Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sexy Look Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask Review

t's time to spring clean my skin. 

Realised it's been awhile since I last apply a sheet mask so I should start to take care of my dull looking skin and improve on my complexion.

Thanks to Sexy Look, I have the opportunity to try on their ALL NEW INNOVATIVE Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask.

I loved Sexy Look's masks, they are one of the Best Selling masks in Taiwan and they are featured in Famous Taiwanese Beauty Show 《女人我最大》. 

Clicked here to read my past review with Sexy Look 3D Masks.

Let's read and find out the goodness of Sexy Look Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask.

Black Bee Honey brightens our skin while black pearl moisturizes and gives an anti-aging effect! Skin is fairer with a soft touch!

It also have the perfect purifying effect where natural Obsidian extracts with activated carbon-infused pure cotton mask helps detox our clogged pores, eliminate impurities, excessive sebum and clarify skin!

Combined with Far-Infrared (FIR) releasing effect, this pure cotton mask gives our skin 3 times better absorbability.

Even Taiwanese Celebrity loved it.

I loved the kawaii design of the mask packagimg and the colour combination. Can't bear to throw it away.

I need to refreshed and soothed my tired looking skin.

Pardon my ignorance, but this us my first time seeing a black colour mask.

A picture of me in black mask.

Massage my face to allow my skin to absorb the generous amount of essence.

Applying mask is essential in our skincare regime.

After 20 minutes....

Time to remove the mask and pat the remaining essence left on your face before wiping it with a towel.

My bare looking face.

My review:

After using the mask, my skin had definitely become more moisturise and supple. 
I am pleased with the result, my skin has brightened up a little and I looked so refreshing after the purifying.

Not only does it moisture my skin, it provides hydration to my skin too.

Love it ♥


Are you girls already tempted to try out Sexy Look Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask?

You can get it now at just $2.00 each.

For more product information, please visit

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