Monday, June 4, 2018

Burger King Striploin Steak Night

What beats welcoming the start of the week with a feast with Burger King?

Burger and beef lovers will be happy to know that Burger King has introduced a latest addition to the Ultimate Selection:
Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss Burger

The Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss Burger is only available for a limited period, do try it before it is gone. It's hard to find a full slab of striploin in a burger. It is available in Burger King from 5 June 2018 onwards, while stocks last.

The striploin steak, bursting with Burger King's signature flame-grilled flavour is toppled with the all-time favourite savoury combination of sauteed mushrooms and creamy melted Swiss cheese. They are sandwiched between a corn-dusted sourdough bun and garnished with sweet caramelised onions, fresh tomatoes and crunchy Batavia lettuce. 

The Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss Burger value meal is served with thick cut fries and Coke Zero at the price of $11.90, you can opt to change the fries to onion rings too.

Apart from the Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss Burger, we were treated to a bowl of side dishes to go with our burger - nuggets, onion rings and french fries. 

I love their onion rings the best. The bite size crispy onion rings got me addicted and we finished it in no time.

Burger King has also introduced Ultimate Tendercrisp Chicken Burger ($7.50 for ala carte or $8.90 for value meals).

Live up to the name of 'Ultimate Tendercrisp Chicken Burger', the chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The patty was topped with Swiss cheese, Turkey Ham, crispy Turkey Bacon, Batavia Lettuce and creamy Mayo sandwiched in between Corn Dusted Sourdough buns.

The burger was spicy good with so many ingredients filled in it. The mayo has balance out the spiciness of the chicken, giving it a hot and tangy taste.

I have drinks on standby to ease my throat.

Never say no to ice cream.
I ended the tasting with a sweet finish by having a Strawberry Sundae. 

Thanks GF for bringing me to the tasting.
It was a nice catch up at Burger King @ Cineleisure.

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