Sunday, June 26, 2011

Siying 21st Birthday Celebration

So immediately after taking the Flyer ride and some photography shots, I quickly made my way down to Vivo to meet the guys before heading to Hort Park.

I was like half an hour late. I had tried my best to rush there le. *guilty look*

This is my first time going to Hort Park. Lol. I have many first time in 2011 – it’s really an awesome and fruitful year for me (:

Little did I know that Hort Park actually have functions room where you can organise a party for birthday celebration or even a wedding dinner.

Upon reaching the Flower Room. The name for the rooms were all related to plants as Hort Park is a gardening hub.

We were just in time for the dinner.

Yummy! I loved the prawns!!!

Drinks to keep us company. Wei Li was like er, not to his liking. He wanted to go bar and drink, practically like psycho me the whole night to go Yellow Jello.

Took a walk around Hort Park after the meal.

The scenary was so beautiful. I’m buried in a surrounding of green ♥

Back to the room for cake cutting session.

One thing special about 21st birthday is the speciality of the cake. All the cakes looked so nicely decorated (:

Happy birthday, gal ♥ Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

You have reached the legal age. Childhood days are over and adult life begins.

Spent the rest of the time chit-chatting and deciding on where to chill after the party. So at about 9.30pm, we started to packed up and tidy the place as the booking was only till 10pm.

Grabbed a photo with Nerissa before she left.

Lol, see what the guys were doing. They were supposed to burst the balloons but ended playing themselves.

It’s awesome to have friends who have car. After loading all the stuffs into the cars, the seven of us squeeze into 2 cars and made our way to Siying’s house to unload the stuffs before heading to Timbre (change of plan due to some reasons).

Reached Timbre at nearly 12am.

My face looked like tomato after consuming alcoholic drink. The alcohol has diffuse into my bloodstream. I wonder is it a good or bad thing?

Was one of the last two groups who leave. I’m so dead tired by then. Thanks for driving me safely to home.

Good night and sweet dream (:

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