Saturday, December 8, 2018

Happenings in September - Granny's 79th Birthday at Yan Palace

Thursday 13/9/18

Today we went Great World City for lunch and been to the place that we have not patronized for a long time, Cedele. I missed their all day breakfast.

I ordered Petite Breakfast which consists of 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 2 sausages and scrambled egg. I love the fluffy and moist scrambled egg. The breakfast was priced at $14++.

I have also started using SilkyGirl Beary Cheerful fragrance collection, a gift I received for my birthday. 

The perfume has a refreshing aroma with a blend of fragrance from flowers, peaches and apples. I used this perfume for a casual day out.

 Nature Republic eyeshadow from GF during my birthday. When applied, it produced a shimmery shade over the eye area which I like it.

Friday 14/9/18

Today was Grandma's birthday and we held a celebration dinner for her at Yan Palace @ Hong Lim Complex. We were one of the earliest to reach. Dinner started late at around 8pm as we need to wait for full attendance, everyone rush down here after our work.

We booked 2 private rooms that are interconnected with 4 tables. Our family members are expanding with many cousins married and having their kids.

It was a night full of good food. My uncle did the ordering with 9 course dinner.
Every dish was so nice.

Fried beehoon, our second last dish.

My favourite among all was the dessert, Fried Ice Cream. 
The ice cream was concealed inside the fried bun, I enjoyed the cold ice cream served in the hot bun, best of both world. A great dessert to end off our dinner. I got the chocolate flavour while some gotten vanilla, mango and strawberry flavour.

Last but not least was the cake cutting ceremony.
It was gigantic size of cake, more than enough for 40 of us.

Happy 79th birthday, Grandma.
Pls stay healthy and strong. We love you always .

It was a nice gathering with the family, the next family gathering shall be during November for Jingyi's baby celebration.

Saturday 15/9/18

After our food tasting at Sanuk Thai Restaurant, we went over to Orchard and Plaza Singapura for a walk. We had a very full late lunch and we don't feel hungry even though it was nearly dinner time.

We stopped by at Plaza Singapura Kopitiam to rest our feet and ordered a bowl of Red Bean with Sweet Corn dessert ($2.40) for sharing. When feeling tired, nothing beats having a refreshing and cold dessert for indulgence.

Sunday 16/9/18

Mummy missed Aiden and Amber, so today she asked the family to come over for dinner. Time to play with the kids again.

10th floor aunt also brought us some desserts from BlackBall to add on to our meal. It was a weekend full of desserts for us.

Tuesday 18/9/18

We went Menya Musashi @ Chinatown Point for lunch. It was a good deal to dine in during weekday lunch because they were having lunch promotion at $11.90++ for a bowl of ramen, a side dish and drink.

I ordered my favourite red Cha Shu Ramen with Fried Gyoza and Ice Houji Tea.
The spicy broth made the bowl of ramen a slurpy indulgence.

Wednesday 19/9/18

We headed to Plaza Singapura for lunch today, we went to our new favourite place, Cafe & Meal MUJI.

I always ordered the standard 2 Deli Set at $12.80. Our of the 5 selections, 3 of them were the same every time - 16 Grain Rice, Cumin Carrot Soup and Onsen Egg. The only difference was the Hot and Cold Deli which I will depend on the selection available. For Cold Deli, I chose Orecchiette Pasta and Mushroom Salad in Truffle Ranch Dressing. For Hot Deli, I chose Fried Chicken.

Thursday 20/9/18

I had lunch today with Mee Ing at People's Park Food Centre and I went for their Curry Rice.

I normally went for their curry rice because the queue moved fast and it was price valuable. They have different set for selection and each set cost $2.80. I opt for the Curry Chicken Set.

Saturday 22/9/18

Began our Saturday date with a meal at KFC as I wanted to try their Tori Katsu Burger.

The deep fried chicken fillet was coated with Katsu sauce and mayonnaise and toppled with Japanese white shredded cabbage. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, making it a savoury meal.

We went to City Square Mall for a walk as we wanted to visit Decathlon to check out the sport wear.

Dinner was settled at Food Republic @ City Square Mall. I had Curry Chicken Noodle ($5.50) for dinner. The curry has a robust flavour but too spicy for my threshold. The spice started to hit after few mouthful and pace of eating become slower and slower. Nevertheless, the broth was really fragrant.

Sunday 23/9/18

As Mummy didn't cook for dinner, we settled our dinner at nearby food centre. After walking a round, I decided to settle on Japanese food.

I have Chicken Katsu Don at $4, it also come with a bowl of miso soup.

Saturday 29/9/18

I have endured through the 5th presentation, 2 more to go before the end of this module. After my class ended, we made our way to bugis. We have been going to Bugis area very frequently during weekend, at least once a month.

We had our dinner at Albert Centre Market & Food Centre and I had Mee Goreng ($4).
Do not belittle such a simple dish, the Mee Goreng was an enjoyable dish with spicy and smoky flavour. The spice level was just right for me.

