Sunday, May 16, 2021

IDS Journey: Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment at IDS

I made my third visit to IDS for doctor review and laser treatment. 

My skin condition has improved significantly from my last visit in March, thanks to IDS Skincare products and  the Hydro Therapeutics Treatment I did at IDS Aesthetics. The facial helped to remove the dead skin and impurities, allowing better absorption of skincare products and revealing a healthier skin. During my consultation, Dr Michelle Wong has recommended me for Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment that will help to treat me acne and enlarged pores. Before we began, Dr Michelle has explained about the procedure of the laser treatment.

What is laser treatment?

This is my first time doing a laser treatment, hence the term is not familiar to me. 

LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which make use of various wavelengths of light to penetrate into the dermis of the skin to treat different skin concerns.

Preparation for the laser treatment

I was being brought to the treatment room for the preparation. We began with Cleansing of skin. 

I decided to skip the numbing cream since the staff shared that the discomfort from the laser is actually bearable for Carbon Dioxide Laser. The numbing effect will last for an hour to two and I'm afraid it might hinder my daily activities, so I opt out numbing cream. 

After Cleansing, a layer of Carbon Lotion was applied to my skin. The carbon will draw out the oil and dirt from the clogged pores.

After the application, Dr Michelle came in and take over the laser treatment.

A short video on the process.

Dr Michelle then used the laser to scan over the areas that the carbon lotion was applied. The laser will remove the carbon together with the impurities being absorbed by the carbon, revealing a brighter skin after the deep exfoliation. 

The lasers heated up the inner layers of the skin which stimulated a healing response of the skin to produce more collagen and elastin.

Even without numbing cream, the discomfort level was mild and gentle, it feel like an insect bite and experienced warm sensation experienced the laser was activated. The session was done within 10 minutes.

Right after the laser treatment, my skin brightened up with instant glow and some of my acne marks have become slightly lighter in just one session. However, to see a more visible improvement, one will need to undergo a series of monthly sessions (from 5 to 10 sessions). 

Before I left, IDS was so sweet to replenish some of my daily skincare products. 

For the next one week, I experienced rashes and bumps on my face. This is actually normal after doing laser treatment because the deeper the laser penetrate into the tissue of our skin, the longer recovery period is required. 

This is when IDS Skincare products come in handy, I applied the skincare products more generously on my skin at the affected areas and it healed in a week.

My 3 month IDS journey has been a fulfilling one, this is definitely improvement shown. My skin has become more hydrated, those big angry red spots has diminished and become lighter, thanks to IDS Skincare, facial done at IDS Aesthetic and laser treatment done at IDS Clinic. 

I will continue to maintain my skin with IDS Skincare products, they have become one of my favourite skincare brands.

Thank you IDS for having me to embark on this wonderful IDS Journey.
You can visit IDS Clinic website to find out more about laser therapy.

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IDS Clinic 
360 Orchard Road #02-02, International Building 
Singapore 238869 

This post is a collaboration with Studio 155 and IDS Skincare, expressed in my own opinion.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Outing to Ion Sky and Belo Cafe

January is always a month to gather with the clique because it is GF's birthday month, we set aside our Sunday for a get-together.

We have our lunch at Shaw House Food Republic and I settled for Roasted Chicken Noodle ($4.80). It took us awhile to get a seat because the place was packed with people. 

After the lunch, we went over to Ion Sky to view the latest Bvlgari Allegra Perfume Collection. Our vision was transfixed at the scenery in front of us, trying to identify all the familiar buildings (like Marina Bay Sands) that we could spot. 

It would be nice to dine over here (provided you  get the window seat). It has been such a long time since we last have a gathering together, I have been so caught up with work. I really opt to give myself a break at times.

We enjoyed girls outing where we spent our time chatting catching up, taking photos, enjoying drinks and food. Next stop, we went over to The Coffee Bean to chill until dinner time. 

Jasmine has 50% discount vouchers from The Coffee Bean and I got a Vanilla Latte at $4.05 (U.P. $8.10). We just sit and chill for the next 1 hour 45 minutes.

GF introduced us to this lovely cafe bar at Upper Thomson Road, Belo Cafe. It is a cafe by day, pizza bar by night and an all-day dessert shop. 

This Truffles Fries ($11) was very worth it to order, the truffle oil infused shoestring fries came in a large plate that was just nice for the 7 of us. The fries were well seasoned and addictive, we finished it in no time.

We decided to order Diavola Pizza ($15) and Wayo Pizza ($19) for sharing since we were not very hungry. Both pizzas tasted delicious. Diavola Pizza contained of pork salami while Wayo Pizza contained smoked salmon and cooked prawn.

We decided to order some more varieties because the food was really nice.

We gotten Spam Fries ($10) which was served with mustard sauce. Compared to Truffle Fries, I would think that the truffle fries is more worth it to order if you are just intending to order one starter.

The Brunch Pizza ($19) has caught our attention. The thin crust pizza was toppled with mushroom, bacon and partial cooked egg. It was delectable especially the crunchy crust that taste like a biscuit.

We ended the dinner with Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream and Earl Grey Waffle ($15) that comes with mixed berries and a macaron.

We had a hard time deciding on the waffle ice cream because there was so many different flavours and each of us wanted a different flavour. In the end we draw lot and gotten the flavour that birthday girl picked.

This was really a great dining place in the north, we really love the food here. Happy birthday to GF.