Saturday, January 14, 2017

7 Places to Dine in Chinatown Point

Chinatown Point is a shopping mall located just right above Chinatown MRT Station. With it's prime strategic location, the mall is always crowded with people during lunch and dinner time. Being a regular visitor of Chinatown Point, I decided to do up a post to share some of the options you can consider for dining.

1. Toast Box

Toast Box reminds me of the coffee shops from the 60s and 70s where the typical breakfast was a fragrant cup of Nanyang Coffee accompanied by freshly toasted bread and soft boiled eggs. This was the kind of breakfast that I missed having. Toast Box has brought back those fond memories from good old times.

Other than the signature breakfast, Toast Box also served Asian delight. 
I have curry chicken rice. The mildly spicy coconut-based curry was served with soft chicken and potatoes. I love pouring the thick gravy into my rice, it was flavourful.

Chinatown Point

2. Delifrance

Delifrance is a French Cafe chain in Singapore. The French bakery has made its mark here with its patisserie. Delifrance serves french-style bakery such as cakes, breads, tarts and sandwiches. Perfect to go  with a aromatic cup of coffee or tea.

I have Seafood D’sire sandwich set for my lunch that comes with freshly brewed tea.
The Croissant was stuffed with seafood mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes.

Chinatown Point

3. Lerk Thai Restaurant

My first time trying out Lerk Thai Restaurant.
Lerk Thai Restaurant offers a bountiful mix of authentic Thai cuisine with level of spiciness adjusted to local palates. The restaurant has a very casual and friendly dining setting.

We decided to try out this restaurant after chancing upon the lunch promotion deal at $8.80+ for a side dish, main course and dessert. For main course, I selected the fried fillet rice. Side dish and dessert are fixed which is spring rolls and tapioca. 

Taste wise, it was pretty normal. It will be good if the set comes with a glass of drink.

Chinatown Point

4. Han Geun Doo Geun Korean Restaurant

An awesome place to introduce to you guys.

This Korean restaurant  offers value lunch set from $9.90 to $11.90++. The lunch set comes with free flow of tea and side dishes. They have a generous variety of side dishes available ranging from salad, to potato, hot dogs, prawn crackers, soup, tofu and etc.

Here's my selection for the side dishes.
Don't want to take too much because I was afraid that I couldn't finish my set.

My favourite set is gonna be pork hot plate set.
Their hot plate sets are worth trying, the hot plate was really delicious.

I have a full and satisfying meal, indulging in the good food.
I love the food over here. So nice and the portions are pretty generous. A place that I will visit regularly.

Chinatown Point

5. Nanbantei

Nanbantei is of the longest-standing Japanese yakitori restaurants around and origin of the authentic slice of the yakitori culture. Famous for the yakitori, they offer a wide selection of ala carte skewered meats, seafood and vegetables and bento sets.

Best time to go is during lunch time because Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant offers lunch Set specials / Bento Set specials at only $13.80 onwards.

We ordered the Yakitori Bento at $13.80++.
The bento comes with 5 Yakitori sticks.

The meats were grilled over a special charcoal that has been imported from Japan.
Every stick of bits tasted flavoursome. 

The set also come with a red bean dessert.
Quite price valuable right?

Chinatown Point

6. Han's

Han's, a place that we are all familiar with. They have over 27 outlets islandwide, serving a range of quality menus at reasonable prices in a comfortable environment. At Han's, they served Hans Set Breakfast, All-Day Set Meals and local favorites.

I have the local delight - chicken fried rice with egg.
The fried rice was really nice and flavourful, I finished every bits of it.

Chinatown Point

7. Tamoya Udon

Tamoya Udon is a place where we can taste Authentic Japanese Udon in Singapore. It's udon has won awards many times for its distinctive chewiness and well-loved broth in Japan. With over 20 years of history in the home of udon, Tamoya Udon has expanded to 20 locations worldwide, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

I opt for Kake udon and picked my side dishes of sweet potato and pumpkin. The set cost $9.20. I really love the broth, it was flavoursome. The restaurant is always crowded with people during lunch time, so do come early to ensure seats secured.

Chinatown Point

That's all for sharing today.
Here are some of the restaurants you can look out for when you pop by Chinatown Point.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Allen and Karen's Wedding Lunch

Attended the first wedding of the year.
It's my cousin's wedding. The wedding lunch was held at Concorde Hotel Singapore, a business class hotel located in Orchard Road.

So happy for Allen and Karen. They have been together since their Secondary Schools day for more than 10 years and still as loving as ever. Congratulations on tying the knot!

I was there early because my parents wanted to be there for the tea ceremony which was held in the ballroom. In the meanwhile, I just loitered around at the hotel lobby to enjoy the peacefulness so that I can revised on my studies and most importantly, to get a seat. So not used to wear heels out.

I haven't been wearing coloured stocking out for a long time. Managed to dig this stocking out to pair it with my heels.

Finally after an hour of waiting, we settled down inside the ballroom.
We were seated at table 1.

Ordered a glass of ice water.
I always prefer drinking plain water than any other drinks.

The sword bearers were standing in place for the wedding ceremony.
Oh yes, forget to mention, my cousin is from SAF. The military wedding is reserved for Regular Commissioned Officers.

The bride and groom looked so stunning. 
My cousin looked so smart in his No.1 uniform. I always think guys look smart in uniform.

Right after the cake cutting, the first dish was served.
The express cold cut combination comprised of roast pork, spring roll, baby octopus, seaweed prawn roll and jellyfish 

Shortly, the second dish was being served too.
We had the four treasure soup which include dried scallop, crabmeats, prawns and shredded duck.

