Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cha Thai - True Taste of Thai at Telok Ayer

Situated at a prominent location in Telok Ayer Street is Cha Thai that serves quality Thai food.

Cha Thai can be found just right across the street when you come out from Telok Ayer MRT station exit.

Cha Thai has a simple and comfortable setting that makes people at ease, a place where we can enjoy chatting with friends over a delicious meal. 

Cha Thai uses premium quality ingredients, along with traditional recipes cooked with modern techniques, while preserving the traditional taste of Thai cuisine, bringing out another dimension in the taste of Thai. Therefore, their prices might not come across as street price like many.

For drinks, I went for my all-time favourite - Ice Milk Tea ($2.90).
The sweetness of the milk tea was to my liking and their milk tea was made from scratch.

We began our food tasting with Crispy Prawn Cake ($15).

Beneath the crispy skin was a meaty interior made using tiger prawns. It was accompanied by their homemade plum sauce that enhanced the flavour of the prawn cake when dipped. I love this classic dish so much and one piece is not enough for me.

Creamy Crab Roll ($15) was super addictive.
Dip the fried roll into the cream crab gravy for savoury flavours. The gravy was creamy and full of flavours with hinge of spiciness.

Lemongrass Prawn Salad ($28)

Indulge ourselves in the generous servings of tiger prawns. Little did you know, Cha Thai uses tiger prawns on all their prawn dishes. The prawns are sourced from Thailand. 

Saute Kai Lan with Roasted Pork ($16), some vegetables to go with during our tasting. The garlic has added fragrance to the kai lan and roasted pork. The roasted pork has a well proporation of lean meat and fats.

Let's try the Signature Tiger Prawn ‘Panang’ Curry ($28).

The curry was really creamy and flavoursome. The tiger prawns were coated with the curry gravy, making the prawns tasted spicy good. Lychees were added inside the curry to reduce the spiciness of the curry, striking a balance between sweet and spicy.

Boat Noodles ($18) for the pork lover.

Garlic Pork with Bird's Chilli ($18)
The garlic pork delivered an aromatic taste with a mild spiciness. If you are someone who prefer a more spicy taste, eat the garlic pork together with the green chilli. The meat is sous vide to achieve tenderness.

Pineapple Red Curry with Pork Loin ($18)

This dish may look like the Signature Tiger Prawn ‘Panang’ Curry, same same but different. They are 2 different dishes.
They used the same curry gravy but ingredients in it were different. The tiger prawns and lychees were replaced with pork loin and pineapple. It tasted delicious but my favourite was still garlic pork.

Pad Thai ($22)

You might be wondering why a plate of pad Thai cost $22 right?
That's because of tiger prawn was added to the dish. Peanut was placed aside for people who wish to mix it. The noodles were well tossed and every strand tasted delicious.

Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles ($55 for 4 pax)

You can also opt for Premium Giant Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles at $159.  The giant tiger prawn is about 35-40cm.

At Cha Thai, the portions served are large so it is recommended to come with a group of friends or with family. It is in the Thai’s tradition and culture to gather. Food always tastes the best in good company.

I really love the tiger prawns, so fresh and succulent.

Despite feeling full, there's always room for dessert. First up was Red Ruby ($8).
The red ruby in coconut milk tasted refreshing, I like the crunchy water chestnut.

Sweet Corn Herbal Jelly ($8), Summer Potato ($8) and Emerald Jade ($8).
The herbal jelly was awesome, I love the grass jelly.
The summer potato was made using sweet potato while the emerald jade resembled the red ruby.

Good things are saved at the last, Tropical Paradise ($12).

Initially I thought this was just normal coconut ice-cream, but as I started digging underneath, I noted a hard texture and it turned out to be mango sticky rice. This was a creative invention allowing me to have 2 of my favourite Thai dessert all in one go. Every mouthful was bursting into flavours.

Thanks Cha Thai for the delicious food tasting and GF for bringing me to feast. I want to come back again and have the tropical paradise soon. I'm missing it.

Cha Thai
80 Telok Ayer Street 
#01-01 Singapore 048466
Operating hour: 11am to 10pm daily

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happenings in July - Shaolin + Birthday

Friday 22/7/16

Began my weekend watching a spectacular SHAOLIN show at MasterCard Theatres, It has been a very long time since I last went to MasterCard Theatres for a show. I was elated to be back here, thanks Luxe Society for the tickets.

Feeling excited for the show.

Brought Jasmine along with me for the show. Thanks for the photo.
We were ready to proceed in for the show.

Shaolin Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese martial arts, developed by Shaolin temple in Henan.

Now, we got to witness the the ultimate traditional Shaolin Kung Fu in the display of theatre and physical prowess. 

Started from the Shaolin temple in the foothill of the Song Shang mountain range in the China's Henan province, the 20 member cast performed incredible "superhuman" feats, making an exciting return to demonstrate the authentic martial art expertise.

The show combined traditional Shaolin Kung Fu choreography with dramatic lighting and sound, bringing the traditional performance to a whole new level.

Some of the performance got us amazed, especially the use of knife, sword, spar and bricks, demonstrating their qi gong.

Personally I think there is still room for improvement for the storyline. I couldn't understand the whole story or couldn't see the link between the story and the performance. But I do enjoy the martial arts performance.

Saturday 30/7/16

Gosh, I am another year older and hopefully I am also another year wiser. Can't believe time passed so fast and I'm going to hit my big 3 very soon. Hopefully I will have some achievements by then.

This was how I spent my day:

姑姑 dropped by my house the day before and got me some cakes from Bengawan Solo. Thanks for the sweet gesture, 姑姑 always shower me with lots of love ♥

I ate the fruit cake before I headed out to meet my girls.

