Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Launch Of Vocal EXPRESSWAY By Hark Music

Hark Music is no stranger to me, I visited Hark Music before to attend music showcase. I'm back again to check out the launch of Vocal EXPRESSWAY class organized by Hark Music.

Established in 1999, Hark Music has 19 years of experience in the music education industry and they are the first-ever music school that offers a guaranteed improvement in one lesson. If not, you can get your money back. 

I was here with CK and GF to find out about the launch. Continue reading to find out more.

Meet Amos Teo, Hark Music’s Founder, who incredibly learned the ropes of music on his own. Through his coaching, he developed his own unique technique of learning music in a fun and efficient way. This teaching model is known as Hark Music’s signature S.K.T (Sense, Knowledge, Technicalities). It simplifies the entire music learning process and prioritises music appreciation for efficient learning. This method has helped Hark Music’s students and even celebrities to improve and achieve success in a short amount of time.

The Hark Music EXPRESSWAY method guarantees that music learning journey will be fun, productive, inspiring and achieving desired results in the shortest time possible.

One good example is Desmond Tan, Mediacorp Artiste. He benefited tremendously from the vocal training courses and improved so much in his musicality. Desmond was impressed by S.K.T teaching model and he has also become celebrity investors in the music school together with veteran music producer Jack Lim.

For a demonstration of the results of the EXPRESSWAY method, please click here to view the video.

 Hark Music also has a line-up of notable coaches who were here at the launch too.

Bryan Toro 黄家万 (The Voice 2017 Finalist)

Khim Ng 黄韵琴 (Sing! China 2017 Finalist)

Celeste Syn 冼佩瑾 (Artiste of Jay Chou’s Record Label JVR)

Chriz Tong 湯薇恩 (Local Singer)
Definitely someone familiar, her voice can always be heard in Mediacorp drama's OST.

Relyne Ban 万里莹(Astro TV Singing Contest Finalist)

Amos and Xinyun have built a strong team of 40 coaches who are currently teaching and inspiring over 600 active students after being in the music education industry for 2 decades. All coaches go through a demanding audition process before being signed exclusively as a Hark Music coach.

If you are interested in picking up Vocal EXPRESSWAY class, Hark Music lessons are offered at very competitive prices starting at only $165 per month. SkillsFuture credit is also applicable for 1-Day Vocal JumpStart course.

To find out more, please visit

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