Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Happenings in January - Dinner + L'Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Hair Serum Review

Thursday 4/1/18

I went back to school today to collect my textbook for my next semester course that is starting from the week of 22 Jan 2018, which is just another 2 weeks away. Oh no, the hectic life is coming back again.

It was 8pm when we were back at our neighbourhood and we were so hungry. We just settled for something fast.

I have fried wanton mee pok at Kopitiam.
Dinner was simple but I enjoyed it, I love the fried wanton especially the crunchy and crispy part. So addictive.

Friday 5/1/18

I met up with GF for lunch at our usual meeting place at OKG Express..

Both of us ordered Prawn Noodle ($4.30). 
Though it was just a short one hour catch up, but we have quality one hour chatting and sharing about our up coming overseas trip in. My trip is just one more week away while her trip is two weeks away. We were so excited for our trip.

It was our D&D (Dinner & Dance) that night. So after our work, we headed down to the venue for a sumptuous dinner. Attendee is required to pay $10 to attend the D&D.

We have Four Treasure Soup that was tasty, a very comforting dish that warmed our stomach.

Other dishes that we had:
- Deep Fried Sea Bass in Nonya Style
- Tender Braised Home-made Chicken Ballotine
- Ocean Prawns with Fragrant Roasted Oats
- Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood
- Sesame Filled Glutinous Rice Balls

It was a great night with lots of fun and laughter. We were called up to the table as one of the best dressed table with our cowboys and cowgirls dressing. Though we didn't won the best dressed table, we already enjoyed ourselves to the max. This was the most memorable D&D I have so far.

  Saturday 6/1/18

Ended my Saturday with a sweet indulgence of Tiramisu cake that bf's sister has gotten for us. I haven't eat Tiramisu cake for a long time. The coffee taste was strong but not too overpowering, the taste was just right for me.

I gotten L'Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Hair Serum as a gift during Le Hair Spa opening. Recently, I have started using the hair treatment in my haircare regime. 

The hair serum, Serioxyl Denser by L'Oréal Professionnel, can be applied directly to the scalp daily. The serum is suitable for people like me with thin and fine hair, it helps to boost density with +1700 hairs.

I applied 3-4 drops on my scalp everytime after I washed my hair, and then massage into the scalp. There was no greasy feeling after applying the serum as it was water solution texture, it also gave a light scent on our hair. Most importantly, it did not cause any skin irritation.

Result can be seen after using the products for 3 months.

For Shampoo, I am currently using Goldwell Kerasilk Rich Keratin Care Shampoo.
It aids in turning damaged hair into smooth and soft hair. It contains keratin and silk proteins for hair  support and giving hair smooth like silk.

I gotten this as a gift from the usual hair salon that I visit. A gift for spending $150 and above. 
With Goldwell Kerasilk Rich Keratin Care Shampoo, I can enjoy the feeling of salon hair wash at home.

  Thursday 11/1/18

We are starting to count down to our Taiwan trip which is just 2 days from now. I am starting to feel a bit of excitement, I can't wait for the trip. I really need a getaway badly. I tried to clear as much work as I can.

We had dinner at my neighourhood hawker centre and I had Chicken Chop Fried Rice. Overall, the dish taste good with the exception that the fried rice was served cold. It was as though they have cooked it in the day and didn't even bothered to make it hot. 

We ended the dinner with Chendol, my favourite dessert apart from ice cream. A perfect dessert to have after meal to cool ourselves from the heat.

  Friday 12/1/18

Finally I have endured the last working day before my trip. Oh yes, my long waited trip is coming.
I left work in a happy mode.

Bf and I headed down to Eunos Food Centre for dinner, both of us ate Cai Fan as we were rushing for time.

The reason why I was there was to join a group meditation.
Lately I noted that meditation is getting popular and many people are practicing it due to the benefits that meditation brings: reduce stress, increase self-awareness, increase acceptance and etc. Even our political leaders are practicing it too.

I wanted to give it a try so I set aside an hour of my time to practice meditation. During that one hour, I basically do nothing, just quiet my mind, reflect my thoughts and stay away from using mobile. It feels good to practice meditation once in awhile, but preferably with a meditation teacher around for beginner. 

I reached home pretty late that night at 11 plus and I need to wake up at 2.30am later on to catch my flight. Alright, time to pack my luggage. Good bye.

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