Friday, April 18, 2014

Review: Dentiste Nighttime toothpaste & Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush

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Are you feeling troubled by yellow teeth and bad breath?

Having these problems could actually ruined our self-esteem and make us feel awkward to establish a conversation with others.

So how can we have a set of clean white teeth and get ride of the bad breath?

We can achieve it by using Dentiste Nighttime toothpaste & Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush.

Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush.

KISS YOU Ionic Toothbrush is probably the most advanced toothbrush in the world. 

It is not a regular or electric toothbrush that forces plaque off the teeth by friction, hence causing abrasive action on the teeth and gums. The innovative ionic action of the toothbrush allows the teeth to let go of plaque easily like turning off a magnet. It is clinically proven by studies in Japan to remove up to 48% more plaque than regular toothbrush.

Daily usage of ionic toothbrush will make your teeth brighter with little or no plaque at all the next time you visit a dentist.

With KISS YOU Ionic Toothbrush, it
- remove stains and plaque easily 
-cleans the teeth
- refreshes the gums effectively

How to use it?

Wet your finger or palm and touch the metal band to activate the Ionic Action while brushing your teeth. 

When it comes to contact with water, an electronic circuit is created. The electron flow attracts the ions in the saliva, weakening the bond that makes plaque stick to tooth surface. As a result, they repel and plaque falls off easier.

Please don't be mistaken, this is just a normal toothbrush, it is not those electronic one.

The Ionic Action is operated by 3 volts battery housed in water-proof compartment covered. Press the push button to test for battery life. 

Red light indicates battery has power. The battery could last more than a year.

Not only that, the brush head is replaceable. Just hold handle tightly and pull out the brush head.

The toothbrush is really good, it did remove more plaque than the normal toothbrush, making my teeth more cleaner.

You should get it and try it for yourself too. Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush is available in Watson at $25 per piece.


Next up is Dentiste Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste.

Are you bothered by bad breath every morning you wake up and what causes it?

While we sleep…… Saliva flows slower than day time. Anaerobe bacteria grow very quickly. Therefore producing smelly volatile Sulphur compounds. It resulted in bad breath when we wake up.

If you face this problem try using DENTISTE’ Nighttime Toothpaste. Studies show that 93% of Dentiste' users experience a decrease in bad morning breath within the first night of use.

Powered with 14 different kinds of natural extracts like Xylitol and Vitamin C, Dentiste' effectively helps to inhibit nighttime bacteria, thus letting you wake up with fresh morning breath.

✓14 Natural extracts which are naturally antiseptic and antibacteria. 
✓Xylitol – Natural taste enhancer, creating unwelcome environment for bacteria 
✓CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) Traps up bad breath effectively 
✓Stable Vitamin C from Switzerland Helps increase Antibodies for healthy Gums 
✓Micronized Silica Complex Clinically proven to be effective on soothing sensitive teeth

Regular toothpastes are not able to effectively control oral bacteria; therefore, we still have bad breath though we already brush our teeth well.

The only effective Night-time Toothpaste that you can feel the difference within the first night of use. It controls oral Bacteria effectively and gives the fresh morning breath.

The toothpaste comes in a really unique packaging. It is in the form of hygienic pump.

The toothpaste is in green and it has a mint taste.

I like the taste and texture, and how Dentiste Nighttime toothpaste freshen up my breath. It really makes my teeth look cleaner and whiter.

Dentiste Nighttime toothpaste is suitable for everyone especially:
✓ Those having bad breath in the morning 
✓ Executives in high-pressure businesses 
 Those having minimal rest 
✓ Frequent travelers 
 Smokers, Tea, cofee and alcohol drinkers 
 Those who want to enhance confidence with clean teeth & fresh breath 
 Those who went through dental treatments requiring extensive oral care 
 Those who require extensive oral care such as pregnant women, patients with respiratory diseases 
 Those who have diabetes, heart diseases requiring extensive care for their oral

Dentiste Plus White is available in Watsons, Guardian, SaSa, Nishino, OG, CGH Pharmacy, Mount Alvernia Pharmacy & major retailers.

Retail price - $10.00/100g

For those who wish to try the sample of Dentiste Nighttime toothpaste, you can redeem your sample at


  1. I have been a user of this toothpaste. Unfortunately, I have migrated to Germany. Where can I get this toothpaste from here? I shall be happy if you have info on this. Thanks!

    1. Hi anonymous, wouldn't be able to help you on this. But if you have the chance to come to Singapore, it can be found in major retailers and Pharmacy stores.



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