Friday, May 25, 2018

Happenings in May - Paradigm Shift In Ear Headphone + Cafe & Meal MUJI

Friday 4/5/18

Finally the peak period has temporary ended, I have the opportunity to ease my pace for 3 weeks before chiong-ing again. To celebrate, I reward myself to my favourite place for lunch - Hooters.

It's been more than a year since my last visit, I miss their buffalo wings very much.

All 5 of us ordered the buffalo wings set that comes with curly fries.
The buffalo wings were succulent and not too spicy (I opt for the spicy flavour). There were 7 pieces, making up of either wings or drumstick.

The ice cream of the day was Strawberry ice cream. I enjoyed this meal very much, I wish that I could come back often, I love their food and atmosphere. Till the next time.

It was a happy day because I get to come home before the night approaches.

Thursday 10/5/18

We traveled to VivoCity for lunch today, lunch has always been an adventurous one. Because the group has cravings for yakitori, hence we went to Shin Kushiya to satisfy their cravings.

All 6 of us ordered Mixed Kushiyaki Set at $18++.
It consists of grilled mixed kushiyaki skewers, buta bara, black pepper yakitori, ebi and tomato maki. The portion was quite little, not really worth the price paid.

My current earpiece has spoilt so I am changing it to Paradigm Shift In Ear Headphone, thanks Paradigm for this earpiece which comes just in handy for me. I got this earpiece during one of the events organised by Paradigm.

I prefer earpiece that comes with earbud.

A quality earpiece is so much different from the earpiece that I got from Daiso previously. 

How good is Paradigm Shift In Ear Headphone?

Paradigm Shift In-Ear Headphone sounds as good as the output of speakers
Paradigm applied the a speaker magical sound to the design of in-ear headphones. Even at low volumes, we can still hear the full spectrum of sound clearly.

The In Ear Headphone comes with a small black pouch for us to store our In Ear Headphone when not in use. It will so convenient to carry around.

Paradigm Shift In Ear Headphone has been a great companion during my everyday bus journey, be it listening to songs or talking to friends. It delivers better audio and better listening experience.

GF got me this Hask Essentials Leave-In Conditioning Spray during her Phuket's trip last year. I have just started using it. This is actually a 5-in-1 Formula leave-in spray which have the following functions:
1. Moisturizes to prevent damage 
2. Detangles & smooths 
3. Controls frizz & flyaways 
4. Adds shine 
5. Provides thermal protection

I sprayed it after finishing blow drying my hair. It can be spray on damp or towel-dried hair and comb through. There is no need to rinse off.

I love this Leave-In Conditioning Spray, it helped to moisturize my hair and giving it a healthier glow.

Bro just came back from Taiwan and he got us this famous Suncake 太阳饼 from Taichung. It was super nice, I tried the cheese and original flavour.

Friday 25/5/18

Finally my exam was over, time to mug on work to catch up on where I have stopped. I foresee slogging time will begin next week. Dragging for the time to come.

We tried out a new place for lunch at Cafe & Meal MUJI.
Muji has opened up a cafe in their outlet at Plaza Singapura. Café & Meal MUJI uses the natural taste ingredients which are full of blessings from the sun, soil and water. 

I had 2 Deli Set at $12.80. Here's my selection: 1 Hot Deli (Hokkaido Potato Croquette), 1 Cold Deli (Smoked Salmon & Fennel Salad), 16 Grain Rice, Cumin Carrot Soup and Onsen Egg.

I quite like the food here, it was quite nice. We can come back for lunch again.

Look forward to my first weekend after exam where I don't need to cope at home to study anymore.

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