Friday, September 26, 2014

Pomi-T Product Launch - Natural Supplement That Slows Cancer Growth

More and more people started consuming health supplements to take in specific nutrients that is needed in our body.

Why do people prefer to go for supplements instead of eating the real food?

This is because processing and cooking of food will lead to loss of nutrients. Hence, our body will absorb lesser vitamins and minerals. Consuming supplements will allow you to have the vitamins and minerals of the whole food.

I attended the product launch of Pomi-T, a scientifically formulated natural supplement with anti-oxidant and other benefits, made from a balance of foods from four distinct food categories - fruit, vegetable, spice and leaf.

The event was held at Au Petit Salut.

Pomi-T is made up of 4 different ingredients in a capsule form -  pomegranate, broccoli, turmeric and green tea.

There are so many different fruits and vegetables that is good for health. Why did they select these 4 ingredients?

Shall let the expert share with us more about Pomi-T.

Pomi-T is one of the few supplements supported by medical research. It's combination of natural ingredients has been carefully researched in a study backed by United Kingdom’s National Cancer Research Network and formulated by Professor Robert Thomas, a leading British oncologist.

Pomi-T contains only pure active ingredients. There are no preservatives, colours or flavours, chelating or bulking agents in Pomi-T.

The US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and the UK’s Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) have classed Pomi-T as a food supplement and not a medicinal product so it cannot be recommended for any medical condition or claim any health benefits.

As an all-natural food supplement, Pomi-T can be consumed by anyone over the age of 16.

Pomi-T is based on scientific studies into the properties of these four ingredients:

Regular broccoli intake regulates genes linked to abnormal cell growth and promotes genes associated with the suppression of abnormal cells.

We also have dinner incorporated with the four ingredients.
For starter, we have maine lobster, asparagus, broccoli, fresh pomegranate and tarragon dressing.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit the growth of abnormal stem cells, consequentially reducing the growth of abnormal cells and prevents the spread of damaged cells without harming healthy cells.

How to incorporate turmeric into our meal?
We made it into potato, broccoli and turmeric souffle. 

Pomegranate has natural antioxidant properties that inhibit the uncontrolled growth of cells. It also helps to reduce the migration of abnormal cells and aids the regeneration of healthy ones instead.

For main course, I have fillet of cod fish, creamy parsnips and pomegranate salsa.

Green Tea.
Green tea inhibits the spread of damaged cells, retains good cells, and suppresses the formation of blood vessels that supply abnormal cells with nourishment. 

For dessert, we have green tea parfait, jasmine sorbet and sable biscuit.

Professor Thomas conducted a double-blind randomised clinical trial to evaluate Pomi-T’s effectiveness. In that study, Pomi-T was proven to lower levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a protein that indicated abnormal growth in prostate cells, and slows cancer progression. 

Each ingredient works differently to stimulate epigenetic mechanisms that modify the way cancer cells regulate their growth and development, without significant side effects.

Pomi-T is suitable for people like me who does not like to eat vegetables. With Pomi-T, I will still be able to absorb the nutrients of the 4 ingredients without having to consume the food.

Pomi-T is retailing at $39.90 (U.P$49.90) for 60 capsules at Guardian and Unity till end January 2015.

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