This sums up my happenings in September, look forward to my break in October. I need a breather and a good rest before I start to chiong for my exam revision.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Beauty Review: Phutawan Hair Shampoo and Shower Gel from Ctraft Website

With the world moving towards electronic, eCommerce has been a great shopping platform for many of us. We can just order the products online and have it delivers to our doorstep.
I was being introduced to Ctraft, an online shopping and selling store in Southeast Asia for skincare and beauty products. Ctraft offers a wide range of products with excellent customer experience from product discovery, education, purchase, post-purchase engagement and brand advocacy.

Navigation of the website is easy peasy, just select the categories that we wish to purchase, ranging from face, body, hair and fragrance products. Currently, Ctraft has brought in the first brand, Phutawan, a brand from Thailand and they use natural ingredients for their skincare products.

Once you found the item wanted, just simply click on add to cart and then checkout the shopping cart once you are done with shopping. 

After 6 days, the products I ordered have arrived at my doorstep. I have selected Thai Herb Secret Shower Gel and Ginger & Rosemary Hair Shampoo.

 Phutawan Ginger & Rosemary Hair Shampoo ($17.80)

The hair shampoo contains ginger and rosemary oil, ginger is loaded with antioxidants that cleans the scalp and reduce scalp itchiness. It supports strong hair roots and reduces hair fall restoring healthy looking hair. The shampoo is free from SLS, SLES, PARABEN.

Apply the shampoo to our wet hair and lather well, it will form bubbles.

I like how the Phutawan Hair Shampoo will transform into bubble foam when lather, it cleansed my hair well with its rich foam which is easy to spread through each strand of hair. My hair felt softer after the shower and become more manageable with a slightly healthier shine.

Phutawan Thai Herb Secret Shower Gel ($10.80, 250ml)

The reason why I picked this variant is because the shower gel contained pure honey ingredient. Combined with eastern herbs, turmeric, plai (ginger) and pure honey, which will leave our skin feeling clean, nourished and softer. It also helped to resist skin deterioration caused by pollution. Just like the shampoo, the shower gel is free from SLS, SLES, PARABEN.

Pump a small amount on to palm and apply it on body. Lather thoroughly and rinse to wash off.

Initially I was worried that I might not like the scent of the shower gel because it contained ginger and I don't really fancy it. But thankfully, the scent turned out to be a delightful aroma that could help me relax during every shower. I like how the scent will linger on my skin after shower. The shower gel helped in moisturizing my skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft.

Every shower can be a pampering session with the use of right products.

Thanks Ctraft for sending me the products, I love the shower gel and shampoo very much ever since I started using. 

To find out more information about Ctraft, pls visit

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lim Spring Court @ Wisteria Mall

Exploring around for good food has always been one of my favourite pastime and the north side of Singapore is an area with many food spotting places to be discover. We were being introduced to Lim Spring Court 林春苑 located at Wisteria Mall. Residents residing at Yishun and Khatib can check out this Chinese restaurant with your family and friends.

Lim Spring Court is a Chinese restaurant that offers extensive menu items incorporating quality ingredients at reasonable prices (no GST and service charge), bringing us delicious Chinese cuisines in a relaxed dining experience. They also offer weekdays set lunch at $6.80 with a complimentary drink.

Our tasting session was coincidentally held on Lim Spring Court's official opening where they engaged Lion Dance troupe to usher in luck and prosperity for the restaurant. The diners and onlookers were treating to the enjoyable lion dance performance.

Time to kickstart our tasting session.

The first dish introduced was a platter making up of Nyonya Prawn BallSignature Garlic Chicken Mid Wing and Stir Fried Vension with Ginger and Spring Onion.

The 5 spices including prawns and minced meats were wrapped in a crispy exterior, creating a delicious Nyonya Prawn Ball. On the other hand, the Stir Fried Vension tasted really good with the savoury gravy while the Chicken Wing give a crispy crunch upon bite.

The Teochew Style Tea Sauce with Prawn was definitely my favourite. It featured a flavourful fragrance with their special sauce coated, it was so addictive that we wished for another serving.

I have tried before cereal prawn and cereal chicken but I have never try before Cereal Beancurd. The beancurd was very smooth, soft and not easy fall apart, I toppled with the cereal generously on the beancurd before consume.

We balanced out our meal with some greens for a balanced diet - Sambal Fried Four Season Bean.
As the ingredients 'Sambal' suggested, it was a spicy dish. It helped to spice up our appetite.

The dish that was well loved by all of us was Hong Kong Style Two Ways Hor Fun.
The 'wok hei' distinct taste was captured in the hor fun while the gravy brought out the savoury taste. Together with the crunchy topping, one will go head over heels with the hor fun.

Last but not least was Deep Fried Fish Tail with Gold Medal Garlic Sauce.

The deep fried fish tail was drizzled with garlic sauce, soaked the meat in the sauce to absorb the fragrant before eating.  We love the tender flesh but be aware of the fine bones in the fish.

Thanks Lim Spring Court for hosting us at the tasting session, we enjoyed all the dishes and the gathering very much. We got some treats and souvenirs from GF and CK who just came back from their overseas vacation.

Do check out their restaurant when you pop by the area.
For more information, please visit

Lim Spring Court 林春苑
 598 Yishun Ring Road, Wisteria Mall 
#B1-07, Singapore 768698 
Operating hours: 11am to 10pm 


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