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Skin Shaper Plus Program at Skin Shape Club

There are many factors affecting our skin conditions like UV damage, environmental pollution, use of unsuitable skincare, lack of sleep, diet, stress and many more. All these factors could lead to skin problems such as pigmentation, pimples, enlarged pores, wrinkles and dryness.

Therefore, our skin need a little boost from time to time to improve our skin condition.

I went for my first appointment of Skin Shaper Plus Program at Skin Shape Club located at Orchard Central.

Skin Shape Club is founded as a boutique wellness club to allow its members to learn more about beauty & wellness and conveniently receive clinically-proven skin and slimming treatments that keep you in shape. The aestheticians are professionally-trained and regularly being tested to ensure they provide optimal care during treatment procedures.

The R&D team works with doctors and dermal experts from overseas and local to design treatments and programs which can be done daily, weekly and monthly. Treatment duration falls between 30mins to 1hr, highly suitable for people who has limited time yet wish to be well-groomed. 

Upon reaching, I was being brought into the consultation room to fill up admin particular form and to let my therapist, Jasmine, know my areas of concern. 

My main concerns: acne/scars, enlarged pores and dull skin.
Jasmine also brief me about the procedure for the treatment later on. 

The treatment is about 30-50 minutes. This is highly suitable for busy working adult where the duration is just nice for lunch time beauty fix.
Do note that there should be at least 4 days interval between appointments.

A welcome drink while filling up the form.

A€fter completion of the forms, I'm ready to proceed to my room for treatment.

There is a cupboard for us to hang our clothes after we changed into the robe and also to place our belonging.

Ready to hop onto the cosy bed.
The bed was comfortable, it has bed warmer to keep me warm during the treatment.

I am doing Skin Shaper Plus Program that targets dull skin, pigmentation, acne, wrinkles and enlarged pores. It combines light and heat energy for skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal and acne clearance. 

My treatment began with cleansing. This is to remove any impurities that is present on our face for better penetration of the light heat energy.

Followed by toning to remove any residue left behind, balance our pH and refresh our skin.

Next, the use of LHE technology (Light & Heat Energy). The above is the picture of the machine.
The LHE applicator was placed onto the affected acne area of my skin, nose, under-eye and eye lid where pulses of light was administered. You will feel a warm sensation as the gentle pulses of light and heat energy penetrate deep into skin.

Using the LHE technology, the light will directly targets the pigmented spot's melanin. It triggers a wound healing process and new collagen remodels under a undamaged layer. The light also acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling. The additional heat will gently opens the pores to release the clog and soothe the inflammation.

There was no pain at all, just a very mild discomfort like feeling the warm sensation and light shinning when machine was pressed on.

The light was really bright when placed at under-eye and eye lid area. Even though I close my eyes, the red light could still peered through and I see lots of stars through the darkness while closing my eyes. Rest assured that this procedure is safe, my vision is back to normal once I opened my eyes and blinked. The purpose of using the LHE applicator at the eyes area is to reduce the dark circles and puffy eyes.

After the procedure, our skin will feel dry and skincare serum was applied for skin absorption.
There was no no intense side-effects, while some may experienced slight redness due to dermal layer being warm up. The redness will only last for few hours.

Finally, it was mask time. A facial will not be complete without mask. The cotton pads placed on my eyes were spurt with eye lotion. Time to doze off  while letting my skin absorbed the goodness of the essence.

After mask time, was to apply toner, serum, moisturizer, pimple cream and sunblock

Last but not least, a head massage to end of the treatment. I enjoyed the treatment very much. Feel so pampered.

Changed back into my clothes.

After the treatment, do avoid be expose under the sun and no scrubbing for 48 hours.

I was then being led into the lounge area where refreshment was awaiting me. This was really thoughtful of them, they prepared food for the customer after their treatment. If the time is still early, customer can even stay around at the lounge area while waiting for their friends.or you can do your work at the lounge.

Enjoying my lunch in a quiet and cosy environment.

Gonna relax here for a bit for leaving.

Here's the result:

My result after second treatment.
My complexion has become brighter and my acne spots are no longer that red. It brightened up my dull pale -looking skin. Another instant result that I noticed was my eye bag, it has become thinner after using the LHE applicator. 

This was the result after my second treatment. I can't wait to go back for more treatments to clear up my skin. I will share with you my result after 2 more treatments. That's all for now.

Are you interested in trying out the Skin Shaper Program too?

Redeem your 1 month complimentary program of Skin Shaper Program (1 month program consist of 4 weekly sessions) at SampleStore now.

For more information, please visit

Skin Shape Club
181 Orchard Road #03-13/14
Orchard Central (S) 238896
Tel: 6589 8331
Operating hours: Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

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