Met up with the girls at 3.30pm to spend our afternoon at The 50 Cents Fest. The fest was held at Chinatown Food Street starting from 3pm onwards. We thought we were early but many people were even earlier than us and long snake queues were forming at every stalls. 50 cents food clearly attracted many here. 

The 50 Cents Fest transported us back to 1950/60s of Singapore's street hawker scene.

Why 50 cents for the dish?
This is because back in the olden days, the value of a 50 cent coin was enough for a sumptuous meal, the endearing phrase “50 cents is bigger than a bull cart wheel” will ring true at The 50 Cents Fest.

We decided to try rickshaw noodles as the queue was the fastest.

Rickshaw noodle was one of the staple food you can find back in the olden days of Singapore. It was a popular food choice of rickshaw pullers.
It consists of yellow noodles, vegetables and minced meat, they were cooked in a big pot. 

Singapore's famous chilli crab was available at the food fest, a bowl was priced at $2 for gravy with a crab leg.

We have a bowl of cheng teng too, I must say the ingredients given were generous.

I love dressing in comfort during weekend for causal day out. I got this stripe tee from Padini during my Malacca trip.

Reminisce the old good times with old good friends - Jas and GF.
Over the last 4-5 years, we built up our friendship and still stay strong even when our friendship were put to test.

Thanks Jas for the group photos.

Eve though Ryden didn't join us today, he has specially prepared egg mayo for us to eat. He personally prepared the mayo sauce and eggs. That's so nice of him.

Kelvin and GF brought us to Geylang lorong 32 for ban bian.
This place is famous for their ban bian and indeed the best ban bian that I ever eat. I like the soup base very much. Decided to try the dry ban bian since I have never try before.

After the dinner, we headed over to Jas's new home for a cosy movie night gathering.

Knowing that it was my birthday, Jas went to buy me a mango cake and have a mini celebration at her home. My friends are so sweet (:

Thanks girls for making your time for me.
I don't need a big celebration, I prefer it to be a small and cosy one.

After that we watched The Secret Life Of Pets, a comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day.

Wow, we watched it way before the movie is released in Singapore. We have a great laugh over the movie.
That concluded our day, thanks Jas for hosting us.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ultimate Comfort with Laurier Ultra Gentle

Periods are an inconvenience that many women faced every month.

During those few days, girls experienced being emotional, discomfort around our intimate area and uneasiness.  For me, I always feel insecure during period. I become cautious about my dressing, I will avoid wearing light colours or thin material clothing in case of overflowing.

Do you know that 7 out of 10 women have experienced skin discomforts around their intimate area during period days?

What cause these problems?

We term this discomfort as Napkin dermatitis (inflammation of human skin with symptoms like itchiness, soreness and rashes).

Factors that trigger napkin dermatitis:
- High humidity environment
- Physical stimulation due to contact of napkin surface with the skin

We always thought that our eyelid area is the most delicate part of our skin because of the thin skin layer. 
This is actually not true because our intimate area has the least number of protective skin layers. The intimate area is the thinnest with average thickness of 6 layers, even thinner than eyelid! Hence extra care needs to be taken when protecting the area against inflammation.

Since periods are inevitable, let's accept it and get comfortable during our period week. 

Today I will be sharing with you my experience of using Laurier Ultra Gentle, sanitary pads.

Laurier is one of the brands that I have been using all these years. 
Being someone that is insecure, I always go for the thick and safety comfort sanitary pads during the heavy flow days, reducing the chance of leaking. Little did I know, this will cause our intimate area to be humid and sensitive.

To put a stop to skin discomfort and irritation, Laurier has introduced Ultra Gentle range of products to relieve skin irritations. 

Laurier Ultra Gentle is also the first napkin in Singapore to be dermatologically tested and very gentle to the delicate skin.

The improved range features the Block Patterned Core technology which ensures that the new Laurier Ultra Gentle conforms securely to our body movement, giving you better fit and comfort.

Laurier Ultra Gentle has following benefits:

Superior Absorbency
The Quick Lock System absorbs and locks fluid quickly through super absorbent high density fibres
Bid goodbye to that sticky, stuffy and wet feeling.

Ultimate Comfort
Unique airy soft wavy top sheet reduces skin contact so there’s no rubbing throughout our period. Thus, minimizing skin irritations and discomfort caused by friction. It ensured superior comfort even for the most delicate skin.

Extra Breathable
Airflow is channeled and promoted by the wavy surface that makes it 5x more breathable, thus relieving stuffiness, moisture and itchiness.

Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm - $5.60
For normal to heavy flow use

The texture of the napkin was very soft and gentle on skin.
Despite being ultra thin, the napkin was very absorbent and suitable to use during heavy flow. It really amazed me. It allows us to feel comfortable even during period time.

Laurier Ultra Gentle 30cm - $4.80
Normal to heavy flow night use

The long napkin ensure we have a comfortable sleep without worrying about the back-flowing that resulted in stain of clothes. I also used this for heavy flow day too because I prefer a long version during heavy flow day as 25cm can be short for me.

Although it is important to change napkin frequently, it is also important to choose high quality napkin that is specially designed to reduce skin irritations. Laurier Ultra Gentle sanitary napkins will be my choice.

Laurier Ultra Gentle is available in different lengths at leading supermarkets and personal care stores:

Day use:
Ultra Slim Light Flow (18 pcs, 20.5cm) - $5.20
Ultra Slim Day (16 pcs, 22.5cm) - $5.40
Ultra Slim Heavy Day (15 pcs, 25cm) - $5.60

Night use:
Slim Night (10 pcs, 30cm) - $4.80
Slim Heavy Night (9 pcs, 34cm) - $5.35 
Slim Extra Heavy Night (7 pcs, - $4.95

To find out more, pls visit

For girls who are interested in trying out the Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm, you can now redeem 2 pcs sample at


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