Sunday, August 15, 2021

Product Review: Marc Mirren Jewellery + Vasol Inner Balancing Foaming Wash

 Jewellery is a fashion accessory that we wear to enhance our overall style without looking too plain. 

I was being introduced to these simple and classic jewelleries from Marc Mirren, a Swedish jewellery brand, that is suitable to wear for work and everyday occasion. 

My picks are Trilogy Star Ear Studs (Disco collection) and Nova Bracelet (Vintegratan collection) which is made using stainless steel and AAA Cubic Zirconia stone. 

Each piece of jewellery comes with a jewellery box. The design is classic and elegant, a minimalist design in my favourite star shape and the cubic zirconia stone is shining brilliantly.  

The earring paired well with the minimalist bracelet that is magnified by three small stars. It immediately added a touch of feminine and complement my casual outfit.

The simple yet classic design of Trilogy Star Ear Studs won my heart with their sparkling cubic zirconia surrounding the star.

Good things are meant to share, Marc Mirren has great deals for all of you. 

In collaboration with Marc Mirren:
1.  You can enjoy 15% discount off your shopping cart by simply enter “SHUQING15” under coupon code when you checkout. 
2. Get free letter charm for every purchase over $39. The coupon code is applicable for this promotion.
3. Free shipping and returns by Marc Mirren.

Start your shopping now at Marc Mirren.


It is important to use feminine wash to keep V area clean as body wash might be too harsh for our skin due to different pH level. 

I like that Vasol Inner Balancing Foaming Wash does not contain any harmful component or artificial perfumes, making it safe to use for all skin types. The feminine wash provides healthy pH (4.5~5.5) and moisture to the skin, it contains tea tree leaf oil extract to provide fresh and cooling effect. 

The foaming wash lathered well into foam and gave a light scent. The foaming wash is gentle on skin and effective in removing unpleasant odors. 

Stay fresh and clean with Vasol Inner Balancing Foaming Wash. 
Thanks 0.8L for sharing me the product.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Places to Dine at Chinatown Point Part 2

Chinatown Point is a shopping mall that I regularly visited for the past few months, especially after I started going back to my workplace, I began to notice some restaurants have exited the mall and new restaurants being opened. Hence, I decided to do a part 2 food sharing to update the list of food choices available at Chinatown Point (My last sharing was back in 2016 - only left with Toast Box and Nanbantei).

With Covid-19 still on-going, we don't have the opportunity to dine out as often as before since some of us are working from home on certain or most days. So now when we have the chance to dine out, I find that we are more willing to spend more on food and drinks, in a way to also help our F&B industry.

1. Tamago-EN (#01-44)

Tamago-EN is a casual egg specialty restaurant and they used eggs imported directly from Okinawa. You can find egg in every dish.

I had Lychee Drink while waiting for our food. The drink contained a sweet and sour blend of lychee and lemon, allowing every sip to taste the fruity flavour. Totally refreshing!

Chicken Stew Omu Rice ($13.90++) caught my eyes. The omelette rice was surrounded by chicken stew, broccoli and mushrooms. A very comforting plate on a rainy day and the thick gravy made the ingredients tasted fragrant too.

Be sure to mix the rice with the gravy so that the rice tasted even delicious, feeling so satisfied after finishing it.

Tamago-EN is having the seasonal dessert for sakura season, we were tempted to try Sakura Soufflé Pancake with Vanilla Ice Cream before it's gone, so we ordered it for sharing. 

The Soufflé Pancake was freshly prepared from scratch and would need 20 minutes preparation time. The Soufflé Pancake was very fluffy, soft and light, it literally melt in the mouth. Pair it with vanilla ice cream for a sweet finish.

2. Hoshino Coffee (#02-47/48)

This marked my second visit to Hoshino Coffee within two week, the restaurant is very cosy and the food is great. However, do note that they have a restriction of 1 hour dining. The timing was just nice for our lunch so we don't mind. For those who prefer to prefer a longer dining time, this place will not be suitable for you.

I was here for their pasta last week, so I decided to try their brunch menu this time round. I had Pancake & Omu Souffle with Smoked Salmon. This was one of the hearty brunch I had, the smoked salmon was very tender, the omu souffle was flavourful when paired with the tomato sauce and ended with a sweet note we had the pancake drizzled with the maple syrup.

Although Hoshino Coffee is famous for their hand dripped coffee but I am not a fan of coffee so I opt for Ice Royal Milk Tea, you can choose between with sugar or straight. I opt for straight where the milk tea contained zero sweetness with a bitter aftertaste. I need to choose with sugar next time.

3. Paulinni (#01-05)

Everything I walked past Paulinni, I was always being attracted by their wide selection of low fat gelato but there are just too many other selection of food that captured our attention. Hence, I only tried it after so long. Well, it is better to be late than never.

Paulinni offers casual dining ranging from healthy salad, baked pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, baked pastas and wide selection of low fat gelato. The seats are limited with less than 10 tables, be prepared to eat and go during peak hours.

4. Kiwami: Teppan . Ramen . Gyoza (#02-38)

Nothing beats a bowl of ramen on a rainy afternoon.

Kiwami is a Japanese restaurant known for their signature Kiwami Tonkotsu Ramen, featuring top-notch ingredients imported directly from Okinawa.

Kiwami has a cozy vibe with wooden brick decor and an extensive menu for us to choose from, there are so many things we want to try.

The restaurant does not served plain water, so you might want to order a drink. I ordered Cold Genmai Tea ($1.80++).

I had Premium Kiwami Tonkotsu Ramen with egg ($14.80++). The tonkotsu broth was simmered over 10 hours using 100% Japanese pork bones. Each strand of noodle was soaked up with the broth and each spoonful was mouthwatering.

We decided to add on some side dishes for sharing, first was Chicken Karaage ($5.80++).

Last but not least was Tomato Cheese Gyoza ($7.80++). The gyoza selection at Kiwami is very unique and different from the traditional gyoza dipped with soy vinegar sauce. The tomato and cheese gravy enhanced the flavour of the gyoza, they complemented well together.


More dining place in Chinatown Point will be added to this post when I visit the mall for lunch. Stay tuned.