Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Product Review: Killing Me Zombie CC Cream

All of us want to have beautiful and flawless skin like the Korean girls. They are known for their natural makeup look and today, many of us are inspired by Korean makeup.

Today, I will be sharing with you a new product from Korea:
Killing Me Zombie CC Cream SPF30 PA++

I know many of you must be wonder how does the name "Killing Me Zombie" comes about, right?

Question time: How does zombie skin looks like?

Well, zombie skin basically look dull and lifeless.

Killing Me Zombie CC Cream SPF30 PA++' is a concept of transforming dull and lifeless zombie skin into luminous and vibrant human skin.

This new product is being highly raved about by selection of beauty lovers in Korea before its release and is now on everyone’s tongue. 

Functions of Zombie CC Cream: 
- Corrects uneven skin tone 
- Conceals skin imperfections 
- Whitening 
- Anti-wrinkle 
- Hydrating 
- UV Block

Killing Me Zombie CC cream's ingredients:

- Herbal extracts like wild perilla leaves and angelica utilis makino is rich in vitamins and minerals, keeping skin nutritionally balanced. 
- Royal azalea extract, portulaca extract, and aloe vera extract in the product also helps soothe and calm down skin against harmful sun rays. 

Seems like I pump too much CC cream out.
It is interesting, the cream is in white.

When blending the cream, it slowly transform from white to our skin tone colour.

CC cream stands for Color Control cream. It provides a natural looking skin coverage.

Using “Color Capsule Stability Technology” this amazing product has the ability of “skin tone finding”, going well with each skin colour with its triple color capsules. The blemish coverage also aids in correcting uneven skin tone and conceals skin imperfection.

Here is a before and after picture of me.

After applying the CC cream, it calmed down the redness of my skin and lightened the dark spots. It helped to even out my skin tone and conceal my blemishes slightly. As the coverage is light, it gave a very natural finish. Not only that, the CC cream provides SPF30 PA++. There is no need to apply sun block again after using the cream.

I apply it every morning before heading out.

To transform into human, simply apply evenly to skin and experience smooth skin texture with natural glow immediately!

Killing Me Zombie CC cream is available exclusively in selected Watsons store.
Retail price: $28.00 for 40ml and come with a FREE sample Size 7ml. 


  1. such a interesting product !
    love the name , zombie cc cream .

  2. Hi, was wondering which Watson outlet carry this brand.

    1. Hi Anonymous, perhaps you can find it at those larger stores like Bugis Junction and Takashimaya.



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