 
The noodles were soaked in the Tom Yum soup, infusing the broth into the noodles. The spicy and sour broth gave a kick when consume. We helped ourselves to the generous servings of fresh prawns, seafood and mushroom too.

Next was Mango Salad ($5.80). Do not belittle this plate of Mango Salad, I could feel the hot and spiciness after a few mouthful. Quickly get hold of my drink and gulp it down.

One of my favourites definitely is Phad Thai ($7.80). Just by looking at it, it already tempted us to start digging in.
The noodle was coated with sauce and, stir-fry with bean sprouts and eggs. Every bite could taste the eggy goodness that was well spread out. It tasted so marvelous. 

After having a series of savoury food, it's time to move on to dessert.
First up was Condensed Milk Milo Butter Toast ($4.20). The butter toast was toppled with milo powder and drizzled with condensed milk, one can taste the richness of the milo powder. This may look simple but it was a sweet and savoury indulgence. It was a mild sweetness dessert to go for.

Next up was Coco Yolk ($4.80) which made up of coconut ice cream and frozen egg yolk slice. A perfect dessert to ease our throat after having the spicy dishes. The ice cream was very creamy and smooth, but we can't taste much of egg yolk, the taste was not powering. Nevertheless, I still love it very much because I'm a big fan of coconut ice cream.

Last but not least was Charcoal Mango Sticky Rice ($8.80). This was my first time seeing charcoal sticky rice which makes the dessert unique. Our only grip for this was that the sticky rice was too firm when we tried to eat using plastic fork. The mango was really sweet and we cleared it in no time.

It was a pity that I didn't get to taste the Shibuya Toast which we wanted to try because we were too full. Hope to try it next time.

We have a joyful dinner in a relaxing atmosphere and chit chatting among ourselves. Thanks Siamese Cat for having us.

Upon leaving, we chanced upon the float cup holder that  Siamese Cat is selling.  Siamese Cat is having Summer Float Fiesta the whole of May. For purchase of value meal set, one can redeem the float cup holder at $4 each. They have different design every week. Collect them all now.

Siamese Cat Café
238 Thomson Rd, #01-68/69
Velocity @ Novena Square Singapore 3076

Opening hours: 
Mon to Thu: 7am - 10pm
Sat to Sun: 8am - 10pm

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