Saturday, March 4, 2017

RamenPlay + Sentosa Beach

Gone are the days where I spent my weekend at home doing assignments or blogging. Finally it's time to break the routine from being a couch potato and heading out again.

Bf got me this necklace from online, a little surprise from him. It's quite unique and I love spinning the necklace. I wore it out with me immediately.

Been craving for ice cream for a long time, time for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.
We ordered Cookie Mintster ($8++) that comes with Mint Ice Cream, Double Oreo Cookies & Fudge. The ice cream was very creamy and smooth, the portion was big enough to be shared between two.

Miss our time together.
Finally the wait is over.

After the dessert, we went in to Sentosa again because we have not finish exploring the last time we came during CNY eve. So we continued back where we stopped.

We went for an early dinner at RamenPlay.
Ramen is one of my favourite Japanese cuisine because I loved the savoury broth that contained the goodness from the meat.

After the dinner, we went to the beach for a walk. 
I love coming to Sentosa, it's the closest place to me if I want to unwind myself from the city and enjoying the resort feel.

We climbed our way up to the tower and was treated to a beautiful sight. Here is one of the best spots of the breathtaking sight of the beach.

I love wearing stretchable clothing during weekend, so that I feel at ease and comfortable. Here's one of my rare red top that was a new addition in my wardrobe. I am adding colours to my outfit to create different style.

What I like about this red top is the opening at the back, it just make the red outfit stand out and bring out the vibrant in me. Besides that, the material is cooling too. Perfect to wear on a sunny day.

Weekend is the perfect time to laze around at the beach and soaked ourselves in the seaside atmosphere.

We spent nearly an hour up here, from sunset to nightfall, chilling and admiring the scenery from the top. It can get a bit packed at times where people were climbing up and down, enjoying the view with you.

We can really stay here all day long, listening to the wave and admiring the open sea.
We both love this place so much and see ourselves coming back here again.

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