Thursday, January 9, 2014

Launch of Benzac New Facial Care Range

Acne is a skin problem that is experienced by many of us, it makes us feel low self-esteem and depressing.

Whenever I have bad skin days, I would feel socially awkward and low confidence. Especially when having conversations with others, I would always be thinking "oh gosh, will they be putting all their focus on my skin and wondering why did she has so many scar marks and pimples on her face........."

Well, this will really ruin your day and destroy your self-esteem.

Knowing this problem, Benzac, a leading dermatologist-recommended acne brand, has announced the launch of a range of Benzac cleanser products, targeting different skin types.

As acne sufferers have different skin conditions ranging from normal, sensitive, oily to combination, the new range of Benzac cleansers and scrub aim to complement the current Benzac AC treatment gels by removing impurities from the skin and unblocking pores, leaving your skin nourished and soothed.

The Benzac product range is a full set of treatment solutions that consist of three gels in different strengths and five cleansers that comes in scrub, liquid and foam forms.The Benzac cleansing range comes in a pimple gel, facial scrub, liquid and foam cleanser.

The launch was held at Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate @ Esplanade Mall.

I was here together with GF. Thanks GF for extending the invitation to me.

Credits to Benzac Singapore facebook.

Dr Hazel Oon, Consultant Dermatologist and Head of the Acne Clinic from the National Skin Centre, also shared with us more in depth and prevention of acne.

Acne is a long-term disease. It is important to recognize that acne sufferers do have different skin types and need a skincare routine that is appropriate for their skin type.

Benzac takes care of everybody's needs.There are 2 series of facial care: normal to sensitive skin and oily to combination skin.

Many acne sufferers have a tendency to cleanse their skin excessively. Over- cleansing will not only exacerbate existing irritated skin conditions but can also cause redness and leave the skin inflamed. Thus, the Research & Development team at Benzac specially formulated the new Benzac Daily Facial Cleansers with herbal plant extracts like Calendula and Aloe Vera for effective and gentle cleansing.

For normal to sensitive skin:
The cleansers come in the range of a liquid soap and a foam cleanser. The key ingredients for both formulas are Calendula, Aloe Vera and Softening agents. The products remove impurities and help unblock pores without additional aggression and produce a non-oily protective and moisturizing film on the skin.

For combination to Oily Skin:
The cleansers come in the range of a liquid soap and a foam cleanser. The key ingredients are Calendula and Aloe Vera, which remove impurities and help unblock pores without additional aggression. It also helps to reduce oiliness throughout the day while maintaining the natural moisture of the skin.

The Benzac Facial Scrub is suitable for all skin types. The scrub allows for deep exfoliation, which will clean the skin and reduce skin oiliness without damaging the skin. It is recommended to be used twice a week.

Benzac AC Gel is an aid in the treatment of acne and is available in 3 strengths for topical application.

Gel Strengths 
● Benzac AC Gel 2.5%, Mild Strength
● Benzac AC Gel 5%, Moderate Strength
● Benzac AC Gel 10%, High Strength

The Benzac AC gel treatments are suitable for people with mild to moderate Acne. The key active ingredient – Benzoyl Peroxide is an organic compound in the peroxide family used for acne treatment. Its key benefits lie in keratolytic action (unblock pores), anti-inflammatory action, reduce sebum production and kill acne bacteria within 48 hours.

The Benzac AC Gel is also specifically formulated with Acrylates Copolymer (AC) beads to absorb excess oils (sebum) that can carry bacteria, thus reducing surface sebum and it also releases glycerin, which helps to moisturize dry and irritated skin. 

After the presentation, it is time for makan.

We started off the meal with Waldorf Salad with a walnut crumble.

Next was Avocado Soup Shot. A very unique dish, I finished it in one shot.

The main course - Pink Salmon Linguine.
The salmon was really good and fresh.

I was bagged home with some of the products which consist of liquid cleanser, facial scrub and Benzac AC gel. I had chosen the oily to combination skin type since I belonged to combination skin. I was be sharing the product review very soon. Stay tuned to it (:

Benzac Range of Daily Cleansers and Treatment Gels will be available at Guardian, Unity and Watsons. Product is available at Watsons from end January 2014.

For more information, please visit and

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