Wasabi mayonnaise prawns. The wasabi prawns were really choking delicious, the hint of wasabi was not too overwhelming.

Steamed marble goby.

Golden roasted chicken with cracker.
I ate more crackers than the roasted chicken.

The couple had changed into their suit and gown for the wedding toast.
We gave our blessing to the newly wed through the toast.

I actually preferred attending wedding lunch than wedding dinner. During lunch, the food was served very fast and consistently unlike during dinner where one dish could take until to 20-30 minutes to serve. Everything wrapped up before 3.30pm and I have the time to meet my friend for shopping and dessert session after the wedding lunch.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

7 Places to Eat in Plaza Singapura

Plaza Singapura is a shopping mall that I visited frequently for lunch and dinner because it is a centralised location for meetup with friends and near my work area. So I did up a post on some of the restaurants I visited in Plaza Singapura recently to share with you guys. Hope this post will be useful for you if you are looking out for places to dine in Plaza Singapura.

1. Nando's 

Nando's is a Afro-Portugese cuisine, it is famous for its Peri-Peri Chicken served along with Afro-Portugese inspired side dishes.

Coming to Nando's, I always go for their  flame-grilled Peri-Peri Chicken. This is what Nando's famous for. The fresh chicken marinated for 24 hours in PERi-PERi and flame-grilled to order.

I ordered 1/4 Chicken hot flavour with 2 Regular Sides. Out of the 9 choices for regular sides, I chose PERi-PERi Wedges and garlic bread.

This portion definitely made me feel full and satisfying.
The hot spicy flavour tantalized my tastebuds, making my tongue feel shiok even with the hot flavour. The garlic bread and wedges help to ease the hotness of the chicken. I managed to finish every bites of it. This set costs $14.90++.

Plaza Singapura 04-10/11

2. Nana's Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea is a Japanese cafe that sells Japanese green tea drinks, and also main course such as dons, udons and sushi rolls.

Nana's Green Tea is a good choice for lunch because they have everyday set lunch available even on weekend and public holiday at $13.90+. Awesome right?

The set lunch includes a main course and beverage.

I have matcha latte.
I like the rich flavour of matcha latte, it was thick and aromatic. It has a very mild bitterness accompanied the fragrant of the matcha latte. I always like matcha.

I had chicken nanban. The fried chicken was marinated with the sweet and sour nanban sauce, and toppled with tartar sauce. It was accompanied with millet rice, salad and potato.

The portion was very filling, I was bloated and left the rice unfinished. I have reached my capacity. This place is a good choice for dining for big eater.

Nana's Green Tea
Plaza Singapura 03-80/82

3. Hong Kong Wonton Noodle

As the name suggested, this eatery is famous for its authentic Hong Kong’s style wonton noodles.
So here I was trying out wonton noodles. The springy thin noodles was served with wonton and dry fish soup base.

To me, I felt that the bowl of wonton noodles was a bit plain. It did not make me feel satisfying after eating. Perhaps you could add some side dishes to go with the wonton noodles.

Hong Kong Wonton Noodle
Plaza Singapura B2-25

4. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Xin Wang is one of the cafes that I visited frequently. I simply love the wide variety of comfort food served ranging from tim sum, tea-time snacks to local Singapore favourites and recipes from Hong Kong and Macau cafes.

Chanced upon this valuable set dinner comprised of a drink, soup, appetizer and main course at only $8.80+.

I had fried chicken rice with egg.

We had fried ebi for appetizer. 
The ebi was very crispy and served piping hot. Yet another super full and satisfying meal.

I always love dinning at Xin Wang because of the casual atmosphere and enjoying delicious meal at reasonable price. Thanks V for the dinner treat.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
Plaza Singapura 06-08/09/10

5. Skinny Pizza

Skinny Pizza is a restaurant that offers pasta, pizzas, salad, soups, sides and dessert. We were there during lunch time and chanced upon their lunch promotion set at $14.90+ for a choice of main, salad and drinks. Hence, we decided to give it a try.

Ice tea with lemon and green papaya.

For main course, I had aglio olio.
This was my third time to Skinny Pizza but first time trying their pasta. The aglio olio tasted pretty normal. Should have order pizza instead since they are famous for their thin crust pizza. So pizza is recommended when come to Skinny Pizza.

Skinny Pizza
Plaza Singapura 03-79/83

6. Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe is renowned for its extensive range of fine quality gourmet cakes. It has since evolved to full-service dining offering main course with comfort ambience.

I had grilled black pepper chicken.
The grill chicken was smothered with home-made black pepper sauce served together with herb rice and fresh garden salad. Secret Recipe is also having lunch promotion, I have this main course at $9.90++.

Secret Recipe
Plaza Singapura 03-18

7. Swensen's

At Swensen's, they serve a wide selection of hearty food, sundaes, beverages and ice cream cakes that make us spoil for choice. Swensen’s is synonymous with sweet memories of good time spent with loved ones with all the sweet desserts.

Swensen's also offered express set lunch that comes with soup, main course, drinks and a scoop of ice-cream.

Since I was having a cough, I decided not to go for fried food and opt for aglio olio instead.
I like those thick and creamy soup. It was delicious.

I'm more of a tea lover than a coffee lover.
I always love to drink tea with milk.

Totally spoiled for choice when come to ice-cream selection, so many flavours that I wanna try but I can only choose a scoop. I have butterscotch ice-cream. The ice cream was smooth and tasted delectable. Ended my lunch with a sweet finish. I wish I could have more. So nice and tasty.

Plaza Singapura 03-23


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